Photo Gallery: Vice Mayor Gets Last Laugh at Monday Night Live!

Former Assemblywoman Nora Campos and her family—husband Neil Struthers, as well as little brother and ex-East Side San Jose Councilman Xavier Campos—have routinely inspired punchlines at the annual political sketch show Monday Night Live! But this time the audience heard ribbings firsthand from the Campos clan’s capable East Side successor, Vice Mayor and MNL! host Magdalena Carrasco. Rocking a Wonder Woman crown and corset, Carrasco stood in front of the San Jose Stage Company's Toxic Avenger-themed backdrop and joked about knowing a thing or two about cleaning up a toxic mess. She also landed a blow by referencing a crotch-shot Struthers endured last year at a Fairmont Hotel brawl. Struthers seemed to take it in stride by getting a refill in the middle of performances. City Hall’s resident male model, Don Rocha, remained an observer this time, but San Jose Stage actor Joshua Marx channeled the terming-out councilman as “The Donfather.” Rocha’s surrogate waxed poetic about being “a model and a politician, so why not be a model politician” before slicking his hair back with a fistful of hair gel. San Jose Councilman Lan Diep tried to steal the limelight a couple of times with his Captain America shield before being dragged off stage, while Councilman Raul Peralez poked a little fun at himself and colleagues with a Top 10 list noting the faux promises council members made to lure Google to downtown. Peralez purportedly promised to get the word “Googling” tattooed on his tallywacker, but the company declined to see it because “searching isn't supposed to be so difficult.” Like Rocha, Mayor Sam Liccardo eschewed the limelight but got an honorable mention as the butt of a joke about the recent break-in at his home. Playing a burglar, actor Will Springhorn Jr. warned the mayor that he has more than just bike helmets and Sinatra CDs to worry about—he could also lose re-election.

All photos by Greg Ramar.

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  1. The Wonder Woman outfit could not have cost 1800. Mag needed that to pay small claims judgement awarded to county for campaign finance violations.

  2. Sounds pretty tame. I think it would have been better with more custard pies.

    Plus, they should have had the cast party before the show, with lots of cheap whiskey.

  3. How I hate this annual spectacle (despite the charity connection). Politics is not “show business.” Elected officials are supposed to be public servants, not actors and actresses playing to the crowd for fame and glory.
    “Look at me…look at me, everyone!”
    How embarrassing.

    • > Politics is “Hollywood” for drab looking people w/ few skills

      Mr. Biquitous:

      You’re too kind. The great Rush Limbaugh said it without the varnish:

      “Politics is show business for the ugly”.

  4. Politics is pretend Hollywood for people w/ average looks and intelligence who think they know more about what is better for people than the people themselves. Outsize ego w/ glitter.

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