San Jose City Hall Veteran’s Exit Clouded with Confusion

A San Jose City Hall mainstay has moved on, but not far—just five blocks away from the old office.

Omar Torres is no longer the Deputy Chief of Staff for San Jose Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco. He recently started working with the San Jose Downtown Association as a “business resiliency manager” for the downtown, Alum Rock and Monterey business corridors.

The 39-year-old’s been enjoying being in “rest and relaxation mode” since his last day on the last Friday of June.

However, disagreements have emerged around whether his exit was a smooth one.

Fly caught wind of whispers from community members that Torres and his boss got into a heated screaming match which echoed throughout the 18th floor—where councilor offices are perched. Speculation is that the breakup is rooted in disagreements about the contentious discussions around San Jose’s Berryessa Flea Market, which has fought to stay alive amid development of the area.

Based on several conversations with employees on the top floor, it was no secret Torres and Carrasco’s relationship has been historically tumultuous, but no one could say for certain what happened between the two. With tension historically coming from both sides, sources say the breakup isn’t shocking.

Publicly, Torres and Carrasco are a united front, denying any bad blood between them. While Carrasco admits to the occasional passionate debate, she said they remain close friends and open to rejoining forces in the future; Omar agreed, adding he still considers her his “jefa," which translates to "boss."

So, where’d this explosive story or fabricated gossip come from?

Torres assumes it’s because he’s not well liked by political circles on either side of the aisle, while Carrasco blames the vicious election season for poisoning Fly’s tip lines with lies.

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  1. Yeah, like anyone cares about two Lefty Lunies shouting at each other about which one can wear the mantle of “most woke” whilst swanning about San Jose.

    This, of course, depends on whether anything in this horrific gossip piece is factual.

  2. Great. Now do SJ Commissioner Angelica Ramos’ firing from then Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen’s office. Only fair if you’re going to attack private individuals like Omar but not keep public employees and public office leaders accountable like Angelica Ramos.

  3. >Great. Now do SJ Commissioner Angelica Ramos

    I had the unfortunate misfortune of meeting Ramos a few years back when her, Darcie Green, and the rest of the young DAWN girls were screaming, “All men are rapists!”

    Yet to the best of my knowledge, she wouldn’t be able to live in San Jose without Peter’s kindness as she’s never had a real job. Then again maybe I shouldn’t assume Peters gender…

  4. Angelica Ramos is one of the worst human beings in San Jose politics. It baffles me if she’s still employed. Her perception of how relevant she is to politics is totally opposite of reality. She’s pulled shady moves in Nguyen’s office and with Ellenberg too. Let’s not even get into how sleezy her husband is too. They belong together.

  5. San Jose Downtown Association needs to take a deeper look into their new hire. That’s all I’m sating

  6. > LIGHT TOWER Sep 2, 2021 @ 11:32 am

    The tide is beginning to turn slowly. I think cancel culture started in politics, then went to Hollywood (#metoo) then completely mainstream. A few weeks back Whoopie Goldburg had an epiphany, that her cancelling for calling out GWB is cancel culture, and it’ wrong.

    We had 4 great years with a president no foreign dictator would mess with. People are seeing how quickly the cost of living can rise under a leftist, commie, racist dementia patient and they’re starting to wake up.

    I’m not trying to put shade on the #metoo movement either. There truly are scumbags that need to be cancelled. Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Brock Turner, all come to mind but to gender stereotype “All men are rapists” and state your hate for white men, while marrying a white male, and live off him is so dishonest, so void of introspection that one can only label it as mental illness that falls somewhere in the spectrum of sociopathic.

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