Antibodies, Fluvoxamine and Vaccines: Public Comment Never Satisfied With COVID-19 News

City Hall happenings historically run as dry as a badly cooked turkey during holiday breaks away from legislating, so it seemed like a good time to look inward to find some political drama to analyze.

This publication’s comments sections seemed like a great place to start, and a CalMatters story San Jose Inside published about potential therapeutic benefits of alternative medical interventions for COVID-19 patients really struck a nerve.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Klausner, a clinical professor of medicine, population and public health sciences at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, recently wrote about how monoclonal antibodies, which have been developed to specifically target SARS-CoV-2, and fluvoxamine, a generic antidepressant, have shown promising results in preventing death.

The success of cheaper, supplemental drugs seemed like a boon, especially as hospitalization rates in 18 rural California counties are actually higher than this same time last year, primarily treating unvaccinated residents. Additionally, all this news coincided with the identification of the latest COVID variant, Omicron—named after the 15th letter in the Greek alphabet.

Alas. Commenters were still puzzled as to how this story was able to “pass the censors.” My personal favorite correspondence: “anyone else would have been called a flat-earther white supremist (sic) science-denying Trump-bot had you suggested alternate treatments to the jab.”

It’s clear the long weekend didn’t bring a renewed sense of rest, relaxation and gratitude for everyone.

Unfortunately for these gadflies, we’ll continue to publish news about shifts in perspectives regarding COVID-19—from the first quarantine efforts in March 2020 to these latest innovative approaches to the newest variants.

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  1. Wow, a slow day at the paper, eh?
    A column on the comments of a good Opinion Piece – a whole 5 comments in 4 days,
    3 of which were by the same person – the other 2 comments were basically 1 sentence replies.

    How about report on the Govt’s work on a “NEW” vaccine or medicinal therapy to combat the ‘LOOTING’ side effects of Covid?

    Dec02: “Thieves with hammers in San Jose used hammers to steal jewelry at
    Eastridge Mall in San Jose.
    The White House says the Reason Behind All the Thefts is the Pandemic.” LOL…

  2. How about start with some real reporting around COVID’s impact on kids, and how an emergency use authorization vaccine for 5-11 year old children is unnecessary. For example, 0-20 year old have made up about 0% of all COVID deaths, and rarely do people in that age group, very rarely, develop severe outcomes. Right wing or left wing nonsense aside – kids in San Francisco, 5 years old, will be required to show a vaccine passport to eat inside of a restaurant – while zero people ages 0-20 have died of COVID in San Francisco (4 in Santa Clara County, but had pre-existing conditions). On top of that, there have been zero outbreaks in schools reported in San Francisco or Santa Clara County.

    And we just can’t compare Polio to COVID. Why? Because Polio impacted MOSTLY children ages birth to 5 – and was a neuro-virus. While COVID impacts kids the least (daycares have been operating through the whole pandemic, and how many outbreaks have we heard about?) and is a respiratory virus.

    This fear-based public health policy making must end – and the new variant is weak. It has caused ZERO deaths, and by all accounts so far is considered “very mild.”

    Whether you’re a Trump or Biden person – the facts should matter.

  3. What exactly is the article attempting to say? Sounds like word salad glossolalia. ?

    BTW, Omicron is an anagram for moronic ?

    The only thing to worry about with this variant is how the silly wankers at every level of government will forelock tug, navel gaze and miraculously come up with draconian and completely nonsensical rules (written in Leftist glossolalia) that do more harm to the people than the variant. Take a look at some of their other prognostications — this is one of my favorite from Commander Cody (nod to the Lost Planet Airmen):

    Make sure you read the comments in the above link. Dr. Cody was wrong then and she is wrong now — they have all been tragically wrong.

    The truth is that the virus is a life-form, and… life will out — particularly when it is created in a lab without natural mitigation filters before it expands its territory. Life breaks free and cannot be controlled. The other truth is that Cody and all the way up to Fauci and the president don’t have the ability to control this. What they have is the ability to frighten people into submitting into giving up their rights in return for safety. End the end, we will have neither.

    This variant MAY actually be a good thing: Highly transmissible and mild symptoms, which will provide additional (and natural) immunity.

    We are now in an epidemic, not a pandemic. It may be worst than the flu but we are going to have to live with it. Perhaps a good tip would be to get the vaccines, stop smoking, and push your pudgy butt back from the all-you-can-eat buffet table and loose 50 to 100 pounds. These steps would do more to lower the death rate than just about anything else. How about we have BMI card? That way when you go into the local fat emporium calorie rich restaurant, if you can’t show a BMI card showing your BMI as less that “obese,” you don’t get served?

    A begrudging tip of the hat to the CCP for this painful life’s lesson about how little control humans have over the world. I hope that somewhere in the world there is a leader who will be willing to pay the CCP back in spades.

  4. HB

    I think the objective of the article, and I get to comment on that because it was me they were mocking, is to gaslight the readers into thinking they are somehow above the “punching down” by those in the mainstream media of those that suggested alternate ideas to the narrative. You know “You are not a horse, You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” (FDA Tweet) kinda stuff, “You must not be comfortable with a woman in charge” (Pea Brained SJI Comment) kinda stuff.

    [ “Alas. Commenters were still puzzled as to how this story was able to “pass the censors.” My personal favorite correspondence: “anyone else would have been called a flat-earther white supremist (sic) science-denying Trump-bot had you suggested alternate treatments to the jab.” ]

    Of course, this rag has always goose-stepped along with Cody, Fauci, Biden, and their merry cult of moral panickers (sic). “The Fly” also conveniently sidestepped the non-sarcastic part of the same comment that pointed out the exact “innovative approach” they boast about being Johnny-on-the-spot about, monoclonal antibodies, is a treatment Donald Trump underwent in… wait for it…

    October 2020

    Of course there was no mention in the original article that our President at the time used said “innovative approach”, because had he, the author would have to bring to light the 14 month and half a million deaths that transpired since.

    So that’s 14 months and 10 days late. A scoop worthy of a Pulitzer Prize if you ask me. Now, some Excel Magic tells me since Oct 1, 2020, the United States has suffered 566,654 COVID-19 Deaths. Let’s say this “innovative approach” could have helped 25% of those deaths if taken as seriously as a treatment the sitting POTUS had taken should. How many lives would have been saved? About 141,000.

    But masks, social distancing, school lockouts, (small) business shutdowns were our best defense, right? And if Trump took it, it must be dewormer or bleach, right?

    “we’ll continue to publish news about shifts in perspectives regarding COVID-19—from the first quarantine efforts in March 2020 to these latest innovative approaches to the newest variants”

    The biggest joke – “these latest”, that’s your definition of the latest “The Fly” – 14 months?

    Just shameful and pathetic gaslighting of the rubes.

  5. Correction to an above post: Only the low-income family free head start daycares used by families with parents that don’t work or go to school have remained open for the entire pandemic. Gavin closed daycare for working families early on and kept them closed for a very long time. But I agree with your overall statement that it has been absurd to shut things down for kids in the first place and it is even more absurd to order people to wear masks that have been proven through studies to do nothing at all. Not that we needed a study when you can see that masks do nothing at all by a basic visual inspection of it.

  6. Mass Formation Psychosis

    there is no limit to the absurdity to the solution

    otherwise known as bootlicker syndrome

  7. Six weeks late to the party, but who’s counting?

    I noted “(sic)” next to “supremist” by the self-aggrandizing author who seemed overly eager to take the spotlight off an accurate comment. So like any good Editor, I did a search of the word in the comment that the anonymous author was criticizing.

    The very first definition of “Supremist” states:

    A Supremist is an individual who believes in the superiority of a particular group or ideology. This term is often used to describe those who hold extreme views and are willing to use violence or other means to impose their beliefs on others. Supremists can be found in a variety of contexts, including politics, religion, and social issues.

    Because Fly writers are never deserving of a “sic” in any of their own articles, this grammar/spelling/sic gnot-see (sic) will give it a pass and if the author can’t see the sarcasm + irony it wouldn’t surprise this g/s/c gnot-see (sic).

    Gnome sane, homies?

    10-4; carry on.

    Over & Out.

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