Santa Clara DA Clears Undercover Officer in Fatal Shooting of Demetrius Stanley

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office on Thursday reported that an undercover San Jose police officer acted lawfully when he shot and killed a wanted suspect in May.

Demetrius Stanley, 31, died in the shooting shortly before 9:45pm on May 31 in the 1100 block of Tofts Drive, where plainclothes officers had gone on a surveillance operation related to a prior criminal case involving Stanley.

Officers were on a stakeout to figure out how they could safely arrest Stanley, who was wanted for an armed robbery.

Stanley came out of his house armed with an unregistered handgun and chased an unarmed undercover officer pretending to be a jogger down the street, according to police.

Stanley then stopped and walked back, passing an unmarked vehicle where a second plainclothes officer was seated.

The officer knew Stanley was armed so the officer did not get out to confront him, but Stanley allegedly opened the driver's side door and pointed the gun at the officer, prompting the officer to fire his handgun at Stanley, police said.

The officers involved in the fatal shooting were identified as Hans Jorgenson and Anthony Baza. Both are members of the Police Department's Covert Response Unit.

Police released a surveillance video of the shooting in early June.



  1. Truism: ” Don’t Do the Crime, if You Can’t Do the Time. ”

    Lucky that the neighbors had adequate surveillance video to show that the officer involved shooting was fully justified.

  2. Stanley did not have a weapon in his hand when he opened the door. The whole thing was a setup orchestrated by these pigs. Once again, why does the D.A. determine whether or not something is justified? He is friends with the pigs

  3. Cocky punk with a gun acting like a criminal. So glad it was caught on video. Whats really troubling is that there are many out there who will watch the video and still try to convince us that the cop was wrong. One less thug out there to victimize innocent and law abiding people!

  4. Ayinde: That simply isn’t true. You can plainly see the weapon in his right hand when he opens the door around 4:58 in the video. Watch it in full screen – maybe you are watching the video on a phone and its too small for you see it? It is plainly visible on a computer monitor at full screen resolution though.

    And the weapon is pointed directly into the driver’s seating area.

  5. It looks like as he walked passed the car some yelled at him the way he stopped and turned around and came back to the car it doesn’t show a gun pulled then door opened it looks like the cop murdered him.

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