VTA Light Rail System Back on Track Saturday

The entire Valley Transportation Authority light rail system will be back to a full schedule beginning Saturday.

The Green Line, from the Diridon Station to the Winchester Station, is the last segment of the light rail system to be reactivated after a nearly four-month shutdown following a deadly mass shooting at the Guadalupe Light Rail Division facility May 26, said Stacey Hendler Ross, a spokesperson for the VTA.

A portion of the Green Line from the Old Ironsides Station to the Diridon Station, began running trains Sept. 12. The Orange Line reopened Aug. 29, as did a portion of the Blue Line. The Blue Line fully reopened Sept. 4.

With service resuming Saturday between Diridon and Winchester on the Green Line, VTA's entire light rail system is fully operational once again.

Trains on the Blue Line, from the Baypointe Station to the Santa Teresa Station, will run from 5am to midnight on weekdays every 20 minutes until 8pm, then trains will run every 30 to 45 minutes.

The Green and Orange lines' schedules are from 5:30am. until midnight on weekdays every 20 minutes, then 30-minute intervals after 8pm until closing.

“We know it's been a long haul,” Hendler Ross said. “We thank our passengers for their patience and support as we emerge from an unspeakable tragedy. Our employees are still grieving, but most are glad to be back at working providing the service we know our community depends on.”

Free fare for light rail service will continue through Sept. 30.

Work crews are still working to repair one of two crossing gates damaged by automobiles in August at the intersection of Moorpark and Race streets, near the Race Street Station. As an added precaution, Hendler Ross said light rail trains going through that intersection will stop and sound their horns before proceeding.


  1. “awe come on man” Just shut the needless 1900s trolley down. No one wants it. We went months without it and absolutely zero people noticed. Just turn the trolleys and all the scrap metal over to recycling and convert all the tracks into bike paths. 5 years sabbatical with OT for all employees after which they just get terminated. We save billions and lose nothing at all.

  2. Hear, hear. Joe Smith is correct.

    The light rail system is a joke. It is 19th century technology in 21st century Silicon Valley.

    Living in downtown San José from 2011-2016, I could outrun the trains when wrapping up distance runs, and I was pushing 50 years of age.

    Cars were often idling and spewing exhaust fumes waiting for light rail trains to turn near Original Joe’s. Not exactly the eco-friendly system one is looking for.

    The light rail trains also often dropped off drug dealers in front of Fountain Alley, known on the street as crack alley. Way to aid the criminal element, VTA.

    The system is a boondoggle, and ridership is heavily subsidized.

    I did take light rail to Levi’s Stadium once for a Pac-12 Championship game between the Oregon Ducks and the Arizona Wildcats, and witnessed a fight on board.

    What a lovely mode of anachronistic transportation.

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