Murder Suspect Shot by San Jose Police in Shootout Dies at Hospital

This report has been updated with police announcement of suspect's death.

A man suspected of two homicides, one in San Jose and one in Modesto, Tuesday evening who was shot by San Jose police Wednesday died at a local hospital, police announced late Wednesday afternoon.

The murder suspect who engaged police in a shootout in the Edenvale neighborhood in south San Jose "was shot at least one time and was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased," police said in a 4:42pm press release.

At a press conference in San Jose last Wednesday morning San Jose police Sgt. Christian Camarillo said the suspect had been involved in some kind of family dispute prior to the homicides, but had no additional details.

Camarillo called the situation “a very tragic series of events”caused by a “very, very dangerous individual.”

“This did not end the way we wanted it to,” Camarillo said at the press conference. “This suspect kind of sealed his fate when he came out and pointed a gun at our police officers, a gun that he had fired on multiple occasions.”

Police had reported earlier that no officers or other individuals were injured. The suspect and his alleged victims were not identified, nor were the officers involved in the shooting. Police released no details of the shootout, except to say in the Tuesday afternoon press release: "A detailed press briefing will be conducted in the coming days with more information."

The June 22 shootout in the 100 block of Bendorf Drive in San Jose had followed a 9-mile chase from the scene of Tuesday evening killing in East San Jose. During the chase, and at the scene of the barricade, police said the suspect shot at officers, who returned fire.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital with "life-threatening injuries," the police department reported at 8:30am Wednesday on its media relations Twitter feed. The suspect’s condition was not reported, as of 9:45am.

“The suspect pointed a firearm at Special Operations personnel… The suspect is responsible for two homicides in the past 12 hours,” police tweeted at 8:30am.

Police reported at 5:02am that a suspect in murders Tuesday in San Jose and Modesto had barricaded himself inside a house.

The suspect was responsible for a homicide that was reported at 7:11pm in the 1400 block of Mt. Shasta Drive, in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of East San Jose.

“Hours later he committed a second homicide in the City of Modesto,” San Jose police reported at 8:45am. He returned to San Jose around 11pm after the Modesto homicide.”

Modesto police reported that Michelle Rose Gonzales, 29, was shot outside her home in the 500 block of Ramsey Drive at about 9:20 p.m. June 22, and died at the scene. One of Gonzales’ two children called 911 to report the shooting, according to a poice department press release.

After a nine-mile predawn car chase from Mt. Pleasant, in which officers were fired on, the suspect was surrounded at the Edendale residence, police said. They reported at 5:30am that some nearby residents had been evacuated after the suspect fired additional shots at officers.

San José Mayor Sam Liccardo released the following statement in response to media inquiries regarding the recent officer-involved shooting.

"San Jose police officers sought to arrest an armed man suspected of killing two victims in recent attacks, only to face several rounds of fire from the barricaded suspect. Despite several hours of dililgently seeking to encourage the suspect to drop the gun, the officers encountered the suspect sprinting toward them, while he fired additional shots at them. I applaud the patient and courageous efforts of SJPD officers that prevented the suspect from making Bendorf Drive a scene of mass violence for innocent neighbors. My prayers are with all of the families devastated by this terrible tragedy, including the suspect's."



  1. A huge thank you to the SJPD for taking this mad dog off of the streets!

    Now we just have to wait a few days for the attacks on the PD to begin for — wait for it — excessive use of force. And, of course, the obligatory photo of the suspect in his 8th grade year book. ? Then, we will have to sit through all the talk about how he was just about to enroll in a JC and was getting ready, to commence to begin to turning his life around. ?

    I can’t wait to see the cast of characters this crime spree will bring out! Any bets on which “civil rights” attorneys will be caterwauling for money?

  2. More good news – we really did not need to spend a lot of taxpayer funds, and then take care of another homicidal maniac for a life sentence and chance for Gov Gavin Newsom or some other Soft-on-Crime politician to pardon him or ‘early release’ him back onto the streets.

    Thank you SJPD.

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