San Jose Council Member Magdalena Carrasco Dismisses Criticism from Nora Campos

Nov. 8, 2016, may very well be a day that lives in infamy, but not every election went sideways. See: Nora Campos. For nearly two decades she remained on the periphery of power representing San Jose’s East Side. First she held a San Jose council seat for 10 years, before six more in the state Assembly. Arguably, her greatest feat in that time was avoiding criminal charges during the prosecution of George Shirakawa Jr. Her brother, Xavier, who succeeded Nora to rep San Jose’s District 5 for four fruitless years, was so rattled during a grand jury hearing on Shirakawa’s crimes that he invoked the Fifth Amendment. In a desperate ploy to remain relevant as she termed out last year, Nora waged an ill-fated challenge to state Sen. Jim Beall. Big Oil bankrolled the losing campaign. So with that history taken into account—oh, her husband, Neil Struthers, also got involved in an embarrassing 2016 brawl at the Fairmont—the demise of the Campos family political enterprise might be a foregone conclusion. Not everyone got the memo, however, and now comes a media report from a newly whitewashed downtown building suggesting Nora is considering a run against D5 Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco. “A lot of people have approached me,” Nora told the Mercury News. “I’m concerned about the fact that our district is not getting the attention it deserves.” It’s not clear what Nora means by “attention.” Perhaps she was referencing the 2010 election, when a fraudulent political mailer linked to Shirakawa and Xavier stole victory from Carrasco by 20 votes. Carrasco may be hard to pin down on every issue, but there’s little doubt she’s brought some new energy to the seat. In just two and half years she helped pass pro-renter and anti-wage theft ordinances, secured funds for businesses affected by VTA construction delays and improved access to community centers. “She can go ahead and accuse me of everything she wants,” Carrasco told Fly. “She should be ashamed, but she has no shame.” Carrasco added: “Nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to Nora. When it comes to 2018, we’ll be ready for her if she decides to jump into this one again.”

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  1. Beside members of MS13, who is stupid enough to vote for these people? Oh low information Democrats.
    Enjoy the flood!

    • Where would the San Jose and Silicon Valley community be without your glowing insight. You, again, add such glorious value. And right on topic too!

      • Sal:

        We haven’t heard much from the Bern Victims lately.

        Do the Bernista’s think that Hillary’s meddling in the election cost him the Presidency? Do the Bernista’s think that Hillary was colluding with the Russians to steal primaries and superdelegates from Bernie?

        • Oh golly, how on point your reply is! About as coherent as the drivel from the con-man in the White House. East San Jose is so thankful for your insight too!

          Are you incapable of staying on topic or do you just love to fap nonsense?

          (Nevermind, we’ve seen your posts)

  2. What this dispute needs is an arbitrator appropriate for these two giants of statecraft. I suggest someone experienced in judging the Special Olympics.

  3. Wasn’t Nora Campos at one time Speaker of the Assembly? I remember walking past her offfice at the Capitol building in Sacramento and noticing the plaque near the door with her name one it no no longer listed her as Speaker and that she long longer had any committee positions. She had a lot of turn over in staff and apparently found it difficult to get along with other legislators.

  4. Both ladies need to move forward and be productive for the people of San Jose. When you take a office its called Public Service thats your job title its not look at me and i am more successful than you. May D5 be blessed with more love,light and blessings always. Love and Unity is a must.

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