San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco Wins Second Term

Frances Herbert—San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco’s chief of staff—celebrated early in the evening Tuesday after seeing that the District 5 incumbent would probably get her wish of avoiding the runoff.

“She’s just hoping to end this tonight,” Herbert said, taking a pause from setting up her laptop to refresh the election results tab on the Registrar of Voters website. “That’s why we’ve been out walking, talking, calling people, not taking anything for granted.”

Raymond Mueller, who's running this fall to become the next Alum Rock Union trustee, stopped by to congratulate Carrasco, whose council district encompasses his school district.

By Wednesday morning, Carrasco held close to 69 percent of the vote, ending a re-election bid that pit her against bombastic neighborhood leader Danny Garza and political newcomer Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm.

It was an easy win, but an emotionally taxing campaign, she noted. Carrasco’s critics followed the councilwoman, accused her of carpetbagging and drained her energy at a time when her family was mourning the loss of a loved one.

Thankfully, Herbert said, Carrasco can now refocus her energies on issues that matter: affordable housing, protecting victims of abuse and making sure the city’s hardscrabble East Side gets its fair share of public services.

Carrasco was still en route while her small but loyal cadre of supporters stuck her signature pink campaign signs on a strip of grass outside and along the window of Mountain Mike’s Pizza on Alum Rock Avenue.

“We picked this place because we don’t have a big team, and we wanted something a little laid back,” Herbert said.

Plus, it’s owned by tireless community activist and longtime Carrasco supporter Arun Singh. Throughout the night, a handful of other supporters filed in. Several brought their children to the family-friendly venue, where plaques of East Side high school sports teams adorn the walls.

Carrasco said she dedicated her campaign to supporters like Singh—but also to her mother, who died earlier this year after a prolonged battle with cancer.

“My mother loved San Jose,” she said, “and I am deeply committed to this city.”

Source: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters

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  1. Still no comment from the city on why she was allowed to use official accounts to to campaign.

    • You do realize this is just District 5, not the entire city of San Jose. It is about the same number of votes from every other district with the exception of District 9 where the the incumbent was not running.

  2. I find that Carassco is a wonderful city leader because she earnestly listens to people no matter your status.

    I am so very happy she won reelection.

    Also, though i may not agree with all of her decisions in politics, she is such an honorable person that i believe she is a wonderful role model for all children.

    Citizen in San Jose for 50 years…and with no political ties to any politicians.

    Also, i want other people to honor those who win elections and stop wasting time in petty negative comments to all victors be they democrats, republicans, independents or any other political party.

    Let us honor all those who win yheir political races and work with them!!!

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