FPPC Slaps San Jose Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco with $3,000 Fine

San Jose District 5 Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco has yet again been slapped with a fine by a state ethics commission.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) says that Carrasco and Huascar Castro, the treasurer for her 2018 re-election campaign, broke the state’s Political Reform Act by failing to include donor information and blowing past a deadline to file contribution reports.

The price of the misstep: $3,000.

According to the March decision authored by FPPC Chief of Enforcement Galena West, the East Side councilwoman’s re-election committee failed to file a 24-hour late contribution report form until 56 days after the due date.

The campaign committee also neglected to include the required donor information—like name, address, occupation and name of employer—for 76 contributions that totaled $24,100, West adds. Two days after election day, however, the committee eventually got around to adding that info.

“The failure to report contributor information violation appears to be negligent as Carrasco is sophisticated with the Act and had previously campaigned, on at least two other occasions for elected positions,” West wrote in her stipulation.

This isn’t the first time that Carrasco has had a public run-in with the election law.

FPPC has sent her warnings on multiple occasions when she failed to file forms in a timely manner. San Jose’s own ethics commission has also taken action against her, fining the D5 rep $2,000 in 2018 for not listing the occupation of donors on campaign finance reports. Carrasco and her campaign manager Omar Torres wound up skipping the final hearing on the matter, despite it taking place four floors below her city office.

Neither Carrasco nor Torres returned Fly’s calls for comment.

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  1. Carrasco sighting

    Bankrupt Carrasco was seen last weekend at Bloomingdale’s purchasing several high-end items with a credit card. Later an unidentified Male resembling a former well known politician was seen greeting Carrasco in the store after being seen checking changing rooms to the annoyance of several women. One clerk seemed surprised Carrasco seemed annoyed that her new credit account at Bloomingdales has a small limit.

  2. From my observation of Magdalena for years, what’s not to like? She could tie me up, rape me and make me write bad checks. Rich Tranny is just some developer’s tool of a councilmember.

  3. Bankruptcy fraud is a federal crime. None of the Arts Council income Carrasco was reported and she has never lived at the house reported, and Carrasco has been fined 5 times.

  4. What does this all mean?

    For almost ten years. Magdalena Carrasco has been associated with corruption and bad practices. The FPPC has fined her repeatedly.

    She has used the bankruptcy laws to skirt creditors twice. Carrasco has used her elected positions to garner free trips and trinkets.

    Her staff for years have been corrupt and incompetent especially Omar Torres

    Now after pleading for bankruptcy protection for a house she does not even live in, she is running around Bloomingdale’s demanding credit.

    Her donors such as Kevin DeLeon and Ruben Kihuen are disgraced predators.

    Carrasco is a sample of rotting bacteria festering and infecting the community.

  5. Can we all just find some comfort knowing she lost the supervisor race and her upward trajectory has been stopped for now?

    Also, CMs salary is pennies relative to the money in tech, and I think Omar is as much of a corrupt power hungry POS as the next guy, but let’s remember he makes like 60k a year to be an errand boy LMAO. Servers make more money than Omar does, so let’s not give him more power than he deserves.

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