San Jose Mayor Calls for Sedition Charges Against Donald Trump

One of the South Bay’s most prominent elected officials says President Donald Trump should be charged with sedition for ginning up a riot with inciteful rhetoric about voter fraud, missing ballots and a stolen election.

“For this atrocious, sickening display in our Capitol Building, @realDonaldTrump should be tried for #sedition,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo tweeted. “As a formal federal prosecutor, I refer our next U.S. Attorney General to 18 USC 2384 & 2385. May God bless and bring peace to our nation.” 

Liccardo elaborated on the tweet in an emailed statement.

“Under the Supreme Court’s holding in Nixon v. Fitzgerald, the president is not immune from criminal prosecution, and this president has violated Section 2384 of Title 18 of the United States Code by publicly inciting the use of unlawful means to undermine the will of the electorate,” he said. “This is a nation of laws, and no person is above that law. Democracy will continue to prevail in the greatest country in the world. This is a moment for all of us—Republican, Democrat, and people of all ideologies—to stand up for our country. The peaceful transfer of power constitutes the very foundation of democratic rule, and free and fair elections comprise the most sacred democratic institution.”

The mayor’s comments comes as chaos grips Washington D.C., where a mob of Trump supporters contesting the 2020 election results stormed the U.S. Capitol—the building’s first breach since the British set it aflame during the War of 1812.

News reports describe shots fired, bleeding victims, a pipe bomb and other explosives, attacks on journalists and legislators retreating with staff to bunkers.

A woman died.

By about 3pm, police said just 13 people had been detained.

The tally announced by D.C. police several hours into the riot prompted questions about the stark difference in the way law enforcement reacted to today’s events compared to anti-racist protests that ended in hundreds of arrests months earlier.

Images of the massive uprising are eliciting shock and despair on social media, where leaders from around the world are labeling it an attempted coup and insurrection.

The riot emerged from rallies inspired by Trump’s continued insistence that Democrats rigged the Nov. 3 election. Tens of thousands of people amassed to pressure Republic lawmakers into disputing Joe Biden’s win, timing the demonstration to take place when Congress was about to ratify the Electoral College votes.

This morning, Trump addressed the so-called “Save America” rally outside the White House with a speech that slammed the media and repeated unfounded claims about the validity of the presidential election results. 

“We will never give up,” Trump said, “We will never concede.”

The crowd responded by chanting “USA! USA! USA!” 

And then, “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!”

“All of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical Democrats,” Trump went on to say. “We will never give up. We will never concede. It will never happen. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved. Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore.”

Many attendees later heeded the president’s cry to give GOP lawmakers “the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country” by marching on the Capitol, where they walked right through police barriers and began looting and vandalizing.

A photo published by the New York Times show a rioter in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office chair with one of his booted feet on her desk.

In one of the most surreal visuals captured today by photojournalists, a man parades a Confederate flag around doors to the Senate.

Just after 11am, Silicon Valley Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) said he just heard an announcement to stay away from doors and windows.

Minutes past noon today, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Palo Alto) tweeted that she’s safe and that she prays for an end to the violence.

Closer to home, California state Sen. Dave Cortese (D-San Jose) expressed dismay over the turmoil. “This is a direct attack on our democracy and the democratic process,” he said. “Our federal leadership must join me in calling for the de-escalation of this situation and commit to moving forward to our new presidential administration peacefully so that our nation can address that grave issues we have at hand.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom joined in the condemnation.

“Peaceful protest is an important mechanism of our democracy,” he said, “but what we are witnessing in our nation’s Capitol Building is reprehensible and an outright assault to our democracy and Democratic institutions.”

He added: “The people of California have spoken, and our congressional delegation should never have to fear for their lives to represent Californians. We are concerned for the safety of California’s congressional delegation and U.S. Capitol staff, and are reaching out to offer support in every way possible. President Trump must call for an end to this escalating situation, acknowledge the will of the people to bring President-elect Biden to the White House and move immediately to a peaceful transition of power.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Nothing short of Treason! Impeach and Remove from office this head of a Criminal Family Enterprise. Also, with the Caveat that tRump Never again hold elected office or profit from the US Government in anyway. We have two weeks to make this happen.

  2. How is it Sam Liccardo shoves his name in every headline about issues that have absolutely nothing to do with him. IME that is a politician using WhatAboutism to deflect attention from his own failed policies and corrupt dealings. San Jose police department- public records- pubic corruption- real estate fraud – all topics under Liccardo’s management and supervision. Those are things local news should be addressing , not providing a PR platform so Sammy can ride the Blue Line to his next desired political slot – scrubbing his real performance along the way. Six months ago the San Jose police were 10000 times more aggressive during peaceful protests than the police were in Washington DC today. In DC protestors were actually violent, damaging federal buildings and disrupting the democratic process. Why doesn’t L:icarrdo want to talk about that juxtaposition? And why aren’t local reporters pressing that instead of letting Sammy climb on the political platform that will give him a ride when he is just shamelessly hitchhiking to get there. Local news does not equal local PR for elected politicians, no matter what party!

  3. “Trump didn’t cause division”

    I think the is the problem with this whole thing. I see these clowns waving the confederate flag and think, of jeez what idiots…

    but then I think, a lot of bs has lead up to this and its not some “myth of the lost cause” doctrine the media will play it as

    its not so much I believe there was more fraud this time around, I think there is always fraud and Biden won by like what 40000 votes that mattered? It the full on mobilization against any real addressing of concerns

    perhaps its the same thing as watching MSNBC and thinking police only kill black people and burning down the city when one does, when of course police kill far more whites than blacks. or is there really something there to this?

    what is true is the setup of niche media outlets that serve as comfort food for the politically aligned is not a weight bearing pillar of the fourth estate, SJI, SJS, etc. are all included in that

  4. > Because you are an advocate of such violence.

    The difference between rational, civilized people and progressives is that rational people require evidence for claims of fact, while progressives simply believe what makes them feel good and hope that someone will agree with them that it’s true.

  5. There is no reasoning with an anonymous bully who is convinced he knows better than anyone else who posts comments on SJI and SJS. This individual goes strangely quiet when people who actually do know better and speak from experience effectively invalidate his pontification.

  6. His is And idiot and they do what they want and the hell with this city ,he has made San Jose one of the worst cities in California he’s a nit wit keep opening your mouth and stick both feet in it, your in bed with google facebook and twitter so is the city council you have waste a our tax money and keep calling for more well your not getting any More Tax Money

  7. To Major Liccardo: l completely agree that tRump needs to be removed, today! Any delay is dangerous and not acceptable.
    But: words are not enough. I did what I could and wrote to all the key people in Washington demanding such. What specifically did you do?

    Side note: most of the comments here scare me.
    Stupidity and ignorance appear bottomless!

  8. > The riot emerged from rallies inspired by Trump’s continued insistence that Democrats rigged the Nov. 3 election.


    Why is the idea of looking at evidence such a strange concept to journalists?

    There is no question that covert, malicious hacking of complex, isolated computer systems can be done. Exhibit A: stuxnet, perpetrated by our own United States government.

    It is also a well established principle of human behavior that “successful behavior is repeated”. If something worked to advantage once, it is virtually certain that it will be tried again and again.

    The consequences of election outcomes are enormous. BILLIONS of dollars are spent every election cycle to influence the outcomes of elections.

    Thousands of smart people are paid millions of dollars every election cycle to figure out ways to get more votes. In many cases, ethics or legality are not constraints.

    Therefore, it is a virtual certainty that if there were a way to influence an election outcome by manipulating election machines or software, someone would try to do it.

    Major software platforms, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS or IOS, contain MILLIONS of lines of computer code written by thousands of programmers. The technical reality is that these million of lines of codes many contain flaws, oversights, or errors.

    Literally almost everyday, major software companies discover vulnerabilities in their software that can be exploited by malicious programmers to gain access to computer functions. As soon as vulnerabilities are discovered, software companies rush to develop and distribute software updates to remove the vulnerabilities.

    Because of the INHERENT vulnerabilities of software systems, NO software system is completely secure, and computer hackers are continually searching for and trying to discover vulnerabilities.

    It is a statistical certainty that voting systems and election software have vulnerabilities than can be exploited. Assurances from vendors or election officials that their election systems are secure are wishful thinking.

    Therefore, it is COMPLETELY possible that the election systems used in the 2020 elections could have been compromise and manipulated to give spurious results.

    There have been DEMONSTRATIONS of election systems processing ballots and giving incorrect results.

    There have been sworn affidavits from election workers reporting having witnessed voting systems giving erroneous results.

    There have been competent statistics based scientific analysis documenting the impossibility of reported election outcomes.

    Over fifty lawsuits have been filed calling for the examination of voting process irregularities.

    Yet, according to Attorney Sydney Powell, “NO COURT HAS SEEN ALL THE EVIDENCE”.

    Similarly, it appears that no media operation or journalistic enterprise has made an effort to examine and report on ALL THE EVIDENCE.


    I will ask again:

    Why is the idea of looking at evidence such a strange concept to journalists?

    What has happened in the United States of America is arguably the largest theft in American history: the theft of an entire government.

    When journalists write things like:

    > The riot emerged from rallies inspired by Trump’s continued insistence that Democrats rigged the Nov. 3 election.

    it effectively marginalizes Trump’s claim and dismisses the possibility that the Nov. 3 election was rigged.

    Rigging IS absolutely a possibility. It has been demonstrated. It has been observed by witnesses. It has happened before.

    Insisting on the investigation of a rigged presidential election by a sitting president is NOT sedition; it is a presidential duty.

    For a city mayor to accuse a president of sedition for taking his duties seriously is partisanship, malice, or psychosis.

  9. This is a typical sleazy Democrat politician pandering to liberal fools in the city. Many have also made stupid noises about treason, wanting to get him kicked out with the 25th amendment game again, or another hard breathing impeachment effort.

    This while cities like Portland burned on many nights and worse, among other kinds of irony. Ahem. That includes the violence at the Trump rally that Liccardo blamed on who else, Trump. Sigh.

    No doubt he is joining the crowd and working on his advancement. Yuck.

  10. > Donald Trump and his failure of responding to COVID led to 330,000+ deaths and untold damages.

    Mr. Golden Goose:

    You are a cornucopia of progressive Democrat misinformation (even though you say you are “not a Democrat”). Wherever you were sheep dipped, all the Democrat essences stuck.


    It’s always entertaining to hear Democrats talking about Hillary’s likeability or Guam tipping over into the Pacific Ocean.

    > I really hate to do this but you just walked right into my Spiderweb.

    I’m probably destined to walk into your spider web over and over and over again.

    So far, I’ve been pretty resistant to spider bites. I find that keeping your venom sacs topped off is a pretty good counter measure against spider bites.

  11. > In any case, did you have ANY evidence to share that will stand up in court?

    No. None that will stand up in your court.

    But, evidence doesn’t seem to be much needed in your court.

  12. > I again ask you, what evidence do you have that will stand up in COURT?

    You are asking the wrong question. And don’t ask me to rescue you from your rabbit hole. You jumped in head first.

    > And you obviously support this action.

    This question would be ruled out of order in an honest, legitimate court. Do you know why?

  13. over the course of 4 years of “Russian Collusion” which we have found to be phony based on a fake dossier, the left has continually raged on with little to no substance. Rep Schiff said many times he has evidence that Trump colluded w/ the Russians. He produced NONE and yet the media continued to report this from him as well as other “unnamed sources.”

    when the impeachment got hocked up like a bad hair ball, all the dems could offer up was one (1) unnamed witness – that’s it.
    Now we have many, many witnesses who have testified under oath, with penality of perjury charges instances of voter fraud, yet they are dismissed – for lack of evidence — BUT no one will delve into the seach for said evidence – it’s probably hiding out with HRC 30,000 emails.

    we have seen great amounts of hacking of critical gov’t agencies, big corporations, highly sensitive court documents – but we are told that our recently changed voter laws in critical battleground states with new internet connected voting machines are totally secure.

    If the country can spend four years on what we know was a phony Russian Collusion investigation – we can certainly spend a few weeks re-counting ballots. Assuming of course, they didn’t end up with the Rose Law firm Whitewater files, or Vince Foster’s files or those pesky HRC emails, or Hunter Biden’s laptop

  14. As someone who voted for Trump, I think he failed miserably in making his case. But the case may have been impossible to make as it was set up. I think election fraud is something that is hard to prove and with vested parties not willing to prosecute themselves you have problems with standing and remedy. This should have been dealt with better over the summer, but Trump didn’t or was not allowed to. He may be good at some things, but navigating the bureaucracy is not one of them. Actually, if you could read minds, much of the GOP working the gears in the machine hate Trump.

    Other than the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision and the Supreme Courts refusal to address it. That one smells to me.

    To me the whole thing stank and what needs to happen is reform. 50% of the population, with a 50%+ in 40+ year old think 2020 stank. And the more the winners try to shut up that debate the more people will think 2020 stank. And now that their saviors are in, they will see their true colors, which is as dirty as any GOPer. National politics is a disgusting dirt fest on both sides.

    So the smart thing to do in FL, GA, TX, MI, WI is fix the elections to be far more transparent and working on the making the mail-in rock solid. Main in is now not going away. PA and IL are lost to corruption and always have been.

    If not, there are going to be a lot of problems.

  15. My point is essentially your point.

    Something stinks here. Trump blew and Giuliani blew it, no doubt, but I am not sure this is true:

    “The reality is that the Republican lawyers did not act because they THOUGHT they would be given a new Apple after her first one was eaten. Once the election was done, they had no recourse, and these people KNEW it.”

    My feeling on this during the whole run up was, if the GOP fought against anything “voter” as they would be open to the old Jim Crow nonsense, which was actually the Democratic Party. But anyway, what’s true and what’s perceived is neither here nor there. They would have looked like they where trying to take black voting rights away in Philadelphia. The political conclusion was to punt, thinking they could make a bunch of noise post election to rile the base and get dollars and alignment for 2022.

    I think Trump knew this and blew up the $600 on purpose to screw McConnell. And I think he knew he was tanking Georgia too. Out of spite. McConnell has been a thorn in the side of Trump since 2016, he got everything he wanted and gave Trump nothing. I question the statement they really thought they could win or get another bite. I think the Supreme Court blew this off, because this whole thing is BS and political theatre and I’m sure anyone close to the principles knew it and said you made your bed, sleep in it.

    I don’t think the real GOP (party apparatchiks) wanted to win in 2016 and they certainly hated Trump more now than then. I think Ryan, McConnell et al wanted Hillary in, a recession in 2017/8, so they could widen their leads in the House and Senate in the midterms. Hillary would have been happy with a recession, as the recovery would be JIT for re-election. Sitting Presidents are now a curse electorally and fundraising wise. A Hillary Presidency would have been so golden for the GOP, as she is in her heart a Republican War Pig with the added benefit of being widely hated. They would have gotten the cake and eat it too. I think Paul Ryan was dreaming of an Article V Convention, not sure what he would have gotten out of it, Abortion ban amendment?

  16. > PA and IL are lost to corruption and always have been.

    And Cali, too.

    The California State Assembly is something like 67-17 Dems to Repubs.

    I expect that Dems in the Repub districts will demand that Dominion Voting machines win their election for them just like it did in the other 67 Dem districts.

  17. > I think election fraud is something that is hard to prove and with vested parties not willing to prosecute themselves you have problems with standing and remedy. This should have been dealt with better over the summer, but Trump didn’t or was not allowed to.

    I think this was probably the crucial miscalculation by Trump’s advisors.

    They probably were aware that the Dems were scheming to perpetrate vote fraud anyway the could, and were also doing unconstitutional things like letting bureaucrats change state voting procedures.

    But, the Trump team was totally blindsided by the corruption of the courts and by the unwillingness of just about every court to get involved in a CURRENT election.

    Democrat strategists probably had reason to suspect that courts would be reluctant to provide remedies for current election disputes, took a gamble that they could get away with their massive election rigging scheme, and the gamble paid off.

  18. > Wouldn’t this make it a lot less likely for manipulation or corruption in the electoral process?

    You mean, less likely for manipulation or corruption like what occurred in the 2020 electoral process?

    You mean the 2020 electoral process was manipulated or corrupt?

    Isn’t that what Trump’s been saying?

  19. > The people manning the voter locations must be trained, certified, and be required under penalty of perjury, that they may not conduct themselves to the bias of any candidate.

    Would one of the jobs of the trained, certified, and unbiased people manning the voter locations be to check the voter’s ID cards?

  20. “I think this was probably the crucial miscalculation by Trump’s advisors.”

    I don’t know Trump actually has any good advisors who actually care what happens to him. Just the fact that he kept flopping Giuliani around, like he is still at the height of his powers, is telling. In my recollection, Giuliani peaked in the bunker as Mayor and that was many massages ago, and time passes by.

    Really I think the summer was a microcosm of Trump’s whole political career. He could see the problem, he could bark about the problem, but he didn’t have the patience to work the problem. And no one who could work the problem was willing to put up with him or he them. There is a case for immigration reform, it is NOT that all Mexicans are rapists and murders, because when you say that you can never get anyone to fund the wall because doing so means you are complicit with that statement. There is a case for a China, Iran, Korea realignment, but renegotiating “deals” with a leaders for life doesn’t work when you are not a leader for life. This election was a huge mess, as an aside one thing really pops out to me:

    Obama 2012 Presidential Election vote: 65,915,795
    Hillary 2016 Presidential Election vote: 65,853,514
    Biden 2020 Presidential Election vote: 81,268,757

    Now, I don’t like Obama much now but he was pretty charismatic and even I voted for him because Romney is just terrible and only slightly better than McCain or Bush. Hillary was going to be the first female president, you gotta think that’s getting the votes out. Biden, basement campaigner, “tough on petty crime”, war pig, drug war architect, many time loser, whipped by Sanders until the DNC pulled Bernie’s heart plug, a ticket hand picked by oligarchs and big tech corpos, 47-year corrupt politician out-voted Hillary and Obama by 23% while effectively only beating Trump by about 40,000 votes in states that mattered. What!?

    Back to the point…

    But when you are not going to do what you have to do on the ground over the summer and after the election, and saying things like “release the kraken” and we have the evidence here in this bag, we will release next week, con-calling into critical meetings, etc. you are not working the problem, you are not making a clear case, you’re bs-ing the problem. And in a few days he may have destroyed any good he did do, put the GOP in the wilderness for a while at least, and gave the left images that will pay dividends for decades. Like cops shooting Kent State kids or a soldier killing naked 12 year old girls in the street. Well maybe not that much, I think I’ll laugh about the dude in the horns in a week, but I won’t laugh about how Trump left Ashli Babbitt dead body on the ground, that will cost the GOP a lot with law enforcement and the military. For a long time.

  21. > So many other criminal and civil actions are just days away.

    Before you waste anymore electrons on progressive crackpottery, go to your very smart legal things website and tell us what it says about “sovereign immunity”.

  22. > He never complied with the oath of office from the very beginning

    Trump was impeached on bogus charges in the House by certified wacko Adam Schiff, tried in the Senate and found “not guilty”.

    He was investigated by a activist Democrat “special counsel” and no charges resulted.

    Pretty compelling evidence he “complied with the oath of office.’

  23. Looks like Nancy Pelosi, herself, may be dabbling in a bit of sedition:

    “JANUARY 9, 2021
    “Ms. Pelosi also said she had spoken with Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about “preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes.” . . .

    But some Defense Department officials have privately expressed anger that political leaders seemed to be trying to get the Pentagon to do the work of Congress and Cabinet secretaries, who have legal options to remove a president.

    Mr. Trump, they noted, is still the commander in chief, and unless he is removed, the military is bound to follow his lawful orders. While military officials can refuse to carry out orders they view as illegal, they cannot proactively remove the president from the chain of command. That would be a military coup, these officials said.”
    Trying to incite a military coup is sedition.

  24. > Of course are you arguing that given the demonstrated insanity of the president he should have unfettered use of nuclear weapons?

    I missed this.

    When was the insanity of the president demonstrated?

    Fill me in. I don’t have a New York Times subscription.

  25. > WOW!

    By the way, Steven:

    Didn’t your postmodernist MBA school ever teach you the concept of the “Executive Summary”?

    Or, how to do an “elevator pitch”?

    Do you know what an elevator pitch is?

    Do you know what the acronym “TL:DR” means?

    When you make a pitch to the C-level executives, are they looking at their smartphones after your first PowerPoint chart? Do they ever ask you to “just go to the last chart”?

    I’ve been told that executives like charts with “cartoons” and “animal pictures”.

  26. > When a president organizes an assault on the Capitol, the IS INSANE.

    The president organized an assault on the Capitol?

    I missed that. When did that happen?

    Did they arrest the president? Was the president read his Miranda rights? Were the arresting officers wearing body cameras? Was the president arraigned before a magistrate? Did they have a preliminary hearing? Was the president represented by competent counsel? Did they have a trial? Was the president’s counsel given adequate time for discovery and trial preparation? Were there eyewitnesses to the president assaulting the capitol? Were the witnesses trustworthy and credible? Did the president receive due process? Was the president accorded the right to appeal the court’s verdict? If the president was found to be insane, was there testimony from competent, trained mental health experts?

    Since people’s rights are at stake, we can’t cut corners in the quest for justice.

  27. > You may not use, or encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to use, the Services or AWS Site for any ILLEGAL, HARMFUL, FRAUDULENT, INFRINGING OR OFFENSIVE USE, or to transmit, store, display, distribute or otherwise make available content that is illegal, harmful, fraudulent, infringing or offensive.

    Parler has Section 230 protection, Steven,

    Just like Twitter.

    You’re not advocating shutting down Twitter, are you?

    > You acknowledge and agree that:

    The parties cannot agree to illegal conduct, even if only one of the parties is behaving illegally.

    The “agreement” cannot give Amazon a “right” to harm or damage it’s customers.

    Next question for Mr. Super MBA policy wonk:

    Can Parler owners and shareholders sue Amazon for damages?

    Can Amazon shareholders sue Amazon for terminating a lucrative business relationship with a paying customer for no good reason?

    Can Twitter shareholder sue Twitter for damage to the Twitter brand and massive loss in Twitter subscribers due to policies that were NOT motivated by shareholder value but by partisan politics?

  29. > Given that Parler can be DOCUMENTED as enabling the COORDINATED attack on the Capitol.

    Isn’t Parler in the same business as Twitter, or vice versa?

    How does Twitter have Section 230 protection and Parler doesn’t?

  30. > That mean that Parler employees are subject to arrest for CONSPIRACY to commit FELONY MURDER.

    > I really hope that happens..

    From the internet . . . .

    “Facebook Played Major Role Coordinating ‘Capitol Riot’ As Sandberg Deflects Blame”
    – – – –
    “Now we learn that Facebook also had a giant role in coordinating the so-called ‘Capitol Riots’ which President Trump was just impeached over on Wednesday for allegedly inciting the incident.”
    – – – –
    Maybe we should hold off on the executions until we’re sure were impeaching the people who need to be impeached.

    Oh, never mind.

    Just go ahead and arrest Mark Zuckerberg,

  31. > There is no right to assault politicians, agents of any public agencies, nor the buildings of the various governmental systems. You are really off base there.

    There is no right to prosecute anyone without presentation of evidence in a court of law, and for the accused to be assumed innocent, be represented by council, and to present testimony and evidence in his defense.

    This did NOT occur in the Trump impeachments. It was a corrupt POLITICAL process from start to finish. “Private” corporations participated in the process — ILLEGALLY. They meddled in an elections using shareholder funds and without shareholder consent.

    There was no evidence that I am aware of that Trump had anything to do with the riots.

    He is impeached making a speech, and corrupt media corporations created an invidious connection between the speech and the riots and “Trump supporters”.

    All COMPLETELY offensive to “due process” and “equal justice under law”.

    Trump as convicted and impeached by corrupt media corporations, their owned politicians, and by crony capitalist donors, and NOT in a court of law.

    Two systems of “justice’.

  32. > First, even though your link starts with the address” it is NOT a public Broadcasting Services webpage. Very sleazy strategy to say the least.

    I’m an innocent victim.

    It’s the link address assigned by Jack Dorsey’s robots on Twitter.

    Blame back Dorsey for being sleazy.

  33. > I never use tweets as references because they are not news or journalism. Please be considerate and do the same?

    Yet another silencing technique.

    You know all of them and use all of them.

    Maybe you could ask Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon to silence me, too.

    You could accuse me of “hate speech”.

    After all, “free speech is hate speech”.

  34. > In any case it is a private resource, NOT PUBLIC, and not a governmental process, so that one cannot call it CENSORSHIP., nor argue it is a violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

    If the suppression is the action of a government enabled and government tolerated ILLEGAL monopoly, it’s censorship and a violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

    Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are monopolies. Amazon just proved that when they pulled the plug on Parler and wiped out their business overnight.

    Going to be hard for Amazon to argue that they DON’T have market power when they can do that kind of stuff.

    Every MBA knows that. How come you didn’t know that? Did you go to one of the quickie, fly by night MBA diploma mills?

  35. > I do simply point out you are expressing your opinions with little or no objective evidence from a reputable source.

    CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times express their opinions with little or no objective evidence from a reputable source.

    > What does happen is each posting is getting a disclaimer to indicate that the information was not VALIDATED, and appears on its face to be misinformation.

    Why doesn’t Twitter provide disclaimers for CNN, MSNBC, and NYT content? CNN, MSNBC, and New York Times information is not validated, and appears on its face to be misinformation.

    And, why don’t CNN, MSNBC, and NYT provide disclaimers for Twitter content?

    Bari Weiss

    James Bennet

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