WATCH: Day One of San Jose’s George Floyd Protests

Over the last few days, San Jose Inside has published footage from the May 30 and May 31 protests captured by City Hall security cameras.

Now, here’s the final video we received in response to our public records request.

So far, the footage is the best look we’ve had at what transpired during that first protest in light of George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis cop.

The video, which is from May 29, shows officers using considerably more tear gas than was used in the days that followed. Unfortunately, cops pushed protestors out of view after a few hours and blocked off the streets surrounding City Hall.

Only body cam footage will answer what happened from there.


  1. I see a bomb go off right in front of the police line. Surprising restraint by the police. I would have had police return fire. All rioters and looters will be shot. All survivors will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    We the people are feed up with this anti American BS

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