Two Children Die After Falling Into Pool at Residential Day Care Center in San Jose

Two children died after falling into a pool and a third was rescued on Monday morning at a day care center located in South San Jose home, police said

Authorities were called about 9:05am for a welfare check at the home in the 1000 block of Fleetwood Drive, where several children reportedly fell into a pool.

Emergency medical crews were called and three children were take to hospitals in critical condition.

Despite life-saving efforts, two were pronounced dead at a local hospital. The third's status was later updated to non-life threatening, police said.

Per county protocol for all child deaths, the San Jose police homicide unit and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will investigate the deaths.

No other information was released about the incident.


  1. This is so tragic. Personally, my family avoids home daycares, and I would be very uncomfortable with any care provider who has a pool on the property. Could this be a product of how expensive daycare is in this area, and how limited options are? For 2-kids at a licensed facility – my family pays about $62,000 per year (about $2500 per child per month for full time).

    Honestly, many of the home daycares I see, visited or drive-by are sketchy – and the City really needs to regulate these places better – and think of not permitting home day cares with in ground pools. This isn’t hard for me to say – the operators of that daycare need to be prosecuted to the full extent for negligent homicide (I think Involuntary Manslaughter in CA).

  2. Something very strange happened. How can three children fall into a pool and left there when they are supposedly being supervised?

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