Deadly Weekend in San Jose Leaves 3 Victims Dead, 2 Wounded and 1 Suspect Dead

Three homicides occurred over the weekend in San Jose – the sixth, seventh and eighth homicides in the city in 2024.

One suspect in one of the cases is in custody, the prime suspect in another killing died in a car accident while fleeing the scene and one or more suspects in a fatal shooting remained at large as of today.

The most recent fatality occurred on Sunday, at approximately 12:20pm, according to San Jose police.

Patrol officers responded to a business in the 1000 block of Leigh Avenue near the Southwest Expressway for a report of a fight. At the scene, officers detained an adult male suspect who had assaulted another man.

The victim was unconscious and not breathing, according to police. Despite lifesaving efforts by police and medical personnel, the man succumbed to his injuries.

Police identified the other man as Leonardo Soulett, 32, of San Jose, who was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on a homicide charge.

The motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation.

The identity of the victim will be released by the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office after confirming the victim’s identity and notifying next of kin.

The weekend’s first homicide of a San Jose woman was reported about 8pm Friday.

Police said a man identified by police only as the homicide victim’s boyfriend died when he crashed his car while fleeing the scene of the killing in a domestic violence incident at a residence in the 2300 block of Arden Way in San Jose that he shared with the victim.

As of today, police declined to name the victim and the deceased suspect.

Homicide detectives had determined that the woman’s boyfriend was the prime suspect using Automatic License Plate Readers, which  assisted detectives in discovering that the suspect had fled in a vehicle.

Coordinating with allied agencies, police determined that the suspect crashed his vehicle and perished sometime after the incident. They released no further details of the time or location of the fatal accident.

According to a fact sheet published by Shelter From The Storm, an advocacy non-profit for victims of Intimate Partner Violence, an average of 124 women per year are murdered at the hands of an intimate partner in California.

Of these victims, 45% were in the process of separating from their partner. Seventy-six percent involved a history of violence where others were aware of the abuse. In one out of five cases, a person other than the primary victim, often a child, was severely injured or killed at the time the murder of the woman took place.

The next homicide occurred in a shooting incident on Saturday at 8:53pm in the parking lot of a business in the 3000 block of Story Road that left one man dead and two women injured, one seriously.

Officers performed life-saving measures on the two victims, but a male victim succumbed to his injuries. One female victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. A second female victim from the same incident was identified after being dropped off at a nearby hospital and has non life-threatening injuries.

The shooter or shooters remain at large. Police gave no further description or identity, as they continued their investigation.


  1. DEADLY SHOOTING on 2/18 at the 3000 block of Story and White Rd. in the FoodMaxx parking lot I NEED YOUR HELP RE NBC BAY AREA NEWS CHANNEL 11

    Please read my apologies for the length!

    I am trying to find out information about how our local news station, KNTV CHANNEL 11 NBC BAY AREA NEWS covered this breaking story. From what I’ve gathered thus far, there has only been 1 televised news broadcast which aired on 2/19 (I believe it was the 5 pm news). I waited again until 11 pm and NO UPDATES on this breaking story.

    The NEXT MORNING I tuned in to channel 11 and again….NO UPDATES ON THIS STORY. I called KNTV Channel 11 and asked why haven’t they updated our community on the details or if the perpetrator was caught, if they had a suspect they said they didn’t have much on this story, and that they heard about it after they read the SAN JOSE POLICE MEDIA PRESS RELEASE. Hugh!? What!!??? Just because we live on the Eastside doesn’t mean our news is unimportant! There was a f***** murder! I live within walking distance and I want all of the necessary information to keep my family safe. They have failed.

    This station has always covered the Eastside & East Foothills. What happened? Why are they missing important stories? This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. This station covers news up to San Anselmo, Santa Rosa, Petaluma….. What about the news here in our neighborhood? What about us!? They’ve forgotten about the Eastside. Who cares about Santa Rosa… come on. If you read their website and listen to their advertisements this station claims to be San Jose’s “Bay Area News”. Yeah, maybe 10 years ago. But within the last 5 years, there’s been news coverage predominantly covering the North Bay NOT the South Bay as THEY CLAIM!!!! Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again!

    Thank you. I’ll update as I get more info. I truly appreciate your insight and assistance.

  2. Three homicide victims dead? The headline writer deserves a Department of Redundancy Department award.🙄

  3. So, “San Jose Inside” changed the headline:; however, its editor failed to acknowledge the error.

    Bush league journalism to the googol.

  4. It appears that an inadvertent colon preceded my semicolon.

    See, it’s not that hard. 😉

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