Police Say Man Used Secret Cam in Coffee Shop Bathroom for Videos of Kids

San Jose police arrested a 35-year-old San Jose man on charges he installed a hidden camera in the restroom of a Coleman Avenue coffee shop and recorded videos of dozens of people in toilets.

Police reported that when they arrested Louie Juarez at a San Jose residence on March 15 on search and arrest warrants, they found approximately 20 firearms, including an assault rifle, an unregistered firearm, high-capacity magazines and miscellaneous micro cameras.

The investigation began on Jan. 31, when officers responded to an 11:30am report of a hidden camera located inside the restroom of a coffee shop in the 600 block of Coleman Avenue. Upon arrival, the officers discovered a camera hidden beneath the restroom sink facing the toilet, according to a department press release.

Sexual Assault Investigations Unit detectives discovered a video that had been recorded on Jan. 30 between 9am and 7pm that had images of  91 victims of various ages, ranging from four to 85 years old, caught on camera using the restroom. Investigators said the videos were” extremely graphic and contain multiple juvenile victims, fully exposed.”

Juarez was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for possession of child pornography, installment of a hidden surveillance camera with audio, possession of high capacity magazines, possession of an assault rifle and possession of an unregistered firearm.


  1. What is the Coffee Shops name!!!????? HELLO!? Some of us would like to know what loser owner hired this ahole to work there! Pleae provide more detail. Geesh!

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