SJPD Releases Surveillance Video of Vehicle in Fatal Hit-and-Run

Police may be closer to finding a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run collision that killed a San Jose man earlier this month.

David W. Jones, 52, was riding an electric unicycle eastbound on the 1500 block of Kooser Road shortly before 10pm on May 4 when he fell and was struck by a vehicle, authorities said.

On Thursday, police released surveillance video of the suspected vehicle. The small SUV appears to be white with a thin black stripe running the length of the car, police said.

Officers said the vehicle fled the area, leaving Jones with multiple injuries to his rib and pelvis.

Jones was pronounced dead at the scene, marking the city’s 17th fatal traffic collision victim of 2021.

San Jose police are asking for the public help in identifying the vehicle in the collision.

The surveillance video can be found online.


  1. riding around on a electric unicycle at 1AM in the morning

    I think half the state has a white SUV/RAV4 like that

    Its not victim blaming, don’t ride on these roads exposed to speeding and distracted drivers if you value your life. California is full of some of the lowest IQ, distracted, bad drivers in the country and unless the cops stumble upon a free gift, the driver will get off scott-free

    and who cares really how much trouble the driver gets in, trouble is not stopping bicyclists and unicyclists from dying on these roads,

    and you’ll be dead no matter how much trouble the driver gets in

    just ride on trails, before midnight

  2. If he fell, with no lights on, in the dark, it is possible the driver felt a big bump and didn’t know what it was, and just kept going. It doesn’t seem like this was intentional, and the driver didn’t hit him on the unicycle, he was already down on the road. And seriously, riding a unicycle at 1am on a poorly lit road?

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