SJ Police Investigate Saturday’s Triple Shooting With no Suspects

City police investigating Saturday’s triple shooting that produced San Jose's 16th homicide of 2021 said early Monday that they have not identified any suspects in the case.

According to a press release police issued at 5am Monday, “There are currently no suspects identified or apprehended. The motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation.”

The shooting was reported at 10:33pm in the 600 block of Nordale Drive. When police arrived, they found three men, each with at least one gunshot wound.

One of the men died shortly after being transported to a local hospital. Police said the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office will release his name after confirming the victim’s identity and notifying next of kin.

The other two victims are expected to survive.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Sgt. Kilmer #3790 or Det. Reckas #3440 of the San Jose Police Department’s Homicide unit at 408.277.5283.

Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 408.947.7867.


  1. Currently there is a case where four men are being charged with a 186 22 a. Charge .which is a STREET gang enhancement which carries outrageous time and these gentlemen do not fit a street gang criteria. Why because they don’t even know what street gang this alleged conspiracy is formed from. These four gentlemen and included this alleged victim are not from a street gang doesn’t exist.Not only are they being charged with 186 22. A, they are being charged with 182 conspiracy. 245 assault with a deadly weapon. The charges stem from an alleged battery on 10 23 2020. .on the 7th floor of the main jail north . exist. During this inmates would ask the officers is peckerwood a street gang and they would respond no. Is peckerwood a prison gang absolutely not. Peckerwood is a term of endearment. Its also a degretory term and is also considered a racist term if used in the wrong context. Peckerwood was derived by a southern slang below the Bible belt many years ago. It’s been adopted by prison inmates as a moniker but not a gang. San jose does not have an alleged peckerwood street gang and none of these men have ties to any street gang at all . The issue is lack of Intel on this situation. And not knowing what the D.A office is actually charging. ??? Please some one prove these gentlemen are from a street gang. White inmates usually identify by race but the cold fact is this San Jose doesn’t have a street gang which is peckerwood. The D.A. supervisor should look into this a little more. It’s possible by the report they acted by jailhouse Intel as a gang but none of them are from a street gang. Please prove what street gang they’re from.

  2. Stop violating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the state and local governments stopped allowing honest, law abiding citizens to bear arms, shootings like this would happen much less often. The reason is obvious: a shooter wouldn’t know which bystanders were armed. They might all be armed.

    No one is going to start settling scores (or whatever motivated this criminal) if they know the person next to them (or maybe even behind them, out of sight), might be armed.

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