San Jose to Consider Mandating Proof of Vaccine for Most Events at City-Owned Facilities

A vaccine mandate may be coming to San Jose for those who attend and staff events with 50 or more attendees.

Mayor Sam Liccardo this week proposed an urgency ordinance that would require people to show proof of vaccination before entering any events at city-owned facilities like the SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose McEnery Convention Center and the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts attended by 50 or more people.

The proposed vaccine mandate comes as the city and county grapple with escalating infection rates because of the Delta variant. As of Wednesday, there were 230 people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Santa Clara County, a 40% increase in the last two weeks.

California state data shows there were 60 COVID-related ICU hospitalizations in local hospitals as of Wednesday, a level not seen since March.

“In a time of rising infection rates, we need to look for every tool in the toolbox to protect the health and safety of our residents," said Liccardo.

Liccardo warned in his memo that Silicon Valley often attracts audiences from around the country, from places with far lower vaccination rates than Santa Clara County. San Jose has the highest vaccination rate of any major U.S. city, he said.

“We owe it to our workers and patrons at city-owned facilities to protect their health and safety, and we need to take every reasonable measure to encourage vaccination to halt the spread of the pandemic in a timely manner,” Liccardo said.

The proposed mandate will be presented Aug. 24 for a vote by the city council. The measure would not be implemented immediately, to give operators of city-owned facilities time to take steps to prepare for the changes, such as securing the equipment and software needed to implement the vaccine mandate.

Liccardo said he also is considering expanding the vaccine mandate to apply to those entering all indoor dining, theaters, gyms, and other privately owned facilities that serve the general public. San Francisco recently implemented a vaccine requirement for all indoor activities.

“We're going to look at the understand how that's working (in San Francisco) and understand what the impacts are on the small businesses," Liccardo said at a Thursday news conference. "We really want to learn more, but certainly all the options are on the table."

The Tuesday City Council meeting will start at 1:30pm and council chambers will be open to the public. The meeting can also be attended online.

 Jana Kadah is a reporter with Bay City News.


  1. Another CROOKED Elitist Politician with rules for the lower classes.
    VOTE YES on Sept 14th. and then VOTE for DIVERSITY in Sacramento Politics.
    Mr. Liccardo acknowledged that his Thanksgiving gathering with family ran “contrary to the rules.” and was in violation of state regulations issued Nov. 13 that limit “the number of households at a private gathering to three.”
    Mr. Liccardo’s story ECHOES similar incidents involving:
    – Nancy Pelosi at a hair salon
    – CA Gov. Gavin Newsom at the posh Napa County restaurant The French Laundry.
    – LA Cty Supervisor Sheila Kuehl also visited a restaurant hours after voting to shut it down.

  2. I am fully vaccinated, but I am appalled by the willingness of our local public officials to discriminate against those who have made a choice involving their own bodies not to undergo an experimental vaccine for Covid-19. Whatever happened to, “my body, my choice”?

    60 Covid-related ICU beds currently occupied in this County. That’s a crisis? And if, for sake of argument, it is a crisis, why is the vaccine mandate not being issued by the County health director, but instead proposed for the San Jose City Council? It has the clear appearance of abusing the civil rights of constituents for purpose of political grandstanding.

    Make no mistake, this is invidious discrimination. It will likely have a disparate impact on minorities (based on reports that African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are vaccinated at lower rates than average). Worse, it fits the definition of a crime against humanity under Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code, which prohibits any coercion regarding experimental medical procedures.

    Any local elected official who would vote for this should resign or be removed from office.

  3. You are WRONG Steve.
    So shut the front door already, we all seem to be tired of your misinformed lunacy.

  4. This is systemic racism, plan and simple. Jab Crow 2021

    California blacks and latinos vaccination rates trail whites 14% and 15% percent while they trail Asians respectively by 24% and 25%.

    We back in the segregation days fella’s, no surprise to me, California has always been the most racist place I know.

  5. When was the last time a person successfully sued another person for catching a cold or flu in a public place?

  6. If requiring an I.D. to vote is racist, then what about requiring a vaccine or an vaccine I.D. to go to the movies, or dinner, or a sports events? And since we know that the minority populations are the ones shunning the vaccine in the greatest numbers…… I’m starting to see what you and the people who think like you are really up too. It’s all starting to make sense now.

  7. Mumps do not mutate and continually change. Apples to oranges, nice try though.
    Coronaviruses (as influenza) constantly mutate.
    Hence no cure for the common cold and an annual flu shot.
    What variant of Covid 19 are we on now? There’s been so many in the last 18 months I can’t remember.
    So stay on topic. When was the last time some one successfully sued for a cold or flu transmission, since a coronavirus is a coronavirus and influenza is similar in mutations and transmissions?

  8. Dumb and dumber at it again. The most absurd part is that Fauci says that the vaccine doesn’t help stop the spread of the virus… especially the delta virus that he says is lurking in our noses unlike the non-delta variants which he hasn’t said where they lurk. That’s why all of us who are vaccinated are wearing the silly leaky masks again, remember? This is just another politician looking for air time in the newspaper and to be seen as “doing something” regardless of how absurd that “something” is. How dumb we all are for just going along with the absurdities.

  9. I would not be surprised if they eventually admit the “vaccine” accelerates mutations by keeping hosts alive, warm, wet and breathing to unnaturally select the more communicative varients. The mRNA treatment is novel and is being pushed through a process that should take a lot longer and be inefficient by design. This is beyond any issues with injecting cytotoxic spike proteins into your bloodstream and conclude they only stay in your shoulder without knowing if they do or not.

    Rest assured, even if they didnt explicitly plan that these mRNA treatments were going to be a subscription service, they will be. As I dont see this approach will ever get ride of the virus, just give it workouts to improve itself.

  10. Work90 — the vaccine is not novel. You’re just demonstrating fear of things you dont understand.

    The process of mRNA vaccines has been practiced and refined over decades. All they needed was the virus’ DNA and they could quickly make a vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer both had one in a month and they spent time testing it before emergency use.

    Both vaccines will soon be fully approved by the FDA.

    Steve please stop with the all caps. Learn to control your emotions. You’re supposedly a scientist so act like an educated gentleman.

  11. Neutrino78X

    Thank you for the article, but I fail to see how this is not novel for communicative viruses. Even for cancer treatments, the NIH is quite upfront stating in the first line of the abstract in 2016 mRNA cancer vaccines are new:

    “mRNA cancer vaccines are a relatively new class of vaccines, which combine the potential of mRNA to encode for almost any protein with an excellent safety profile and a flexible production process.”

    So, please, to assuage my histrionic fear of the unknown, share with the class the track record of the use of mRNA “vaccines” on say SARS or AIDS or the common cold. Now I can understand if you are employed in this field or work for a company that will benefit that you are resistant to criticism of mRNA vaccines. However, the trick here on non-approved treatments is full disclosure and saying things like these have been around for decades or gaslighting people who raise doubts triggers my Spidey sense. Because 1) there are massive profits and market valuations at stack here 2) these companies are indemnified from liability 3) the government and its fawning media are in full on fear porn mode 4) local and state governments are now mandating its citizens take a non-FDA approved treatment

    So please, if you are a scientist, conclusively lay to rest my concerns. State and demonstrate that spike proteins are not employed in this process, show how they knew conclusively before they rolled this vaccine out that they are not getting dislodged, share the results of how mRNA vaccines have eradicated communicative viruses like SARS.

    If you can do that, you will be doing better than CNBC, the NIH, the CDC and all the media combined.

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