DA Candidate Sajid Khan Clashes with Los Gatos Sexual Assault Survivors

Not all political opinions are as black-and-white as, say, taxation, housing and abortion.

Amid renewed discussions of reimagining the criminal justice system, how should district attorneys—who have the unique power to file charges—balance punishing convicted rapists, honoring survivors’ trauma and avoiding perpetuation of violence through incarceration?

DA candidate Sajid Khan abruptly ran head-first into that question—and charges of virtue signaling—after attending an Aug. 10 rally hosted by From Survivors For Survivors in Los Gatos.

Khan, who works for the county as a public defender, briefly exchanged pleasantries and took a photo with 18-year-old Sasha Ryu, an event organizer and FSFS president. In a Twitter thread about the event the next day, Khan shared the photo with Ryu and explained that he was there to listen and learn, standing in solidarity with survivors to achieve accountability and services to heal.

However, Khan failed to disclose to Ryu that he previously defended Stanford student Brock Turner’s “lenient” sentence in June 2016, arguing the 20-year-old student athlete's otherwise clean criminal history should have qualified for probation (and empathy) over prison. Khan says he continues to push against the idea that justice is defined through jail time, which systematically and disproportionately harms and exploits people of color.

Yet, Ryu says she feels used by Khan—a political prop. She told Fly reading his out-of-touch post felt like "a complete slap in the face,” adding that Khan's attempt to explain what survivors “want” runs counter to Chanel Miller’s personal feelings on Turner’s sentencing, which are laid out in her 12-page victim impact statement.

The original tweet and photo has since been deleted, but the full dialogue remains public on social media for readers to read and chime in. This debate won’t be going away any time soon.

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  1. Mr. Kahn is an uber progressive lunatic. His idea of justice is no jails at all. Having him as DA would be a complete disaster. He has consistently placed the “rights” of criminals over the rights of victims.

    Why is anyone shocked? His positions are well-known. He is not shy about spewing his pro-criminal, anti-civilization positions. Women should be particularly concerned. He seems to support a pro-rape, anti-victim culture. Would he be in favor of probation for a murderer because the murderer was young and it was his first offense?

  2. Kahn is a prime example of one in the “progressive prosecutor” movement, which is to extend the infection and political corruption of leftist politics into the office of District Attorney, other prosecutors, ultimately state Attorney General positions (compromised already by Democrats in farther-left states) and the U.S. Attorney General position (worse than we have seen before with Dems).

    The two best-known state examples are Chesa Boudin and in Los Angeles, George Gascón, who recently made the news by using personnel on the public defender payroll as prosecutors. They’re not the only ones who are changing the nature of “prosecution” for far-left goals, nor the only ones who would. Kahn obviously proclaims he would. This is what liberalism today, notably “progressive” politics, is bringing us and the nation.

  3. Will Voters Learn from their Mistakes?? DO NOT Vote for another Anti – U.S. / Anti – Law & Order DA.
    Too many Voters believed rhetoric and false promises and are now praying for a REDO..
    A REDO on Biden – Worst domestic crisis (Open Borders & Crime) / Worst International Stain on USA to coincide with 9/11 remembrances (Saigon & Dunkirk rolled into one big Lack of Leadership).
    A RECALL on Gavin New(TAX)som – elitist polices destroying CA Economy & Environment (Fires & Drought).
    And specifically 2 “Progressive” Anti-Law & Order DA’s under RECALL.
    1. SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin. A progressive prosecutor, child of Weather Underground Domestic Terrorists,
    Boudin faces criticism for policies (like $0 Bail) driving San Francisco into lawlessness.
    – Burglaries and car thefts Dramatically Increased under Boudin, a trend continued into 2021.
    – SF’s burglary surge FAR Outpaces other cities. ..crime statistics across several American cities shows that SF saw a larger increase in burglaries in 2020 than other major cities in the country.
    2. LA DA George Gascón, facing a recall campaign over progressive policies.
    Los Angeles Just Elected a Liberal D.A. He’s Already Facing a Recall Effort.
    George Gascón is facing an intense backlash for enacting radical policies like the “DEFUND Police” and “Pro-Criminal” sentencing.
    – A review of some 20,000 prison sentences, many for Violent Crimes like murder, for Early Release.
    “We have multiple incidences of convicted murderers who are very aware of Gascón’s directives and are trying to take advantage,”

  4. how about this, prosecution should be at the discretion of the victim

    if you really think, due to so called systemic racism, the perp shouldnt serve time then fine

    because for all intents and purposes, blacks rob from blacks, latinos rob from latinos, and whites rob from whites

    if you dont want the perp who killed your son or cleaned out your house to be punished and kept away from law abiding citizens, fine, but just know the next victim with mostly likely share the color of your skin

    as far as Im concerned these ideas hurt people of color the most and to continue to spew the narrative that the po-lice are out to randomly destroy black and brown bodies is not only a lie but its dangerous to the audience

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