San Jose’s 2nd Gang War has Begun

Enrique Flores is the founder of Eastside Heroes, a mentoring non-profit, director of the Corozon Project in East San Jose, and a policy aide for Supervisor Dave Cortese.—Editor

In just 10 days this August, seven of our San Jose residents were killed, and five more are recovering from gun shot wounds. Some call this a “spike” in violence, I call it “The Start of the Second War.”


City Accepts Aid to Combat Gangs

District Attorney Jeff Rosen says he has had conversations with the police chief and mayor about implementing injunctions similar to Oakland’s to combat gang violence in San Jose.

The number of homicides in San Jose over the last six months has already surpassed the total for all of 2010, which is why the police department is accepting federal assistance to combat gang violence. Two federal immigration officers, who specialize in the removal of violent gang members that are in this country illegally, will be joining the police department.


Homicides Already Surpass 2010 Total

A 51-year-old San Jose man died from his stab wound injuries late Thursday night, bringing the total of homicide victims in San Jose this year to 21. That total is one more homicide than San Jose had in all of 2010.