Woman and Boy Stabbed to Death in San Jose Apartment

A double homicide investigation is underway in San Jose after police discovered the bodies of a boy and a woman during a welfare check at an apartment in the Buena Vista neighborhood, said authorities on Monday.

Officers from the San Jose Police Department first conducted a welfare check in the 1600 block of Parkmoor Avenue at 10am on Friday.

Police said they found two bodies in the residence, each with at least one stab wound. The boy and the woman were pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers said the motive and circumstances around the stabbings are under investigation.

The Santa Clara County Coroner's Office will release the identity of the victims after confirmation and notifying next of kin.

Anyone with more information is urged to contact Detective Sergeant Vallejo and Detective Harrington via email at [email protected] and [email protected] or at 408-277-5283.



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  1. I ask that the SJ Insider take a deeper look at this story. Former Mayor Tom McEnery has the experience to see that justice is done for this 6-year-old boy and 71-year-old woman who cared for him. Mayor McEnery led San Jose at time when SJ Police felt a greater responsibility to communicate with the public. I’m not asking for vigilantism as in McEnery’s production of Swift Justice, but it is sensible for police to work in a way the keeps the community safe, where community and police operate in tandem to counteract growing problems, like illegal drugs and violence. I ask Major McEnery and the SJ Insider to dig deeper on this story of drugs, crime, young parenthood, transferred responsibilities, recognized dangers, and violent, bloody, senseless death. People in San Jose don’t need to live like this. The SJ Inside can share the truth of what happened here, and how to stop it from happening again.

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