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The Perfect Elements for a Crime

The home of Ray McDonald, seen here from a recent booking photo, was broken into last weekend after it was reported that he would be out of town to play in a game for the San Francisco 49ers.

Did someone pull off the perfect crime last week in San Jose? Consider the elements: The house in question, including the address, was published in many news accounts. The occupant was publicly known to be traveling during the break-in. Police in San Jose, due to a lack of officers, do not respond to crimes in progress unless bodily harm is imminent. Oh yeah. And they don’t investigate burglaries after the fact.


Internal Emails Show Mike Honda Staff, Campaign Broke Laws

Staffers for Congressman Mike Honda (D-San Jose) closely coordinated efforts with his re-election campaign early in the race.

As one of this year’s fiercest congressional races approaches the finish line, internal emails indicate that staffers for seven-term incumbent Mike Honda (D-San Jose) violated House rules prohibiting mixing campaign activity with official business. They also suggest a pay-to-play ethic—conferring benefits to contributors and prospective donors—has taken hold in the office of a congressman who has cast himself as a leading champion of the poor.