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Nora Campos’ Ex-Spokesman Tells All after Firing

Assemblymember Nora Campos (D-San Jose) and her chief of staff have fostered a "hostile" work environment, according to another former employee. (Photo via Facebook)

The seams of Nora Campos’ carefully curated public image are unraveling at a garish pace. A year after San Jose Inside first reported that the San Jose assemblywoman had lost control of her office—firing employees at an unprecedented clip, wasting a half-million dollars for constituent services—a new source has come forward with details about the embarrassing state of affairs.


The Worst Way to Spend Taxpayer Money

Taxpayers hate nothing more than seeing their money wasted.

The anger expressed by San Jose Inside commenters regarding payouts to former city executives is representative of the public at large. A substantial segment of the population doesn’t believe taxpayer money is being used effectively; excessive payouts simply reinforce that idea.


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