South Bay Labor IE Blows Past Campaign Filing Deadline

Missing a campaign filing deadline is no small offense.

Especially this close to the Nov. 3 election, when late financial disclosures rob voters of a legally mandated level of transparency. And especially given the high stakes of San Jose’s D6 race, which could shift the balance of power on the council from a moderate-conservative majority to a more progressive bent.

Last week, the South Bay Labor Council’s (SBLC) Committee on Public Education sent out an attack ad against D6 Councilwoman Dev Davis. The mailer depicts Davis inside a crystal ball with dollar signs and question marks dancing around her head.

“You don’t need a crystal ball to know if Dev Davis will give your money to big developers,” the ad states, referring to the councilwoman’s votes to reduce fees for builders to spur housing production.

But filing a state-mandated independent expenditure form for the mailer seemed to have slipped South Bay Labor’s mind.

According to California law, independent expenditure committees are required to file what’s called a Form 496 within 24 hours when they spend more than $1,000 to support or oppose a candidate in the 90 days leading up to an election.

The anti-Davis ad, which was sent out Oct. 6, cost a whopping $15,946.43. But it took South Bay Labor three days to file the form with the city of San Jose.

Davis told Fly that while she hasn’t personally looked into the filing, the “carelessness” doesn’t surprise her, since SBLC was “just as careless with their facts.”

“I have consistently voted to spur the development of housing—including affordable housing—where it makes sense, such as along our transit corridors and I’m deeply proud of my record working to build an affordable city for our kids,” the councilwoman said.

Davis faces Green Party candidate Jake Tonkel for the District 6 seat on Nov. 3.

South Bay Labor could not be reached for comment by press time.

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  1. You won’t see this reporting on SpotBlight! Ramona and Josh bow down to Labor and Labors hands can be seen in both of their mouths when opened. It’s SAD, Ramona focuses so much on personal vendetta then reporting important facts on both sides of the aisle. Notice that Ramona has this thing for men in power? First it was Sam Liccardo and now this unquenchable thirst to attack Lan Diep. I have no dog in the D6 race. My hope is that the two candidates can rise above the immature foder we’ve seen lately.

    Good luck to you both!

  2. > South Bay Labor IE Blows Past Campaign Filing Deadline

    I’m no fan of the South Bay Labor Council, but the political industry focused on micro-regulation of political communication just seems ridiculous, stupid, and “anti-democratic”.

    At the end of the day, voters are deluged with messages, many of them dishonest, misleading, ignorant, or stupid. Having some government bureaucracy figure out which messages are in compliance with the micro-rules and which aren’t is a hopeless, worthless waste of time.

    Whether or not the SBLC or anyone else made or missed the “Campaign Filing Deadline” isn’t going to change my vote.

    If anyone wants to admit that this is going to change THEIR vote, stand up and testify!

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