Democrats in Santa Clara County Wrestle with Harassment Claims

State-level Democrats are grappling with how to address domestic violence allegations against one of their own—Assemblyman Roger Hernandez. In Santa Clara County, a similar conversation is taking place in the county Democratic Central Committee (DCC). Women say the party has taken a passive approach with Chris Stampolis, a Santa Clara Unified trustee with a history of aggressive behavior toward women. But it seems Stampolis’ reputation came back to bite him last month when he lost a bid for a fourth term on the Democratic National Committee. Meanwhile, years-old harassment claims against another local party official resurfaced when a woman, who asked to withhold her identity, saw Shaian Mohammadi’s name on the June ballot as appointed DCC incumbent in the 28th Assembly District. She says Mohammadi, who handles social media for the California Young Democrats and also handled communications for the DCC, posted a topless photo of her on Twitter after their month-long fling fell apart in 2011. Mohammadi denies the charge—sort of. He says the revenge porn was an accident, even though emails (from the address he still uses) and Facebook chats (which don't include his name, the accuser says, because she blocked him) seem to suggest otherwise. Ann Grabowski, a policy analyst at San Jose City Hall, has also come forward to say that she experienced Mohammadi’s unwanted, obsessive attention in 2013 when she worked as an aide for Councilman Don Rocha. “I trust her wholeheartedly,” Rocha tells Fly. “If these accusations are true, there is a disturbing pattern of behavior directed towards women.” Mohammadi questions the motives, timing and veracity of the claims, pointing to his record of advocating for women and his position as a delegate for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Several women have come to his defense, but his alleged targets aren’t backing down. “These stories are not gossip,” Grabowski says. “They’re serious and real accounts of a man seeking elected leadership who does not respect boundaries or women.” It’s a touchy subject for local Democrats, who have tried to recruit more women to run for public office while lobbying for female-friendly legislation. To that end, Dems appointed county schools trustee Darcie Green—who reportedly dated Hernandez some years ago, when he was arrested for DUI—as its first-ever director of gender equity in 2014. Green abandoned the post earlier this year amid revelations that her new husband, Ricardo Monzon, is a convicted woman-batterer.

Below is a screenshot of threatening messages reportedly sent by Shaian Mohammadi:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.40.01 AM

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  1. Woman in America must come to accept the double standard set by the media over prominent Democrat men, who are immune to redicual or prosecution over minor sextual daliances like harassment, fondling and rape.

    See the life and times Bill and Hillary for references on how to get away with it !

    • Gosh you’re tone deaf. Can you go away? Harassment and the plagues of misogyny exist in all political entities… did ya not see the reports about Carlson in FN?

      Clowns like yourself are part of the problem. Many of us see you comments on here and their hateful and blatantly ignorant tone. Rather than try to pander to some false narrative to blame these women from getting involved with the Dem party – let’s look at the men that continue to engage in this behavior and we are not standing up to it and telling them to stop.

      This is not about what the ‘Woman in America must come to accept’ – it’s what the men of American needs to change.

      • SAL,

        One characteristic of your comments is your constant name-calling. When you label anyone you disagree with as a ‘clown’ and other insulting pejoratives, it is a reflection on you, not on them.

        Those other commenters are not “ignorant”, or “hateful”, or “part of the problem” as you wrote. They simply have a different point of view. Your self-righteous tone displays psychological projection: imputing your own faults onto others.

        You really need to take your own advice here. The Democrats are your people, no? So you should tell them how wrong they are. Because we already know. That kind of hypocrisy is endemic within the Democrat Party (and IANAR).

        When you say “let’s look at the men that continue to engage in this behavior and we are not standing up to it and telling them to stop,” that’s your job. They’re the folks on your side. They’ll listen to you a lot faster than they’ll listen to outsiders.

        Your associates are “the men that continue to engage in this behavior”.

        And you’re right when you say “we are not standing up to it and telling them to stop.”

        You’re telling everyone else to stop, when this article is specifically about the group you belong to. You can speak for them. But you aren’t the spokesman for all American men, and if you think “the men of American needs to change,” you can start with your own hypocritical pals.

        Your “us versus them” politics is poisoning debate. It blocks solutions. It’s always the Leftists; the so-called ‘progressives’ who draw those lines: men versus women, black versus white, rich versus poor, ‘undocumented’ versus citizens, and so on. Then you set yourself up as the self-appointed arbiter of which group is favored, and which one is demonized. And if anyone disagrees, they’re a “clown”.

        This is America. When we work together to solve a problem, it gets fixed. But the Left doesn’t want that; they want us at each others throats, so they can step in and pick up the pieces.

        It doesn’t take much intelligence to see that’s what’s been happening at an accelerating rate ever since the Berlin Wall came down. We are no longer united against a common threat. But that threat never went away.

        When the erstwhile Soviets realized they could never win a conventional war against the West, they shifted gears. They began to infiltrate and turn our institutions against our culture — and they’ve been damn successful.

        For just one example of many similar narratives: the completely bogus ‘climate change’ scare has been officially endorsed by more than a hundred professional organizations, such as the American Pediatric Society — as if they’re experts on global warming. And there are no exceptions! Every professional organization that has taken a position is in lock-step agreement: The ‘dangerous man-made global warming’ false alarm is parroted by all of them, no exceptions. Not one of them questions it.

        What are the odds of that? Do you believe that’s just a coincidence, that all of them agree?

        Fact: for most of the past twenty years there has been global cooling. And half the decades of the past century have shown global cooling. There is no correlation whatever between the rise in harmless, beneficial CO2 (“carbon”) and subsequent global warming. That entire narrative is based on pseudo-science. Real world observations flatly contradict the ‘global warming’ scare.

        Fact: CO2 is a minuscule trace gas. It has risen by only one part in 10,000, over the past century. Seasonal CO2 fluctuations are dozens of times greater than that. Furthermore, on all time scales, changes in CO2 always follow changes in temperature. It is an effect, not a cause of warming; as the oceans warm, they outgas CO2 the same way that a warming Coke emits bubbles of CO2.

        But every professional organization that has taken an official position says the exact opposite: that CO2 is the central cause of global warming. None of them disagree.

        Anyone who has the least understanding of human nature knows you couldn’t get 100% of Italians to agree that the Pope is Catholic. But contrary to all scientific evidence, 100.0% of a hundred-plus organizations agree that CO2 cause global warming. None disagree.

        Can you say P-A-Y-O-L-A? Those organizations are run typically by six member boards. All it takes is one activist to trade votes, and get a position statement adopted. There are many other ways to support that narrative, too. The problem arises when the public begins to head-nod along with the narrative, instead of doing a little investigating, and thinking for themselves.

        Demonizing “American men”, or “the rich”, or anyone opposing “the undocumented”, or one sex or race over another, is no different from those falsely demonizing “carbon”.

        CO2 (“carbon”) is as essential to life on earth as H2O (water). Men and women are essential to each other, and to the human race. “The rich” produce wealth, and jobs, and they pay the taxes that feed the homeless. None of them are the enemy. But when you play your tribal politics you make solutions impossible. You turn it into an “us versus them” war. Worst of all, you’re just being a stooge for the real enemies behind the scenes, who spin the narratives that you respond to. They play the public like string puppets.

        Think for yourself! Folks who have a different opinion are not your enemy. Yes, there are real enemies. But they hide behind the scenes, and manipulate you into your civil war attitude. They stoke your hatred, and fan the flames of your tribalism. They benefit, not us.

        Try to think beyond the mindless narrative being parroted by the six entities that control every TV network and national newspaper. Instead, ask yourself, cui bono? You will find it isn’t our country, or our culture.

        • Hahaha this is pretty hilarious. You’re SO close to reaching an intelligent conclusion. And then.. at the last moment.. you veer off course inexplicably.

          Let me help you. As you so perceptively conclude, no it is not a coincidence that scientists and professional organizations all agree on the reality of human-engendered climate change. You got that part right, congratulations! But then, tragically, you go on to attribute this agreement to some sort of… evil science conspiracy? Some sort of collusion between professional organizations and millions of people in order to [insert crazy conspiracy theory here, I’m sure you have some random idea about why this enormous conspiracy would need to occur].

          Ever heard the truism that the simplest explanation is the best? While not something to swear by 100%, it’s a good way to evaluate conclusions. In this case, 99% of scientists agree on the reality of global warming because… wait for it… they know it’s true! Reams and reams of evidence, piles of data, predictions rapidly coming true! This past decade is the warmest on record since record-keeping began!

          Meanwhile, here you are, with your head in the sand, trying to convince yourself of some sort of insane liberal conspiracy, trying to convince yourself that YOU are smarter than all of those scientists, smarter than all those professionals. YOU aren’t fooled are you? You’re too smart for that!

          LOL. Come on, man. Even the oil companies have realized that global warmin denial doesn’t play anymore. It’s not credible. And if you want people to take you seriously on other topics, it would be a good start to change that. Because, straight up, it makes you look like an idiot to say these things. I am telling you this to help you.

          Good luck.

          • PLAY (@_PLAY_),

            I see I’ve stepped on your toes by ridiculing the ‘carbon’ scare. Good. Because it is ridiculous.

            PLAY wrote:

            As you so perceptively conclude… scientists and professional organizations all agree on the reality of human-engendered climate change.

            Wrong. Better re-read what I wrote.


            Ever heard the truism that the simplest explanation is the best?

            Yes, it’s called Occam’s Razor, and Billy Ockham would tell you to leave extraneous variables like CO2 out of the explanation, because natural variability fully explains all current observations. So there is no need to add another extraneous, complicating factor, such as a minuscule change in a tiny trace gas (CO2) that is as essential to life on earth as H2O (water).

            Nothing is happening to global temperatures that has not happened before, repeatedly, and to a much greater degree. All current climate parameters have been exceeded in the past, when CO2 was much lower and unchanging. Since changes in CO2 have no observed effect on global temperatures, the climate Null Hypothesis remains unfalsified.

            Just prior to our current Holocene, global temperatures fluctuated by TENS of whole degrees, within only a decade or two. But now the eco-panic is over a tiny 0.7ºC wiggle in global temperatures!

            In fact, there is no century-long time frame in the entire geologic record when global tempertures have been as flat as they have been over the past century. Of all the wrong calls and failed predictions the enviro crowd could have made, “CO2 will cause dangerous man-made global warming” is certainly their biggest failure.

            That prediction could not have been more wrong. For most of the past twenty years, the planet’s temperature has been either flat or cooling, despite a steady rise in CO2. In fact, global warming stopped for most of the past 20 years.

            When a hypothesis like anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is contradicted so decisively by real world observations, the people who predicted runaway global warming (AGW) are supposed to admit they got it wrong, then go back and try to figure out why. Then they either reformulate their hypothesis and try again, or admit they were wrong about CO2 emissions being dangerous. That’s how the scientific method works.

            But the ‘carbon’ scare isn’t science, it’s politics. So the purveyors of that debunked belief got the World Propaganda Organ (AKA: the UN), and even the scientifically illiterate U.S. President to observe something that is natural, and make it into a ‘climate catastrophe’.

            And you know what happens after the public has been alarmed. The government tells us:

            “This is a ‘climate emergency’, and… We need your money!”

            The government’s preferred method of getting that taxpayer loot is a “carbon” tax (by which they mean a tax on carbon dioxide; CO2).

            Since every industrial process, and every human and beast emits CO2, a carbon tax would be a tax on everything. Therefore, the cost of everything would rise with a carbon tax, and by quite a lot. But incomes will remain stagnant. The difference between flat incomes and the higher cost of all goods and services is the carbon tax, which will flow into the government, making it even bigger — and for a totally bogus reason.

            Government bureaucracies like the EPA will balloon in size. That’s the whole point of a carbon tax. A bigger government is a more powerful government (but not necessarily to other big governments; it will just be bigger and more powerful to the citizens it rules).

            A carbon tax has been every government’s wet dream from the dawn of history: the ability to tax the air we breathe! But the problem is that CO2 doesn’t cause any measurable global warming.

            In fact, all available evidence shows that changes in CO2 follow changes in temperature. Since effect cannot precede cause, CO2 cannot be the primary cause of global temperatures. Changes in CO2 always follow changes in temperature (evidence posted on request).

            So the entire rationale for a carbon tax is disproven. It was always a stretch of the imagination to believe that the minuscule rise in CO2 (by only one part in 10,000, over the past century) could cause a climate catastrophe. Seasonal fluctuations in CO2 are many times more than that, and CO2 has been more than fifteen times higher in the past. But rising CO2 never caused runaway global warming, or any global warming for that matter. Furthermore, the CO2 produced by human activity is only about 3% of the total.

            The only conspiracy being perpetrated is by governments; both ours and the UN. Governments demand a carbon tax to “mitigate” a complete non-problem. As usual, our taxes will flow into the UN, which will take its cut, and use whatever is left over to bribe countries that are happy to sell their vote for cash paid to their leaders — who will also take their usual hefty cut of the action, leaving just about nothing for their citizens.

            The ‘climate change’ scare is nothing more than a hoax, intended to alarm the public in order to give governments more money and control. And a carbon tax would not change global temperatures by 0.000001ºC. It’s just a scam.

            I can produce verifiable evidence to support every fact I’ve posted here. Since I have the evidence to corroborate the facts posted, I have no need to use the kind of name-calling the alarmist crowd uses constantly (“deniers”, “denial”, and “denialist” being the most ridiculous).

            What, exactly, are scientists ‘denying’? That temperatures change over time? Everyone knows that. Mindless pejoratives like “denialists” just take the place of thinking. It’s no wonder the alarmist crowd falls back on name-calling. They have no facts that withstand even mild scrutiny.

    • The Evan Low campaign should thank their lucky stars they weren’t mentioned in this article because they had knowledge of Mohammadi’s actions prior to endorsing him. Oops…
      Honest Democratic elected officials and leaders all say “yeah, I’d heard stories…” as soon as Mohammadi’s name comes up. The incidents in this article are far from isolated.

      • funny how none of them have spoken out against Mohammadi. it’s probably because they realize this is a gossip magazine.

        • Disappointed in Evan as well as his sidekick Pat Ahearn – just because they are both members of the LGBT community does not give them a free pass with respect to condoning MIhammadi treatment toward women -they should remove him from party and as a deligate

  2. > Mohammadi questions the motives, timing and veracity of the claims, pointing to his record of advocating for women and his position as a delegate for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    Haven’t Democrats figured out yet that horndogs join Democrat campaigns to meet “liberated” (wink, wink) women.

  3. Mike Honda, too, had knowledge of Shaian’s history of violence and harassment, and he hired him to work on his campaign.

    Steve Preminger, the Chair of the Santa Clara County Democrats, was also told about this years ago as well. He did nothing.

    We need change.

  4. I just question the timing of this complaint. He’s running for central committee, not senator. Things and people change in a couple of years. I have seen him take on more responsibility. I don’t condone blatant attacks on women, I myself having been abused for years. But I have seen people grow up and change. In the time that the incidents occurred and now , there has been change. I again feel the timing is suspicious

    • Jill, you, like many of us, were drawn to Shaian because of his progressive politics. I get it because I was one of those people that enjoyed interacting with him at first.

      But unfortunately, Shaian took advantage of the safe spaces that the Party provided, and he preyed on women. This is not a one time occurrence. Please open your eyes. Do you think Ann would lie about something like this?

      It is really jarring to hear you say that you question the timing or argue that people change. If you have never been a recipient of his abuse, you would have no way of knowing. So please trust the voices that are telling you that Shaian is not a changed man. Many of us do not go to the spaces we know he will be because we want to avoid interacting with him. Please stand up for US and not for this low life.

        • Yes, “Eddie,” some of us would prefer not to receive threatening missives from your friend on social media. Glad to see you caring so much about the plight of women who come forward!

      • So manyy lies about Shaian Mohammadi, he is a good guy. “Preyed on women”?? You’re posting this anonymously because you know it is a lie and dont want to be accountable for your lies. I seem to remember Mohammadi getting appointed to the local dem central committee in fall 2013, several months if not several years after all of this allegedly happened. So to say Mohammadi used the safe spaces in the party to do this is a LIE. I have only seen Mohammadi respect and empower women during his time local dem politix. This is a tabloid blog.

        • Yes, let’s attack someone FOR posting anonymously WHILE posting anonymously.

          As I said, I am not in a place where I would feel comfortable receiving threatening messages from Shaian, and that is my prerogative as someone whom he has personally terrorized in the past.

          If you feel safe with him, kudos to you. I’m actually glad for you.

          • Terrorized?? Wow. Talk about a racist and xenophobic comment much? You specifically chose that word. All day I have seen Mohammadi’s name destroyed by you on here anonymously on an anonymous blog, you claim to care about minority groups and equality? What are your motives here? Cut your subconscious racist crap out and move along. Shame on this blog for not fighting against this crap.

          • I’m sorry that you fail to understand my decision to prioritize my personal safety over your curiosity.

            I’m speaking out because I don’t want more people to go through what I did because of him. I’m also tired of people I respect turning a blind eye to his conduct and pretending it’s not a problem. That he says all the right things and supports all the right people does not make his conduct defensible. His position as a Hillary delegate does not render him incapable of being abusive towards women in private. Sorry.

            Also, nice deflection. He can keep pretending like these allegations are political and now racial attacks, or he can own up to his bad deeds and apologize to the people he’s wronged with his outrageous conduct. His choice.

        • Hey Mohanmadi, how’s it going man?? Nice try “DEMGRRL27”. Least convincing fake account I’ve seen for some time. Those facebook messages are pretty low, my friend. Obviously you need to work on yourself and how you respond to rejection. I recommend therapy, and I don’t say that to be insulting or glib. It’s not healthy to respond that way. If you treat yourself and others with respect you will know when two people need to amicably go their own way. There is NEVER any call for sending messages like that. Have some self-respect, it makes you look like a fool. Just calmly accept that it’s over, it wasn’t a good fit, and move on. This attitude will yield serious dividends, I promise you. Nothing is worth getting that upset and vindictive over.

    • Change Jill is what Darcie’s girl beating husband or Mohammadi never do – need to treat Wimen bad.

    • There are apparently two Jill’s out there. (I’m the one that advocates for displacement measures and homeless prevention…for the record here)

      I don’t know anything at all about this political situation but I wanted to chime in on this: The one thing I can say is that I do know Ann and I trust her completely as well. She has a heart of gold as far as I’m concerned and I am standing up for her. She is brave to speak out and I am grateful to her and for all those that have the courage to do so.

  5. Ann Grabowski is totally authentic / why is it hard for men and even some of my sisters to understand harassment is active even within democrats/ not just pig republicans. Mohammadi has always creeped me out in PYD meetings with him staring at my breasts and other regions

    The Secretary and Congressman Honda should not associate with him

      • Ha. Whatever. He’s associated with them on FB and all over the internet. Do your homework “Eddie”.

        • I just submitted a comment regarding this, which I ask you to take note of. Shaian has not attended our meetings and is not a member of our club. He is very active on Facebook in general, which is the only connection he has to PYD.

          I am unsure what has caused this confusion, but in the real world, Shaian is not associated with our club in any way at all.

        • Haha wow you seem to know a lot about Mohanmadi. It’s almost like… you’ve been there right next to him his entire life. But HOW is that possible?? Weird, right?

    • I am the President of the Peninsula Young Democrats. I have served as President for almost two years and was an active member before that. I have never missed a meeting in over two years. During this period of time, Shaian has never attended any of our meetings or events, and we have no record of him attending any meetings ever. He also is not a member of our club. Although he is someone I and other PYD members met and interacted with throughout Congressman Mike Honda’s 2014 reelection campaign, and although he has responded to a few of our Facebook event invites, he has never actually shown up at any of our meetings. Therefore, this particular comment about Shaian is simply not true.

      Someone alerted me to this comment discussing the nature of our club meetings, which is the only reason I am responding. I cannot speak to any of the concerns raised about Shaian in this article, as this is my first time hearing about any of it. However, I will say this: I do believe that, in general, there is a problem in Silicon Valley regarding how women are viewed and treated, and that many of these same problems occur within our local politics as well. We should take issues of sexual harassment seriously and not write off any concerns, including concerns raised about people we happen to personally like.

      I encourage anyone who has concerns about our club to please reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Both me and my fellow club officers take these kinds of issues seriously. It is very important to us that our club remains a safe space to socialize and talk politics with other local political activists. We work very hard to create a welcoming space, and I have no tolerance for behavior that puts that environment in jeopardy.

      • This guy is a joke. Shain the bully is a buddy of Ahmad Rafah, Santa Clara City Council candidate who is organizing campaigns against women incumbents. Now we know why

  6. Of course the entire Democratic Partay Crew of Silicon Valley (including Anna Eshoo, & Zoe Lofgren) was more than likely aware of the predatory behavior; just like the entire Republican (and Democratic Party) was likely totally aware of certain Republicans[!] – Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley, to name two – predilection for preying on young teenage, and younger, males; yet neither Partay ever did anything about it.

    Don’t vote for either predatory Partay, you’ll at least feel like you don’t desperately need a long hot bath after leaving the polls. Certainly don’t vote for Millionaires (behind every vast fortune is a crime). Your vote hasn’t appeared to count anyway if you believe in life over profit.

    A fricking lottery would be better for humanity.

  7. Also, I want to add that the bizarre inclusion of Darcie Green to this story diminishes the point being made. Darcie Green 100% stood with the women who encountered harassment within Democratic Party circles, no questions asked, and she deserves credit for walking the talk.

    • Howver Darcie is with a creep who has committed multiple offenses against women over an extended period of time and this is a repeated pattern of behavior from her. It undermines her message of advocating for women in abusive relationships. I hope her friends are able to help her out before its too late.

      I agree with you about Ann tho – I know of no finer public servant and it took real courage for her to come forward and I hope this scumbags like these are off ballots and in jail cells

      • What if I told you… that if you block someone on Facebook, it does not make their name disappear, and does not look like “Facebook User”. I smell something fishy…………………. -Morpheus

  8. Hillary does not need this kind of bad press. Imagine if Trump correctly indicated that one of Hillary’s delegates was a revenge porno guy, who called women “**cking **bitches” and posted nudie photos, it could be a disaster.

    Please post to Facebook in local democratic for him to resign now as well as call the public defenders office to suspend him in cases involving women and girls

    • Democrats are the best what?
      You do know who Bill Clinton is and what he does , or were you born last weekend?

  9. Ann Grabowski is one of the finest public servants I have ever had the honor of knowing. Men like Mohammadi who treat women like this are the scum of the earth and deserve to be behind bars rather than in elected office. All political parties should be allowed to scrutinize the list of candidates in some way. Hopefully DAWN and other worthy organizations find a way to enhance the vetting requirements of public servants and elected officials to make sure this persons inclusion on a ballot never happens again.

    Darcie Green’s very questionable choice in men is a relatable topic because it perpetuates this idea of female public servants putting up with men who treat women as objects. She is a role model to so many women that it defies logic she is with a man who put multiple women through a horrific situation – and I truly hope her friends look out for her no matter how hard Mr. Monzon tries to restrict access, because Ms. Green does seem like an impressive person who fell under the influence of someone who committed multiple crimes against women.

    • Total common sense SJC – Ann resigned from DAWN because she supported women truly – Shanin need to resign from being a deligate for this revenge Porn against strong women. any comments Green apologists?

  10. In case my post above doesn’t connect under the appropriate reply:

    I know Ann and she is an amazing person. I know she does not lie and is a trustworthy person. I want to reiterate that I AM standing up for her and am grateful to her for speaking out. There are two Jill’s on this site and I want her to know that I am the Jill she knows (from housing issues) and totally support her.

  11. It’s unfair of Ann G. to say Mr Mohemmedi forced unwanted advances and other aggressive behavior because plenty of people literally saw them kiss and be flirtatious as they party hopped and finally jetted somewhere all by themselves at the Democratic Party convention in 2013 and I remember when they were flirting for the world to see on Facebook that year. Wait you won’t be to see that as Ann G deleted her FB account immediately right after. This story is about two former lovers who fell out of love. Plain and simple. Moving on.  

    • I see, so according to you, once she entered into a consensual relationship with him, she lost her ability to say no, and deserved to be stalked, harassed, and verbally abused for her choice?

      No. No woman deserves this. Shame on you.

      All of Shaian’s friends who are coming here to impugn Ann’s character anyone else who dare speak against him are all clearly condoning his pattern of violence against women.

      Amy Pearl, Elspeth Farmer, Adrienne Grey, and the other prominent women of the party: do you condone Shaian’s behavior? Are you okay with him not telling the truth about his past misdeeds and bringing his friends here to essentially say Ann deserved it? Can you really say he has changed when you neither knew of his violent behavior towards women before this?

      Evan Low, you are a proud proponent of legislation dealing with the Stanford rape case. Do you really stand with women or merely pretend to?

      Mike Honda, why did you allow Shaian to work for you when you were fully briefed about his violent tendencies?

        • What is Ahmad Rafah involvement with Shain? How is he involved? I don’t think Rafah is also a Hillary delegate?

          • Rafah is a candidate for Santa Clara, former boss of Mohammadi, known to be angry at the women on the city council, encouraged by, well let’s it rhymes with dork

      • “Deserve to be stalked, harassed, and verbally abused”. UMMM Where is the proof? Where is the pudding? I would love to see you put ur money where ur mouth is and give proof besides Ann G. and Shaian having a typical lover’s breakup, instead of getting Daddy Rocha to call in to vouch. Proof please.

        I do not appreciate that San Jose Inside censors their comments. Yesterday, someone in the scene tipped me to this comment and I just wanted to vouch for SVDemer. It is true that many different Young Dems witnessed Ann and Shaian date in 2013 and at convention time and flirt on social media. I slept in the same hotel room as Shaian and many other Young Dems during 2013, we all saw how infatuated Ann and Shaian were with each other. This is a stupid story and Ann couldn’t find anything else so she clung to the 2011 thing to hurt Shaian. I am obviously his friend, and I can say yea he did something really stupid in 2011, but people in their early 20″s do and they grow up

        There is more to this story than meets the eye, let’s watch Ann try to fundraise for her own city council campaign off of this. Perfect timing………..stay tuned………………….

        • You slept in the same hotel room with Mohammadi, eh Brian? Politics makes *such* strange bedfellows. Unless Brian S. is what Mohammadi calls his right hand.

  12. Shaian Mohammadi is one of the most honest, real, and progressive fighters for gender equity I have met in the passed few years. It’s not fair to judge him on this from years ago before he was doing anything I saw in politics. Lmao that serial CHEATER Don Rocha would be willing to comment about behavior on women, he must be preparing for his next camp.

  13. Troy, I am a Poodle dog and I do not live in the South Bay, at least I don’t think I do – Poodles are bad at reading maps. But even I know that your comment smells like Mitzi, the Dachshund next door.

    You say “not fair to judge him” for crap he pulled 5 years ago? Why, because he’s changed? If so, why wouldn’t he say “I pulled a bonehead, inapproriate stunt 5 years ago and I apologize to Ann as she did not deserve that. I am a different person now.”?

    Except he instead says “it was an accident” and questions timing and motive. He does not sound contrite or changed at all.

    “Shaian Mohammedi is one of the most honest….”…. seriously, are your sure your name is TROY and not TOY?

    You should be honest and say “yeah, I like Mohammedi but this crap he pulled was just plain wrong”. Then, you might get a treat!… just like Ole Mugsy does….

    Poodle Power

    • Poodle,
      Speaking from experience, Ann doesn’t accept apologies. She had a hissy fit over a comment I made here on SJI (Wasn’t about her, but she thought it was) and I basically told her to piss off.

      A few local Dem’s (and even DAWN members) said I should apologize, I tried, she said she didn’t want my apology. Very petty person.

      From talking to mutual friends though, it sounds like there’s a lot more going on here than what’s being reported. Even on the surface, this article is dodgy. The screenshots of facebook interactions don’t say they come from the guy in question, but rather “FACEBOOK USER” Sort of reminds me of the time SJI reported on Anthony Macias.

  14. This should not be in the “gossip” column, this is a legitimate issue that demands attention. Democrats should rescind their endorsement of Shaian Mohammadi immediately if they want any credibility among people who stand with survivors of abuse. Shame on them for not taking action to hold this creep accountable for what he has done to multiple women, including a dear friend of mine. He did this as an adult, and “growing up” to “take on more responsibility” just won’t cut it. Not now and not ever should this person be in a position of power.

    • This is totes gossip and tabloid JUNK. Endorsement of what? Shaian not running for anything. Goooooood ole fashion political attacks. But I bet you’re best friends forevs with Darcie green and her actual wife beating hubby. Double standard. Look at Shy’s record, not tabloid junk from years ago.

        • What is UR record, troll? I watched him and some of my other friends in #SJ ride busses and trains all night long multiple times in order to feed and clothe displaced/homeless folks, many of them being displaced women. I also seem to remember seeing Shaian volunteer for a few DAWN events. Looks like he also works with survivors of domestic violence as a part of his womens club at law-school, according to his FB photos. Good job on trying to shame a male who is trying to grow, help and advocate for women. But tha’ts none of my biz though!

          • This is the problem with a lot of local progressive activists in general. They think that their support for pro-women organizations like DAWN means they can be without fault in their own personal actions, so they stop being self-critical.

            But respect for women isn’t a box you can check off just by attending an event or identifying with a certain ideology. It’s something that you develop through your everyday interactions with actual people. Shaian has already admitted to writing those disgusting messages, and those messages could not have been written by someone who respects women.

            If someone made vulgar racist attacks against another person and then said “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend,” would you excuse their behavior?

          • Oh, so he’s a great male savior then? Advocating for those poor, poor women all over the community? Give me a break!

          • This dude is so obviously Mohammadi himself. Its so pathetic that he can’t speak under his real name and instead hides behind false identities.

  15. Julia,

    I have the same problem here with un-posted comments; despite: no cursing; no abundant html links, etcetera; … quite frequently (i still have such a comment in ‘spam[?????],’ regarding Mountain View Rent Control, for nearing 24 hours now).

    Quite contrary to sjoutsidethebubble‘s expected comment above – insinuating that people such as myself, who adhere to Humanity and Life, over utterly faux and rigged Free Market$[!] monetary profit, are not being censored, stalled and edited, 24/7.

    • Diane,

      Do you really believe that your comments haven’t been posted because SJI is ‘censoring’, or ‘stalling’, or ‘editing’ them? Why would they do that?

      As a moderator on a very well trafficked website (more than 1.8 million reader comments in only 8 years, and more than 260 million unique views), I have some understanding of the many reasons that comments might not get published immediately. But claiming your comments are unpublished “quite frequently”? I think that’s an exaggeration. But only you know.

      The site I moderate is heavily science-oriented; it’s not political news or commentary. And unlike SJI, it is hosted on a WordPress platform. But there are constant glitches occurring in any blog software. Commenters routinely blame us for the same things you’re complaining about. But all it should normally take is a follow-up comment, asking the SJI moderator to check on what happened to your comment. For example, ‘Julia’ asked why her comment wasn’t posted — and it promptly appeared.

      Sites like this want lots of comments. More eyeballs is more traffic, and there are many reasons why more traffic is desirable. Presuming ulterior motives makes no sense to me. SJI wants as many comments, clicks and eyeballs as possible.

      That doesn’t mean they will approve every comment. A site has to draw the line somewhere, or it will lose control; human nature includes people who like to push the envelope. But this site is pretty good — better than many much larger blogs, like Scientific American for instance, to name one example of a blog that doesn’t want its readers to see points of view that contradict the narrative they’re promoting. If you question SciAm’s “dangerous man-made global warming” climate alarmism with verifiable facts, your comment probably won’t see the light of day. Question it twice, and you’re likely to be permanently banned.

      So I really doubt that SJI is deliberately censoring your comments, or editing them without some sort of notice or explanation. To suggest that is happening here would require some sort of credible evidence — which I haven’t seen.

      Just ask the mod to find the comment you posted. That should be enough. No need for conspiracy theories. ☺

  16. Every once in awhile I see that a comment of mine fails to get posted… sometimes it happens on my second and even third attempts. I don’t know why it happens, could be a glitch or a prickly editor, whatever.

    I also don’t know why I don’t angrily protest it, invent imaginary conspiracies, or level accusations of favoritism. Hell, I can’t even get perturbed enough to strike back with a bold font. I wonder if I roll so easily with the punches because I suffer neither mental nor hormonal imbalance? Think I’ll workshop that question.

  17. > a woman filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump, alleging that he raped her in 1994, when she was 13 years old.

    An EASILY manufactured smear.

    Whatever happened to the bogus claim of sexual infidelity by leftist ambulance chaser Gloria Allred against black Republican Herman Cain?

    Cain withdrew his candidacy and Allred’s smear mysteriously evaporated.

    No facts, No debate. Mission accomplished..

    • … except that sealed settlements with non-disclosure agreements are commonplace, especially in suits alleging such types of embarrassing allegations. Just because the suit doesn’t proceed to court doesn’t mean that Trump or Cain didn’t open up their wallets and pay for their misdeeds. That they suits quietly went away doesn’t really mean anything definitive. Allred certainly doesn’t work for free, she loves money.

      Also, to clarify, “ambulance chaser” is a pejorative term for personal injury attorneys who chase ambulances in violation of solicitation rules of ethics, not sexual harassment attorneys.

      • > Also, to clarify, “ambulance chaser” is a pejorative term for personal injury attorneys who chase ambulances in violation of solicitation rules of ethics, not sexual harassment attorneys.

        I didn’t know this!

        I’ll keep this in mind when I next meet with my sexual harassment attorney.

        • yeah, the proper pejorative term for sexual harassment attorneys are “panda(s)” referring to the south park episode “Sexual Harassment Panda.”

        • Hmmmm … I’ll venture a guess that Demgrrl, Eddie and Troy are all the same person – Shaian himself. Nice try Shaian. A real man would answer directly on his own behalf. But you’re too much of a coward to do that, I guess – too busy protecting your precious google profile. Did you know that every post you make here is discoverable evidence at trial, and admissible under “party admissions” in both the CEC and FRE? If you were a half-decent law student, you’d know that. You see, you can pretend that there is anonymity here, but SJI will roll over and give up all the information they have upon subpoena.

          You’re so goddamn stupid, you don’t know when you’ve been checkmated. Nothing can help you now. You’re only making it worse for yourself. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but their momentum is inexorable. Did you *really* think you could commit so many wrongs over and over and over again without consequence? Silly rabbit.

          There is one way out – leave. Go far away, and never come back. Change your name, change your career, and while you’re at it, take a look in the mirror and change who you are as a person.

          • I guess since one person called another person retarded in some movie we can all start using the term as an insult again? I saw a movie where someone used “gay” as an insult, so I can say it, right? Sounds like the sort of logic someone defending this revenge-porn politico would employ.

            I’ve got to admit, I came to the exact same conclusion as Pen15ClubPresident, and your “retard” comment doesn’t sway me.

  18. I encouraged everyone I know to not vote for Shaian because I experienced him being dishonest and participating in character attacks during his association with Occupy San Jose. Interpersonal crap. Course we were all a bit crazy, or we wouldn’t have been Occupying ;) I wouldn’t trust him with the time of day, no, but I’m also skeptical of the allegations… just sayin.

      • Now on Merc’s blog, Ahmad Rafah and his supporters are attacking Don Rocha. So Mike Honda who seems to have issues with women in politics hires two guys, Mohammadi and Rafah who seem to have personal problems with women

  19. An anonymous blog, with anonymous commenters, and anonymous messages. Great job, San Jose Inside! Way to go on your “journalism”. I’d rather read the National Enquirer.

  20. It wasn’t just a one time revenge post. If you were around at the time, he showed the pictures to many folks. There are other victims who aren’t strong enough to come forward and the hateful blame the victim posts, particularly by Shaian’s pals, are the exact reason why. Way to prove your friend is pro-woman, attack victims on his behalf.

    Many are attempting to fluff this off by saying “it was way back in 2013” like it was decades ago. Three years. I’m including this article because things also began three ago, the targeting of a woman is similar, the “work ethic” is similar, the black sheep reference (last Mike Honda campaign) is similar, there’s essentially no punishment (still full benefits) and I’m sure people thought “that was a long time ago,” too. I’m NOT trying to imply Shaian will shoot people.

    There’s also no “well, it was a youthful indiscretion” or “I think he’s matured a lot” excuse that can be offered. Shaian posted revenge porn. He also showed it to many people. He has stalked women. Plural. He IS manipulative and will come at you behind the scenes if he feels you are threatening the persona he portrays. It IS wrong. Period. Wrong. If you can’t admit that without adding a phrase that disqualifies that, I wonder if three years from now if you can do the same about Brock Turner.

    • “He has stalked women. Plural. He IS manipulative and will come at you behind the scenes if he feels you are threatening the persona he portrays. It IS wrong. Period. ”

      I take it he is well positioned to be Darcie’s next relationship….sadly :(

    • Your not implying he will shoot people but you will post it anyway? UMM you have issues. DO you know you can be sued for lieing like this about someone? watch out

      When I was a senior at SJSU I covered OWS In San Jose from October-December, including having filmed this alleged victim’s brother for Occupy along with Shaian because they used to hang out, and I never saw him do what 69WordNerd is lieing about. Pathetic that they have to lie because you have nothin else on this poor guy. So put money where ur mouth is and proof that he “showed it to others” instead of getting anonymous trolls to discredit. Pathetic.

      what does it say that the brother of the 2011 exgf continued to hang out with him after there break up. There are PICS OF THEM HANGING. Where is UR proof that he showed this picture to others? Besides just trying to lie. Dirty Donald is in no place to comment about women. Grow up, moving along.

      • It isn’t really a big deal to out a commenter who is saying reasonable things that any objective person would agree with. I’ve never heard of Sean Green, but I just internet-stalked him and the first thing I found was some information about him recently setting up a memorial for a homeless woman who died downtown, and he sounds like a pretty awesome guy. The guy of guy who doesn’t need to set up a sock puppet account to receive a compliment.

        But will you give us your last name, “Brian”? You talk a lot in your comments about all of these activities you’ve been involved in that have just so conveniently put you in positions to witness Shaian demonstrating good character and having positive interactions with his alleged victims (and victims’ family members). I think anyone paying close attention to those comments will suspect that you are Shaian. If you truly believe in his character, why not defend him with your own name?

  21. Shaian Mohammadi and his friends sound like real winners here. Oof.

    Ladies, if you come across Shaian Mohammadi and his merry band of enablers at social events, you’d be well advised to steer clear. It appears, at the very least, that there is a clear pattern of romantic trysts that have ended badly (e.g., revenge porn and threatening messages for person 1; reported “boundary issues” for person 2/ Don Rocha’s aide). And these are just the people that have had the courage to come forward; it is common knowledge that victims of harassment are not given sufficient protection under the law and tend NOT to report because it often does not help.

    The people of the democratic party would be well advised to cease bestowing him with positions of responsibility. If he harms more people because of the legitimacy you have given him, could you live with yourself?

    • This guy sounds horrible. Revenue porn in 2016? Can we write the Hilary campaign to remove him as a deligate, the school to censor him and the democratic party for not expelling him?

  22. A hundred and seventy-five years ago, Charles MacKay published his deeply revealing book, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

    He hit many, many nails on the head.

    And people today are as deluded and mad as ever.

    Two mammoth delusions popular today are:

    1. Peak OIl
    2. Man caused global warming.

    One says we’re running out of hydrocarbons. The other says we have too much carbon dioxide and need to do something to get rid of the excess.

    Bunk. And double bunk.

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the galaxy. Carbon is the fourth most abundant.

    We’re not going to run out of hydrocarbons.

    Oxygen is the third most abundant element.

    Like it or not, carbon dioxide is here to stay. We can’t do anything about it.

    Stop the fear!

  23. Stop it. What you’re doing is awful.

    It’s awful to share the transcripts of private and personal conversations, especially with someone you were romantically involved with. If the intimacy of these moments is not sacred, what is?

    It’s even more awful to try to shame a woman for being “flirty” in the context of a conversation with someone she was romantically involved with, and that shouldn’t require explanation.

    I don’t know you or Ann. I met her once, but we only exchanged a couple of sentences. I have no reason to be biased, I have no skin in this fight. I am disgusted by what I have seen, and I am sorry that Ann has had to endure this degree of vicious personal attack.

    If you want to call out someone, “Brian”, how about you use your real and full name?

    • It looks like the January 4 comment from Brian I was replying to has been removed. I assume this was an editorial decision from SJI and unrelated to any remorse from the poster.

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