Spouse of South Bay Schools Trustee Darcie Green Tells Cops She Tried to Run Him Over

Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee Darcie Green made her romance with Rick Green a public spectacle. From the onstage proposal at the San Jose Jazz Festival to the story they shopped about him taking her surname—because feminism!—to the incessant social media updates professing their undying devotion, the two courted an audience for their infatuation. They even branded it, tagging selfies and smitten soliloquies under variations of the hashtag #EastSideStory.

That made it more than a little awkward when in the first week of 2016 San Jose Inside/Metro discovered a more practical reason for Mr. Green to take his wife’s name.

The one his parents gave him, Ricardo Alejandro Monzon, came with a paper trail documenting his near-two-decade history of battering women. We questioned the optics, not to mention the judgment, of a locally prominent feminist and then-state Assembly candidate overlooking that past. Mrs. Green, a past president of Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN), responded by lashing out at the messenger and tweaking her husband’s half of the overwrought East Side Love Story into a tale of redemption.

Fast-forward to the present, and the anticipated train wreck. In early September, the once-rising star in Silicon Valley Democratic politics reportedly wound up in the clink for a night after being accused of running over her husband. In her hubby’s telling, she tried to ram him with her car for reasons he declines to divulge. He says he called police, filed a stay-away order and worked out a joint custody arrangement for their 2-year-old son. The Santa Clara County District Attorney declined to file charges.

Because Mr. Green, 38, took the first legal action and has been pretty vocal about the incident—posting photos of his injuries on social media along with uplifting quotes about #DadLife and never giving up—his version of events has become the public record.

Rick Green shared photos of his injuries online.

Mr. Green even spoke at length with Fly about his newfound calling teaching kids at local charter schools about the dangers of intergenerational violence, and his evolution from being a victim of abuse a child to a perpetrator as an adult and now, “full circle back to victim again.” He adds: “I prefer to call myself a survivor.”

When he’s not busy running a personal training business called Force Fitness, Mr. Green says he leads workshops on how to break cycles of domestic violence as part of a fellowship through the Blue Shield Foundation of California. He credits San Jose Inside/Metro’s exposé of his past for giving him no choice but to be transparent about it, something he’s learned to leverage to market an inspirational personal brand.

“I’ve made poor choices and want to dedicate myself to be the change for my family and the community I now serve,” he says. “And you know, I might not have the opportunity to be a voice if it weren’t for my partner, who championed that for me publicly very much.”

A number of Darcie Green’s erstwhile political allies tell Fly they aren’t sold on her husband’s claim to victimhood. “He’s a master manipulator,” a source says.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Green elevates his profile, Mrs. Green—who works as CEO of the nonprofit Latinas Contra Cancer—has mostly kept to herself. The 36-year-old newly single mom decided against running for re-election, which means she steps down from the county school board at the end of the month. She didn’t return Fly’s call for comment, has yet to file a response in court and hasn’t disclosed much on social media except for an initial Facebook post after the car collision.

“Thank you for all of the support for everyone who has not handed down the big ole ‘I told you so,’” she wrote in a moment of self-awareness that concluded with a note of defiant optimism. “I love believing in people and always will. It’s what makes me, me. I still believe most people can be better than their worst moments. … This is another opportunity for me to grow and learn.”

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  1. Wound up in the clink — for the night or to serve a sentence? What was the charge? Misdemeanor or felony? Is the case still pending? Was she convicted?

  2. So did she go to jail? That’s assault with a deadly weapon. Why are you guys down playing the fact that she ran a dude over with her god dam car. Did she get time in jail? Lol When does she go to court? Who bailed her out? You guys left out all the good parts. Thumbs down for this article. I need to know the details. Haha

  3. So I did some reading and little investigation. And put two and two together. So the other articles written about the Green’s were all written by Jennifer Wadsworth. So I’m gusssing this one was as well?. After googling her name. I found photos of her at women’s rallies. And she is a big feminist. Which totally makes sence on why she down played Mrs. Green trying to kill her husband by running them over with her car. And points fingers at the male saying he pretty much deserved what happened to him because of his past. Horrible. Shame on you Jennifer Wadsworth if you are indeed the writer of this article.

  4. Great victim shaming. Amazing this still happens in 2018. And we wonder why IPV is still such a problem? Women are statistically almost as likely to be harm doers as men, and men HUGELY under report (so it’s probably tipped the other direction). Men likely dont report because they are faced with trash like this. What a disservice to society you’ve provided. I hope your readers are clear on your agenda. Truly despicable.

  5. Nice victim shaming. This is why victims don’t come forward.

    So a person who commits a crime can no longer be the victim of a crime? And If they are, they deserve the victimization? That’s like saying someone who’s been to prison can’t be the victim of police brutality, and if they are, they deserve it. Does the SJI stand by that?

    This is probably why the the author isnt listed…

    I hope the author and/or an SJI representive addresses this dispicable piece of reporting.

  6. This man is going to charter schools to talk about abuse! No school should allow him near children because he seems to have mental issues and he also seems to be able to charm people. Please advise what schools are having him speak and please warn them of his past. School children don’t need to hear what he has to say and should instead focus on learning and being taught good behavior.

  7. He actually never tried to hide his last name people that are saying that are stupid when he had his last name on Facebook the only reason why he changed his last name to green was for his son his father in law never had a son to carry on with his last name so Alex decided to name his son after his father in law and even put green instead of Monzon that why Alex decided to go by green too it was all for his kid but he was never trying to hide Monzon when he still had it on Facebook

    • I take it your are one if his clueless followers that actually believes he is a victim..He absolutely changed his last name to hide his past.. the man has 5 other children from 3 different women all of his 5 other children have the same last name..yet one child doesn’t? He even says it in on his social media account that he took his then wife’s last name to complete his personal transformation in a bio for blue shield.So he might have said, and got many people to believe it was for his father in law but that was one of the many many lies that has come out of this crazy and manipulative psychopaths mouth. Also he only recent put Monzon back.He legally changed Monzon to Green so not his last name anymore . And when I say recent, I mean like with in the last month and before that his user name on social media was Rick Alexander and still is .( again also not his birth name , do you see a pattern yet?).. He absolutely tries to hide his past.So before you even try to defend this total dbag again…just stop and make better choices in life..

  8. Was it really a car that gave him those injuries or a person? ? ? and no information on Mrs. Greens arrest or time served? if it was anyone else we’d be looking at criminal charges, an automobile is a weapon. I read the district attorney chose NOT to file charges against her??? hmmmm well this abuser of women was just abused by a woman how ironic… he’s smart he knew he had to call and file a complaint first because of his record. I believe he’s on probation right??? Wonder what really happened for their fight , did she really try to run him down with her car or was she was trying to escape him and he held on to the car! We will never know….

    • You sound like you know a lot of this situation detail by detail. You are probably her family or some thing. Trying to defend her. Bottom line. She hit a dude with her car. How does she even still have her job? Let alone being in charge of children’s education. She’s a joke.

      • not a family member. Did you read my reply? I said ” if it was anyone else we’d be facing criminal charges” meaning why isn’t Mrs. Green, It must be because she didn’t?? I don’t know I just read the articles and read “between the lines”. The fact is there is no proof she tried to run him down with a car just his word which means shxx. Just saying….

      • Rad the paragraph that begins with “Fast forward to the present” it’s the last line…..
        It reads “The Santa Clara County District Attorney declined to file charges”.

  9. This article and the person who wrote are so clearly trash. I also have some choice words for a few people with these weird ass comments also. But to the real point… This article, and all the other articles linked in it, are superficial, uninformed and full of inaccurate information . How can this woman, Jan Wadworth, get away with printing this garbage? Shouldn’t anything printed be fact checked first? That’s what real journalists do…right? Although she may not be a real journalist, this article reads as such. It appears she did not speak to Darcie at all about any of this so how is it she can so confidently troll through Darcie’s facebook and interpret something Darcie wrote there? Thought – if DA decided not to press charges there’s more to the story. Where is that information? This blog is totally absurd. I believe it’s disgusting for Jen and The Metro to shame and mock women harmed by incarceration. There are many of us women (people in general) who don’t and are working to fight against inflicting additional harm to women by bloggers and papers such as Jen Wadsworth and The Metro. Darcie must be doing something right to deserve this type of internet trolling. All i can say is, ” Darcie keep doing what you are doing!” We got your back!!!!
    P.S I’m sure the people with the messed up comments would not like their lives scrutinized and falsified either…. just something to think about

    • Amen Mrs J! I wonder if Jan Wadsworth believes in spell-check, grammar check, or proofreading. Her article clearly had none which is a shame. Even amateur journalists should take pride in their work, report facts ethically, edit and do things like thoroughly investigate their stories. It appears she didn’t do any of that before writing this article – which makes me wonder what Jan’s true agenda was in writing this article. Its sad and unfortunate that amateur journalists at The Fly thinks its a good idea to attack women and families of color with cheap shots about the traumatic experiences they’ve been through. Jan Wadsworth and The Fly should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this low quality mess.

  10. There are organizations and women organizing as we speak to put an end to the harm caused by incarceration as well as the additional harm caused by media outlet’s lazy and one sided coverage of it. Being a feminist, being a woman, being harmed, being abused will get the bad rap
    If you weren’t they, OR got all sides then you shouldn’t write OR comment about it. Always having people make decisions for themselves. Allowing media Outlets to write, then you read, then reply by your one sideness does not do any good. How do we change this? This report needs not to be manipulated or if payment was involved to write this, it needs to be checked.

    note: MY COMMENTS ARE MY OWN and if you need to respond, call mee so we can discuss it, like we NOT on the playground!

  11. This article leaves a lot unanswered, and frankly seems as sloppy as notes being written and passed around a high school class. Infotainment, not real journalism. We didn’t need to know the writer thought the turn of events was “awkward.” Did the reporter try to talk to the DA to know why charges were dropped? Is the case all done, then, or is anything pending? Also, if I were Mrs. Green I would keep my head down too, because hello, there’s the emotional wellness of a 2-year-old to prioritize! The less drama for both parents, the better for the kiddo, even if they must separate. They’re clearly both already dealing with a lot. Domestic violence is a sickness, and prison time only makes it worse. Punishment is not justice, nor is it protection really. We need healing in this society. There are organizations now that are all about healing everyone impacted by mass incarceration. I’m impressed with how Mrs. Green saw that Mr. Green was more than his past abuse; she took on a lot by opening her life up to a formerly incarcerated person. That’s a lot of trauma to sign up to help heal. What happened with those bruises, that car, who did what… Can’t help but feel mistrustful that only one side was presented.

  12. Ms Darcie, you are a fine person and will get through this. You have a wonderful supporting family. Chin up and move forward. To heck with the naysayers that say ‘nothing’ of importance. Always and Siempre, Mandy

  13. Dear Darcie, can you move to another state please. I’m scared to death you might run for Assembly again, here in CA. I’ll pay for the plane ticket.

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