Silicon Valley Democrats Charter New Club for Bernie Boosters

A panel this past weekend affirmed Eric Bauman’s election as head of the California Democratic Party. But the brannigan doesn’t appear to be over quite yet. Bay Area Dem organizer Kimberly Ellis, who lost by 57 votes, vowed to challenge the decision in court. Drama over party leadership has permeated every level of the organization, including in Santa Clara County’s Democratic Central Committee (DCC), which supported a recount for transparency’s sake. But South Bay Dems say they won’t let the infighting between Berniecrats and establishment wings of the party distract them from advancing their platform both nationally and here at home. “I’m not going to call it a distraction,” DCC campaign services director Jeffrey Cardenas tells Fly. “But I would like to see the people who are worked up about allegations of voter fraud end up being the same people who show up to phone bank for these congressional districts we’re trying to win back. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.” A newly chartered club aims to do exactly that by channeling the frustrations and energies of progressives lured to the Democratic Party by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. With just a couple of meetings under its belt, the Bayshore Progressive Democrats—one of two new clubs chartered by the DCC earlier this month—counts upward of 100 members. Kacey Carpenter, a Bernie booster who co-founded the club with veteran activist Margaret Okuzumi, says he shares Ellis’ concerns about the party’s statewide elections. “It’s not so much the outcome,” he says. “I think trust in democracy is the most important thing. You need to have faith in the process.” Saying that, Carpenter doesn’t want the infighting to take away from the broader mission. “Our club hasn’t been waiting,” he says. “We’ve already been organizing. We’re leading it from the bottom up, not the top down, which we learned from Bernie.”

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  1. It’s very obvious that Russians have colluded with various members of the DNC yet again to steal an election. I demand these people be outed and jailed as this must be a crime here in the people’s Republic of California. Success must not be tolerated. Diversity and disorder must be the rule of law, anarchy for all. Down with the banks and Wall Street.
    Make America Crap Again!

    Love Bernie

  2. > “I think trust in democracy is the most important thing. You need to have faith in the process.”

    But, if “the process” elects Donald Trump, is it still “democracy”, and do progressives “trust” it?

    • Democrats only seem to believe in “democracy” when Democrats win. When Democrats don’t win, it’s not “democracy”.

      What do you call a political system when the same party wins all the time? And, if the same party is always going to win, why they hell do you need elections?

  3. I am a proud member of this long-awaited Democratic Club. I was involved with 25 events related to getting Bernie Sanders get elected as President. I have been a progressive for years yet have belonged to a club of conservative Democrats with no diversity. Out of a club of several hundred members there were only 2 of us who supported Bernie and his agenda. That club won’t even endorse SB562-they will only support the “concept” of Single Payer.
    I am excited about what we could accomplish together. I encourage folks to consider joining! It’s a group of very smart, innovative and committed Democrats!

  4. I will trust our democracy when we have public funding of election campaigns so that politicians can be accountable to the public instead of their wealthy donors, and disclosure of the real funders of ballot measure ads so that the public can figure out who is behind them and what is in our best interests. I would lay odds that the Bayshore Progressive Democrats support these principles.

    • > I will trust our democracy when we have public funding of election campaigns . . . .

      So, in other words, you DO NOT trust “our democracy” now. Correct?

      Just curious: why would you join a non-publicly funded “party” like the “Bayshore Progressive Democrats”? Aren’t the Bayshore Progressive Democrats going to be tainted by “non-public” money?

      Are Bayshore Progressive Democrats going to refuse funding from rich plutocrats like Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, etc. etc. ?

      THAT would be “change”.

  5. I don’t think the Clintoons will stand for another charge by the Berneights, Tell him stay away from the benches in Ft Marcy Park. Seriously Hilary was seen buying a case of untraceable ashtrays at DC ceramic show!

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