Kansen Chu Returns to Campaign Trail

To the delight of hungry volunteers throughout Silicon Valley, San Jose Councilman Kansen Chu is back on the campaign trail. Chu, known for generously feeding his election workers—who at times double as his council staff—hopes to fill the seat of State Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, who is running for a State Senate seat. One of Chu’s likely opponents is Teresa D. Cox, a trustee on the Ohlone Community College Board who previously worked as a White House community coordinator during the Bubba administration back in the ’90s. Chu coasted to re-election in San Jose’s City Council last summer, in part because puppet candidate Tam Truong never stood a chance, and also because Chu can raise some serious cash. Last year, only Councilmember and union-piñata Rose Herrera spent more money during the primary than Chu. Of course, Chu has had the help of wife Daisy Chu, who helped kickstart his last campaign with a five-grand loan. Some of the more ardent spectators of the George Shirakawa Jr. scandal may remember that Daisy worked as a county-paid money courier for the convicted supe. She secured funds from Sunnyvale’s scandal-plagued Herguan University that were supposed to be a campaign contribution to Shirakawa—but somehow they ended up as George’s walk-around money. But we’re sure Daisy’s loan to her husband last year had nothing to with that, especially when Kansen—running his third campaign in seven years—can pull in a reported $50K at a Liang’s Kitchen fundraiser earlier this month.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Bob Wieckowski will be termed out of the State Assembly in 2014. Wieckowski was elected in 2010 and could remain in his current seat through 2016 if he chooses to run for re-election in the 25th District next year.

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  1. Good luck to Councilmember Kansen Chu.  For the political junkies wondering who will replace Chu, rumor on the streets is Pilipino groups and the Silicon Valley APA Democratic Club are pushing Thelma Boac to replace him if he wins.  It probably confirms why Thelma Boac has applied for an appointment for Berryessa Union School District after coming in last at her bid for ESUHSD in November.  Rumor also has it republican groups have been meeting to plan on their candidates for replacing Chu and working closely with Rafael Sabic, who tried to take our Chu last year but only scored a meager 800 votes.  Sabic also applied for the appointment in Berryessa. Can these wannabes please get serious and stop using our kids as a political stepping stone.

  2. Thelma Boac is just another Shirakawa lackie from the East Side Union School District. Now that King George has fallen, he’s relying on his “people” to be in power so that he can control them. It seems like Thelma is going to be come another perennial Patricia Martinez Roach.

    Hey Berryessa School Board…get ready for another P-card-gate! It’s time for new fresh new blood on the SJ City Council. Out with the old (farts), in with the new.

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