Police Chief Insists He’s Staying

People within the San Jose Police Department are keeping close tabs on Chris Moore, as an important milestone approaches for the police chief. At the end of January, 12 months will have passed since Moore was officially named the San Jose’s top cop by City Manager Debra Figone. The year mark means that Moore’s retirement pay and sick-time buyout can be cashed out at the highest possible levels when he decides to call it quits. According to police spokesman Jason Dwyer, that won’t be any time soon and definitely not this year. But by sticking around, Moore runs the risk of losing a six-figure sum as the city works to eliminate sick leave buyouts for all employees. Some people are questioning if his short-term status could explain his recent clashes with public officials. Pete Constant, a police officer before joining the City Council, has sparred with Moore on a number of issues, including the allocation of officers and the reserves program. Another constant Constant complaint is that the department is too top-heavy.

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  1. Dah – Is it really a surprise to anyone that the PD is too top heavy do ya think the entire city government is also too top heavy with many high paid under worked chiefs / manager and too few workers

    Go into any city office and you will see managers and high paid people sitting around and a few workers doing most of work

    Same at Pd with many Lieutenants, Captains and headquarters staffers not at work or doing little while street Sargents and Officers are over worked

  2. The real concern should be the large number of SJPD officers who have left for other departments or will soon be leaving. Most of the community has no clue just how devastated this once great department is.

    • Reed and Figone don’t care that that institutional knowledge and experience is fleeing the SJPD in droves.  In fact, they want them to leave.  Reed and Figone view public safety workers no different than buying stationary or pens for the city.  They aren’t interested in quality, just the most for the cheapest.  They want as many current public safety workers to leave so they can hire new employees with lower standards on a cheaper second tier system.  The fact that San Jose will be less safe is irrelevant to them. They will trumpet their cost savings so loudly the citizens will forget anything else.  Well, except for the crime victims….

  3. For the good of all, including himself, Moore should go right away.  The city doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the welfare of him or any other public safety member.  He should put his family first and the city second.  The police department will do fine without him given that Figone and Reed only hire puppets anyway.

  4. Chief Moore has been a Police Officer since 1982.

    2012 means the Chief has thirty (30) years of service, a magic number for retirement and the “perks of vested rights to enter the promised land.”

    The fiscal year ends June 30th.

    What would any of you do? Hang out with the ranting and ravings of the dullards of the doyen class from the 18th Floor…or, take the deserved earnings and do whatever?

    Don’t forget the Chief of the Fire Department around June 30th.

    The City Manager will also be facing the same decision.

    All other city employees who qualify for acceptance into the last lifeboat from the sinking ship will also step into glory.

    For those city employees that are left…there will be gnashing of teeth, prolonged weeping and unquenchable thirst.

    As to the ungrateful citizenry, who stay at home and do not pay any attention or become informed as to the goings on at city hall…sit quietly as usual in your pontificates, for you are as worthless as some of the people who you elect.

    David S. Wall

  5. PC should be accountable for all his time he spent “on duty” at his photography shop on Winchester while as a police officer, close to his home. Both Moore and PC should go away,  Moore with his buy outs which the council has approved along with their own pensions, and PC with his BS disability retirement.

    Both are a shame to SJ. and true employees.  But Chuck does not care about employee fraud and false disability retirements.  He wants to bust the [email protected]^%$s of hard working employees on his false pension reforms.

  6. Its amazing how they let Chief Officers work out on duty.  BOI Chief Garcia get to work out everyday, on the clock!  Why would Chief Moore want to leave, with perks like that!

    • The last POA CFO spent 14 years out of patrol.  Got to coach his kids through grade school, never missed a birthday, took any day off he wanted wouldn’t know how to run a radio if his life depended on it.  Bad mouthed all the reserves then became one.  Thats the way the department rolls.  It’s all about getting over.

  7. Chief Moore says he’s staying (but did not say) until he max’s out his pension this year then poof, he’s gone.  Don’t let the door hit you in the A** as you leave.  Oh that’s right I forgot you have a chief’s adjutant to hold the door for you.  Suppose she will drive you home and return your free car to the office for the next idiot to take the puppet job.

  8. Now here’s a new something for scumbag reporters to sink their teeth into: top-heavy police departments. With self-initiated car stops and traffic enforcement down to previously unimagined lows (thanks to morally-bankrupt political leadership), it’s getting downright difficult for Chicken Little journalists to keep that old cash cow, the profiling myth, filling their cups. These are desperate times for a news media that has conditioned its barely literate, race-sensitized core audience to expect a few meaty anti-police stories to savor each morning with that first soothing dose of medicinal marijuana. With the cold weather now set in, and police busying themselves with the woes of the politically unsympathetic and unnewsworthy (e.g. responsible, law-abiding crime victims), the timing of this new police controversy couldn’t be better.

    And the thing of it is, police departments are guilty as charged: top-heavy with command staffs whose bloated ranks are a testament not to the challenges of police management but rather to the challenges of protecting the careers of police chiefs (and their elected superiors). Increase the supervision/management levels and you increase not only the number of overseeing eyes but the layers of political insulation for those at the very top. Move those many commanders around frequently enough and you can all but guarantee that accountability will never make it past the first line of supervision (which is exactly the case in San Jose).

    An increase in the number of command positions also creates a decrease in the minimum load share required of each commander, an absolute necessity if a department is to remain effective while absorbing the increased incompetence that comes with affirmative action. How else might a command staff continue to function saddled with a handful of commanders who struggle with grade school English, are reliably unreliable, or computer illiterate? The cognitive limitations of these types are in part responsible for the rapid rise of house mouse commandos like Rob Davis and Chris Moore—reasonably intelligent clerks, made exceptional by their ambition and servility.

    The great irony, should this top-heavy business become a hot news topic, is that the current situation (e.g. field sergeants supervising only one-third the number of officers of their pre-McNamara predecessors) is due to the behavior of the news media itself; specifically, its longtime, enthusiastic support of political activists who have, for lack of innate talent, identified the police department (as they’ve done the schools) as the source of their failures and frustrations. Regrettably, along the way they’ve succeeded in transforming the position of police chief from one of tough, professional leadership into one of fawning, professional appeasement. To put it bluntly, modern police chiefs put out: when it comes to protecting the sanctity of the police mission their heels are every bit as round as Kim Kardashian’s.

    San Jose residents today pay a hearty tariff to protect their police chiefs from actually having to stand for anything but their own careers—a price tag that can be measured in both dollars and decreased police protection. And for that we can thank the pukes in the news business.

    • PC is everywhere, and is most prevalent the higher up one goes in an organization.  It’s even hit The Marine Corps for chrissake, where the top generals are beating their breasts because a couple of jarheads peed on some dead Talibanistas, the same folks who behead innocent journalists, hang christians, make women who are raped marry the rapist in lieu of a 20 year prison sentence for being raped.

      We’re freakin’ doomed as a nationif the Marine brass has gone PC on us.

    • Another one I received today on the Marine Corps “scandal” that all the brass and the national politcal hacks are beating their PC breasts about:

      Piss on a Crucifix, you’re an “artist”
      Piss on The Amercian Flag, you’re exercising your right of “free speech”.
      Piss on a Police Car, you’re a “Freedom Loving 99%er”
      Piss on the Taliban Piece Of Sh*t That Just Tried To Kill You & Your Fellow Marines, you’re a Villain.

  9. That’s because Constant was an uninvolved, lazy kinda, do the bare minimum type of employee. He clearly wanted to do other things when he was a cop.
    I’m glad the chief is doing his job and running his department. Constants brief, lackluster career does not at all give him insight nor the understanding required to make the statements he has.  He’s about as unqualified to comment on how the department needs to be staffed as Sheriff’s department flunkie Salcido is at being the mayors law enforcement advisor.
    There is good reason Moore is the chief. Unlike Constant, Moore knows what he’s doing.

    • I agree with your views but disagree with your view of Moore.  In the recent months since his appointment and Figone’s take over of the Police Dept. 

      Moore is nothing more than a Puppet.

      From what I have been told is that Chief Moore has continued to alienate his Reserve Police Officers. 

      What I am understanding is he has been noted by good sources to have said a few bad things to commit political suicide. 

      Moore apparently has stated that he does not like the Reserves and that they are a waste of time.  Moore has said that the Reserves will no longer work “pay jobs”.  Moore has also indicated that he will not support the Reserve Program due to his thoughts that reserves were a big problem for his Dept. 

      It seems that this latest round of insults to the working class and volunteer officers comes after an officer involved shooting in which a reserve officer was one of the officer involved. 

      Sounds like the City Manager is trying to cut the liability regarding Reserve Officers because of the recent shooting.

      It was also said that veteran SJPD Retired Officers who become Reserves for San Jose and long time Reserve Officers are jumping ship and head to the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program.  Good for them and the Sheriff’s Office! 

      They will be treated well by Sheriff Laurie Smith and her Deputies!

      Old Frank

      • Frank I generally appreciate your views and comments. However, I have to point something out. The Chief seems to accept the reserves. The problem is the reserves often only hang around for pay-jobs. The program is supposed to be for young guys and gurls looking into a career. But mainly a patrol supplement. They are supposed to be involved, good citizens who can fill in when the big one hits. Unfortunately a huge part of the membership does the absolute bare minimum to the point where they could not function safely and proficiently if sent out on patrol for a day on their own. It was overdue that the program be overhauled.
        Do you really want a 60 year old man to slowly amble up the driveway of your home to confront a 20something drug influenced parolee who is breaking into your mother’s home while she is inside of it? Ofcourse not.
        Bottom line, the reserves were never meant to be a place to go to earn money.

        • I agree, but under Chief Figone/Reed’s Hardcore stance on SJPD in general… .  With the NEW two-tier retirement that Reed and his “Henchmen” want for the SJPD guys.

          We “WILL” have 60 year old “full time” patrol officers assigned to call for service on a common basis, as the average years of service WILL be approx 40 yrs as a cop if you listen to Reed’s Idiotic idea. 

          Well, actually historically the Reserve Program with any Police Agency are for supplemental use and the officers can be of any age, but the programs were never designed to attract younger people, that would be discriminatory and illegal.  It is and has been used as a stepping stone to full-time law enforcement for officers of any age. 

          Not ALL Reserve Officers are substandard, but their are (pay job~slugs) that gum up the works. 

          The Chief of nothing and San Jose Police Chief Debra Figone have gutted the the once honorable and respected Police Department. 

          It is horrible to see such a mass exodus by full-time and reserve officers alike.  That has to be a hint of what kind of bad things that are happening at SJPD. 

          It is really horrible to see a Police Chief NOT support his troops. 

          Bottom line…. Moore needs to Retire NOW!  He is way over his head…       

          Old Frank

    • Who cares about Salcido?  I beg to differ about the Chief.  Maybe the union is to blame.  After all the union has given the Mayor EVERYTHING he has asked for.  Name one thing our Union has won.  Time to sit at the CLUB Unland and talk about it. (POA HALL)

  10. I’m tired of hearing about constrant. He is excempt from every rule placed to stop retirement fraud. It’s alleged that months prior to applying for retirement he moved his business into his wife’s name.  His city council pay is exempted from pension deductions. Pete claims he has owned several businesses none have been declared as income. Now he has passed or will pass the 20 year mark allowing him to earn as much as he can without worrying about deductions from his pension.
      Pete’s latest scam is to get the city to withdrawal all of his pension funds and transfer it to a 401k account. Pete is not anti pension he just wants all the money in his hand so the city cannot take it back like Reed is doing.
        Reed and his followers are as slimmy as any hedge fund CEO .  Reeds mantra is laws are made for me to find away around them.  When you go thru the list of allegations, convictions, nd verified scams San Jose’s elected look like a chain gang from Bell,ca.
        Anyone want to ask chuck if he has had anyone verify or even look at the Oakland A’s books?  Now chuck wants to steer hundreds of millions into the hands of the A’s owner. Want to bet the stadium will be deeded back to the city so the A’s will not pay taxes and when they leave San Jose guess what taxpayers will be stuck will a billion dollar loan.  No wonder why Pete and his buddies want their cash now.

  11. I’m curious the Fly always pretends to care about the city of San Jose so I have to wonder why they haven’t said anything about all the money that is being spent by Reed on T.V. commercials regarding the city pensions.
    Now I might be wrong but I seriously doubt that he is paying for the commercials . most likely the citizens of this city are footing the bill for a campaign that will most likely wind up in court because the A.G and a former city attorney have both said that what the mayor is trying to do is unconstitutional.
    now by my rough count in the last three days I have seen at least 8 commercials I have to wonder just how many commercials the citizens of San Jose will pay for in the name of a measure that will undoubtedly wind up in court. Also I’ll make a bet right now that if you ask the city where the money is coming from. they will tell you it’s a special fund or the chamber of commerce etc etc……..

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