Herrera Retains Council Seat

In polarized San Jose, where unionistas have been battling pension reformers, both camps racked up victories and defeats, and neither was fully vanquished. Mayor Chuck Reed maintained his pro-reform majority on the council with Rose Herrera’s likely victory. “Thank God for Rose,” Reed said during the election night party at her Silver Creek home. “Rose has been tremendously important to what we are doing. We need her back.”

Herrera said unions spent $1 million in the primary and general elections to try and unseat her and she thinks it was because she stood up to the South Bay Labor Council’s Cindy Chavez. “I told her two years ago that I wasn’t going to do what she told me to do,” Herrera said.

She tossed an olive branch to the unions, however. “One of the first things we need to do is reach out to fire fighters and police officers to heal the wounds and work together for the good of the city,” Herrera said.

At 8:21pm Herrera announced President Obama’s re-election to cheers and applause. Even Mayor Reed clapped and found a positive note in the president’s re-election. “What I am hoping for is it will break the logjam on issues affecting Silicon Valley,” he said, citing corporate tax reform and immigration. Reed thinks the U.S. should give visas to “people who want to stay in the valley and start their companies here.”

This of course includes baseball players, such as the Oakland A’s, who want to immigrate to San Jose. Reed thinks the Giants’ World Series victory may brighten the city’s prospects for winning the A’s. “I thought that two years ago,” he admitted, though. The Giants are strong enough now, he figures, that “they don’t need to stand in our way any longer.”

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  1. FLY,

    Great Picture!  San Jose outstanding members of the San Jose Liars & Cheats Club (AKA City Council)  Could you please post complete membership picture which includesConstant, PO, Nuygen, Sam and of course Deb.

  2. D8, you reap what you sow.
    City of San Jose residents, you get every thing you deserve.
    The damage is done. The fish is on the hook, the goose is cooked. The cat is jumping out of the bag. I feel sorry for the next person forced to pull a “Zimmerman”
    It’s A-OK until it affects you, right?

  3. If you look closely you can see that Reed has his hand up the back of Rose Herrera’s Jacket. He is a master Ventriloquist & she but his mere hand puppet. its an amazing show to watch , she talks his words BUT his mouth doesnt move! its absolutely amazing.

    Rose you are HIGH if you think for a second , that Public Safety will EVER trust you!

    Reed You are so full of yourself , OAKLAND A’s !Get used to it !

    Reed , Its funny that you want the President to work with others , when you refuse to do the same, F’n Hypocrite.

    Reed , You said people in San Jose are going to lose their jobs , thanks to the increase in minimum wage , why dont you be a true leader and step away from this city so that others may live

  4. Why did the city council give the chiefs of police of San Jose raises? I guess retaining people like homicide and robbery detectives and lowly patrol officers just isn’t that important….Classic!!!

  5. Very, very expensive and ugly race.  About $45 per voter was spent by both sides to fight this race.  At the end of the day, the incumbent won.  Is anyone really surprised?

    BTW – The political consultants all got paid (well) and the partisans on both sides now have to focus on other matters (like actually serving the residents of the district and the entire city.)

    • The Police and Fire Departments never stopped doing that very thing.  The Mayor and his cohorts have never had your best interests in mind.

  6. For the same reason that the Fire Dept is creating at least 3 more chiefs positions , That are NOT needed. That money could/should be used for workers on the front lines. Definetly dont need more overhead

  7. Rob Johnson I believe it was on the council agenda a couple weeks ago. Yes they passed a plan to give the Chief and Assistant Chief a pay raise. Sickening if you ask me and more sickening if the AC takes her pay raise.

    • Thanks, take a 10% pay cut from officers and give command staff a raise, total BS.  Guess they know only an idiot/puppet will apply or take the soon to be vacant COP job.

      Everyone knows SJPD command staff is ready to jump at another agency.  I don’t refer to this as double dipping.  It’s retiring and moving on.  Poster child for double dipping is Constant.  Working in the same city.

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