Election Night Coverage

Tonight’s election night, which means San Jose Inside will attend whatever parties we don’t get thrown out of. Throughout the evening, we’ll post updates on the the minimum wage fight, the success of the police union’s campaign to punish Rose Herrera for her support of pension reform, the hotly contested Almaden Valley council race and Jerry Brown and Molly Munger’s sales tax slugfest, as well as other less important contests, like the President of Ohio. Also follow San Jose Inside’s Facebook and Twitter pages for results, snap judgments and documented meltdowns. If you’re out and about, please send your photos and reports to [email protected], or post to our Facebook page.

The Fly is the valley’s longest running political column, written by Metro Silicon Valley staff, to provide a behind-the-scenes look at local politics. Fly accepts anonymous tips.


  1. Nov. 6 marks many changes in the political life of San Jose but let’s not overlook that on Nov. 7 Mayor Chuck Reed becomes a lame duck mayor.

    Ambitious county supervisors and city council members will openly complete for the brass ring, and city hall hangers-on will quickly sort out their loyalties and campaign funding.

    The next primary for mayor will be in June 2014, but would-be successors will have to be ready to run by March 2013, after all, and that is just four months away.

    The Reed nightmare is almost over.

    • > The Reed nightmare is almost over.

      Hmmmm.  Governor Reed?

      Let’s run down the list of qualifications:

      1. Democrat.
      2. Not currently in prison or an insane asylum.
      3. Democrat.
      4. Is not known to have sent foot signals from an airport toilet stall that could be interpreted as soliciting gay sex.
      5. Democrat.
      6. Has no moral or ethical reservations about spending taxpayer money.
      7. Democrat.

      Yup.  Sounds as if he’s pretty much qualified to be governor of California.

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