Trio Accused of Targeting Asian Women in Muggings Nabbed by San Jose Police

Dozens of local Asian-American victims of robbery and assault can breathe a little easier, with news today that San José Police Department’s Robbery Unit concluded a yearlong, multi-jurisdictional investigation involving a “prolific robbery crew” that targeted Asian victims.

The San Jose investigators, with help from the Hayward Police Department, initiated the crackdown on Sept. 7. One day later, two suspects were located and arrested in San Jose, police said.

During apprehension efforts to arrest one suspect, Anthony Michael Robinson, 24, of Stockton, he , fled in a vehicle, ran a red light, and collided with another vehicle, injuring a two-year-old child and her father. Robinson and Derje Damon Blanks, 23, of San Jose were booked in Santa Clara County Jail for over 70 counts of felony robbery.

Last Thursday, Sept. 16, Cameron Alonzo Moody, 27, of East Palo AltoMoody was located and arrested in Union City. Two loaded firearms were recovered, one of them a “ghost gun.”

Moody was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for a multitude of felony robbery charges.

“These three suspects worked in concert to commit dozens of robberies throughout the Bay Area, many in San Jose,” San Jose police said in a statement. “Asian females were frequently targeted, and many of them were injured during the robberies.”

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen added hate crime enhancements to these cases.

“I want to thank all of our department members, as well as the outside agencies, who assisted with this long and complex investigation. Thanks to their hard work there are three less predators targeting members of our community. We are sensitive to the hate aspect targeting Asian females,” said San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata.

“We have tenacious investigators, and a dedicated apprehension team that was tasked with bringing these suspects to justice.”



  1. I hope these 3 White Supremacists get convicted to the full extent of the law.
    Former President Trump and his followers have spread so much Asian Hate – maybe these fellows were motivated by a fear of the “Trump” vaccine and the threat of catching COVID.

  2. Call them a “prolific robbery crew”. Call them suspects. You can even call them predators.
    But don’t dare call them black.

  3. Good work SJPD! Thank you!! Can we hire some traffic cops now too? The red light runners are killing people.

  4. America has a real hard time admitting when they are wrong, and guilty of perpetuating double-standards and the Left’s hypocrisy. Constantly singling one group out, yet doing their best to conceal the identity of other groups when they repeatedly commit crimes against others because that would wreck the woke narrative. It’s pathetic and San Jose Spotlight and Inside are filled with bias.

  5. With satements like that CA Patriot, you are part of the problem. To call yourself a “Patriot” is blasphemous, take it from a kid raised by a Sgt. in the USMC who landed on Iwo Jima and lost 61 men beside him and under his command. Espousing statements like they are facts without any investigation is truly “un-patriotic”. Did you ever think they just preyed on Asian women just because they were an easier target and may tend to carry more cash? No, your mind was made up before this story, it’s Trump’s fault and heck, I didn’t even like the guy.

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