San Jose Police Arrest 3 Street Gang Members, Seize Weapons

Three alleged gang members suspected in several violent crimes over the past six months were arrested last week in San Jose as part of a sting that also netted weapons and stolen property, police said today.

In a statement released Aug. 9, police said they served several search warrants on Aug. 3 throughout San Jose and arrested Omar Tabora, 22, Christopher Rosales, 19, and Nelson Vargas, 23, in connection with crimes that included armed robbery and carjacking.

The three San Jose residents are allegedly part of a street gang linked to at least 10 violent crimes since February, police said.

Several illegally possessed firearms, equipment used to manufacture ghost guns, illegal high-capacity magazines, a ballistic vest, narcotics and stolen items were seized.

The investigation was conducted by the department's robbery, gang investigations, and assaults unit detectives, with assistance from the covert response unit and special operations division, police said.

The suspects were booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on suspicion of carjacking, armed robbery, burglary and weapons possession.

Anyone with additional information on the alleged gang members can contact the San Jose Police Department's Robbery Unit Detectives Reyes #4429 or Santisteven #4376 at (408) 277-4166.





  1. We can all hope that by this time next year the enhanced charge of failing to provide adequate insurance for their weapons can be added to these rascals’ misdeeds.

    Thank you Mayor Sam for your guidance in this critical area of transforming San Jose into a “World class city.” We look forward to the day when your insurance mandate will have eliminated this type of crime altogether.???

  2. And Thanks to Democratic Policies and Liberal Judges all 3 Criminals were promptly released that day to continue acts of violence and criminal activity in the community.
    Although the ZERO Dollar Bail was scheduled to expire on 20 June 2021…
    “The Santa Clara County Superior Court Bench has voted to EXTEND the emergency ZERO BAIL schedule until January 31, 2022…”

    “The court voted Tuesday to issue the $0 bail schedule extension; Presiding Judge Zayner signed the order requiring bail be set at $0 for ALL Misdemeanor and ALL FELONY Offenses, with exceptions for specific offenses listed in the order.”

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