San Jose Mayor Liccardo’s Home Vandalized Amid Friday Protests

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo arrived home Friday night to find his house scribbled in spray painted messages of protest and expletives.

The vandalism happened around 10:30pm when a group of demonstrators split off from a peaceful protest in downtown San Jose.

Residents gathered around City Hall to decry police brutality against Black Americans after a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer shot Jacob Blake, a Black man, in the back multiple times this week. Blake remained hospitalized while protesters across the country gathered Friday night in hundreds of demonstrations to express solidarity.

A second incidence of vandalism happened Friday night at City Hall, resulting in one arrest. The person was booked for felony vandalism, SJPD said.

“Detectives will be conducting follow up investigation to determine if the vandalism incidents are connected,” a statement by SJPD said.

Liccardo, in a tweet Saturday morning, criticized the group that showed up at his house. He described the group as approximately 100 “so-called ‘protesters’ who stood by silently—or even cheered—while flags were burned and ‘f*** you’ was scrawled on our home.”

Neighbors joined Liccardo and his wife, Jessica García-Kohl, to scrub the spray paint off their home late into the evening. No other damage was done to the house.

“I’m tremendously heartened by the response of dozens of my neighbors who dropped everything late last night to spend a couple of hours scrubbing graffiti from Jessica’s and my home,” he said in a statement posted to Twitter the next morning. “Many of these same neighbors’ homes bear ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs, and they represent the true spirit of the movement, and of our San Jose community.”

Police urge anyone with information about the vandalism to call detectives at 408.277.4161, or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 408.947.7867 to remain anonymous.

Janice Bitters is managing editor for Metro Silicon Valley. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @janicebitters.


  1. Has any local elected official publicly condemned this act of political intimidation and domestic terrorism in our city? Any of Mayor Liccardo’s colleagues? Any of them?

    This is not an isolated incident. It is happening across the country. The cowardly silence of our supposed leaders in the face of this assault on democratic values is astounding and frightening.

    Any local elected official who does not publicly condemn this behavior should resign as unfit for public office.

  2. The mayor, his neighbors, and everyone else who bends the knee and grovels by posting black lives matter signs in their windows hoping their homes will not be targeted just don’t get it. This is not like the Jews in Egypt who marked their doors with a sacrificial lamb’s blood so the angel of death would pass over their homes. Black lives do not matter to BLM. This is not what BLM is about. They even admit on their website that what they are about is tearing down capitalism and substituting a Marxist State. No such state has ever survived. I understand why the indoctrinated college students and the post graduation twenty somethings don’t get it. They have been programed by a one-sided cadre of Marxist college professors what to think, but not how to think. But that our elected leaders don’t get this stuns me. Get a clue people! Do,you consider vandalism peaceful protest? Do you want us to become Portland, where the DA release everybody the police arrest? As my son says: no consequences, no peace.

  3. The same night the mayor’s House was vandalized and all his nice neighbors rallied around to clean up the mess, give each other air hugs, and sing kumbaya together, there was another group of people who casually ruined everyone’s dinner in San Pedro Square. They didn’t strike any of the diners or scream obscenities at them as near as I could tell from the short video covered by SF and Oakland tv stations. But this was more than a simple protest. It was a test. A test to see how much BS and insulting behavior SJ people would put up with, allegedly in the name of serial felon and accused rapist Jacob Bllake. Would you put up with a mob of people, no matter how peaceful, walking thought your backyard BBQ? That’s what happened in essence in San Pedro Square Friday night. They are testing us. The next demonstration will be more offensive, continuing to escalate until they find law abiding citizens’ breaking point.
    Racial division is a fact in America. A solution must be found. However, those flames were stoked mightily for eight years by the Obama-Biden administration, along with division along income lines. The inequities will not go away by looting, rioting, or professional athletes taking a knee and walking off the job, only to go home to their mansions in gated communities, protected by private personal security. Chicago has a huge black on black murder rate which neither BLM nor mayor Lightfoot nor any member of the Bulls basketball team are doing anything about. The Bulls players and coaches and owners should use the strike time to get on the team bus, drive down to the south side, and start talking to folks about stopping the slaughter. But no. They do photo ops, and strike, but still want to get paid. Black lives do not matter to BLM. It is an unabashedly Marxist organization that wants to tear this country down and give us Soviet Union 3.0. Everyone needs to stop, take breath, and start thinking about how to solve the racial issues in this country. Disruption by paid professional anarchists and deluded college idealists ain’t gonna cut it.

  4. Sam took a knee. Did any of the anarchists care? Of course not. Wake up, liberals. These scumbags don’t think like you think they think. They want to take this country down. Obsequious fawning will only embolden them.

  5. > the true spirit of . . . our San Jose community.”

    Grinning from ear to ear and partying down after your neighborhood gets attacked by a mob of racist vandals?

    THAT is a spirited community.

  6. JMO,
    You owe me a new dress shirt and tie.

    “This is not like the Jews in Egypt who marked their doors with a sacrificial lamb’s blood so the angel of death would pass over their homes:
    …..I did a spit-take with a mouthful of coffee when I read that line. That is about as poignant, witty and well put as I have seen the situation summarized…..The Feast of the PunkOver

  7. > These mobs of looters are just going to go away after the election?

    – – – – – – – – – –
    “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.”

    — Vladimir Lenin
    – – – – – – – – – –

    The mob probed Sam Liccardo’s neighbors and supporters they and found mush. The mob will be back.

  8. Mr. Heisel,
    The flaw in your comparison is that in the clip, the good guys are actually being allowed to stand-up to the orcs, where in Portland, the orcs are allowed to overrun the city unimpeded.

  9. I never thought of them as orcs before; however, it certainly fits.

    Meanwhile, political cuck Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate “The Shrew” Brown have had mutual aid requests resoundingly rejected by nearby sheriffs in Clackamas County, Washington County, and Clark County, which is across The Mighty Columbia in Washington state.
    Those two clowns can stew in their own juice for allowing ANTIFA members to run roughshod in ersatz ninja regalia for 90-plus days in Bridgetown.
    The aforementioned law enforcement agencies see it that way.

    Perhaps Gandalf will lend Kate and Ted a hand in their misadventure.

  10. I hope he and Jessica said “thank you” to the folks who did all the work to repair their home. Or, did the Liccardos just stand around and supervise?

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