Affordable Housing to Be Built at Cathedral of Faith

Mayor Sam Liccardo joined a San Jose church and a Christian foundation to announce a 100% affordable housing development at the Cathedral of Faith campus on Canoas Garden Avenue. Cathedral of Faith Pastor Ken Foreman and SHP Christian Foundation founders Peter and Susanna Pau joined the mayor in the announcement.

The proposal for 237 housing units marks the city’s first 100% affordable, mixed-income development on church property since the City Council adopted a “Yes in God’s Backyard” strategy to open up more land for affordable housing.

“When affordable housing developments are proposed in many cities, too often, we hear the refrain ‘not in my backyard.’ Here in San José, we hear churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques saying, ‘Yes in God's Backyard,”’as they look to repurpose underutilized parking lots and empty parcels to make room for more of our neighbors,” said Liccardo in a statement. “I’m grateful that Cathedral of Faith and Susana and Peter Pau practice what they preach to help our most vulnerable families and residents.”

The proposed development results from a shared mission between the SHP Christian Foundation ((a nonprofit affiliate of Sand Hill Property Company), Cathedral of Faith, and the city to build more affordable housing.

Pastors Ken and Kurt Foreman and the SHP Christian Foundation founders proposed to add affordable housing to Cathedral of Faith’s campus.

"Our SHP Christian Foundation mission is to do God’s work by serving those in need.  We all know affordable housing is in need, but the problem cannot go away unless there can be more supply,” said the Paus in a statement. “Cathedral of Faith is stepping up, there will be 237 units of affordable housing, with on-going supportive services for those families, on their church land.   We are partnering with the Church to do what God asks us to do, care for the people He cares for."

“In the story of the nativity, there was no housing available in Bethlehem for the holy family.  Today, we also face a housing challenge,” said Ken Forman. “We love our city and are eager to do what we can to be a part of the solution.  The Cathedral of Faith has always had a heart to serve the community and we believe the affordable housing project is the best way we can currently do that.”

The project comprises 237 affordable units serving low and very low-income residents, with 78 units set aside for seniors and 159 units for families. Final approval and entitlement is expected in January, with groundbreaking anticipated in late 2023. Cathedral of Faith and the Sand Hill Property Company will take advantage of SB 35, a statewide streamlining bill for affordable housing, to expedite the development process.




  1. This is so beautiful. Pastor Ken rocks! What an amazing thing to do for the community, I’m so excited to see where this project goes ? This is true service

  2. Just an Obsrvation,

    Given that so many luxury units are going vacant now, and that the PRIVATE housing system has FAILED to provide affordable housing, NOW we are seeing churches being forced to fill the gap. But that doesn’t save the overleveraged housing, it makes it worse. Those people will have alternatives.

    So many housing projects and businesses are about to collapse.

  3. Wow this is so great I grew up in cathedral of faith when I was 12 now I’m 33 this is a real blessing god bless everyone that is helping out and god bless the families in need amen

  4. JAFo says “:So many housing projects and businesses are about to collapse.” maybe if another earthquake hits the bay area. Get out while you can JAFO as California has FAILED to meet your high expectations.

  5. For those of us who live off Canoas Garden why is there no discussion regarding increase traffic and parking issues

  6. Just an Observation,

    Actually the PRIVATE development system IS the FAILURE. It FAILS to understand how worthless most properties are in CA. Given that when the structures are built, but NOT monitored for sustained safety, they deteriorate quickly. Thus they are ALWAYS overpriced.

    That is NOT the responsibly of the STATE. Unless the industry wants to admit it and let the STATE require annual inspections of ground stability and structural stability for all structures. So that the property and land values are analyzed correctly and thus no more bubbles of overvalues.

    Just face the facts, that the entire FOUNDATION of the state economy and housing is the responsibility of the PRIVATE sector, and they are about to get hit with a MAJOR correction.

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