San Jose Cop Investigated for Threatening Tweets

UPDATE: The San Jose Police Department issued the following statement in response to a request for more information:

We have received numerous media inquiries regarding the social media comments Officer White posted on his Twitter account. We want to first stress that we are taking the matter very seriously. Upon receiving the information, we immediately forwarded the matter up the chain of command for review.

Chief Esquivel provided the following statement, "It is extremely important for the community to know the comments made on Officer White's private social media account do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the San Jose Police Department. Nor do we condone this type of behavior."
The San Jose Police Department recognizes the sensitive nature of this matter.  Therefore, effective immediately, Officer White has been placed on Administrative Leave as we conduct the investigation.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we conduct a thorough and thoughtful review of the matter.

Free speech doesn't mean that speech is free from consequences. A San Jose police officer is learning that lesson now, as the department investigates threatening comments he made online against people protesting the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.

"Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed duty to kill you #CopsLivesMatter," Officer Phillip White tweeted over the weekend, riffing off #BlackLivesMatter, a tagline adopted by the movement.

That tweet came right after another taunting protesters using Eric Garner's last words, "I can't breathe," as a rallying cry.

"By the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter I'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun," the 20-year SJPD veteran tweeted Saturday night.

White screenshot

BuzzFeed published screenshots of White's Twitter account Sunday, setting off a sharp backlash in the community. By Monday afternoon, more than 6,200 people had signed their names to a petition to fire White. The petition says White's threats undermine police-community relations:

The San Jose community is appalled by Officer Phillip White's threats to protesters through his twitter account. His words, if tolerated, make the notion of positive police-community relations impossible. Every second he has a badge and a gun, our community is at risk. He must be fired.

White's Twitter account was set to private after a BuzzFeed reporter contacted the SJPD.

Raj Jayadev, who heads Silicon Valley De-Bug, a nonprofit group that has worked to build trust between police and minority communities, wrote in an email to SJPD Chief Larry Esquivel that he was "appalled" by White's sentiments.

After reading the BuzzFeed coverage of Officer White's comments, I am speechless. If these comments are his, he must go, immediately.

I know Chief you must be as appalled as I was reading his tweets. I am certain his words do not represent what the SJPD wants to reflect, and every second he has a badge and a gun, our community is at risk.

Please do confirm if these comments of his conveyed on buzzfeed are indeed his own. If they are, we will be calling on our friends and the larger community of San Jose who are concerned about issues of justice and public safety to join us in calling for his removal from the SJPD.

Please do respond. thank you - Raj Jayadev (Silicon Valley De-Bug)

White has been expressing anger about the protests for several weeks, according to screenshots caught by BuzzFeed. In one, he criticizes women's basketball players at University of California, Berkeley, who took part in the protests and tweeted a photo of themselves wearing shirts that say, "Black lives matter."

Officer White responded: "This is BS. Free education. Don't forget who is paying for your school ... me & other CA tax paying cops."

White was recently profiled in the Mercury News in an article about a gang prevention program.

"I think we all sign up to help people and put bad guys in jail," he told the newspaper. "Having an opportunity to help the community in a manner in which we're doing with this program is very rewarding."

Police told Jayadev that they are looking at White's case both "criminally and administratively." Meanwhile, the officer has been placed on paid leave.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.17.02 PM

White's comments also got him fired from Menlo College, where he was recently hired as an assistant basketball coach. Here's the message the school posted on Facebook Monday:

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.46.48 PM

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Was wondering when this was going to pop up.

    Personally, I think we hold our LEO’s to too high of a standard. If folks can come on SJI and other places to vent their frustrations, why can’t police officers? Why can’t they criticize currently elected officials free from scrutiny?

    Mr White did not state on his twitter, “I am a cop” It just simply states, “I am a public servant” but every servant, if treated poorly, will eventually rebel against their master. Complaining about your oppressors used to be an encouraged mesh in the fabric of American democracy (but slowly eroding)

    As long as any cop isn’t identifying themselves as one when posting in the internet, they should be allowed the same freedoms of speech that “civilians” do.

    • If you think that cops don’t come on SJI and “vent their frustrations” (AKA astro-turf the crap out of anything related to pension reform), you’re shockingly naive. Several of the loudest and most long-time commenters on here have professed to be cops in past comments. And your comments about this being an example of a cop rebelling against his masters should get you sent to the loony bin — for a previous candidate for D9 who has talked about possibly running again, you probably just disqualified yourself from ever winning elected office.

      • I can name them off Cart. Meyer Weed, JS Rollibard, etc. I know they’re here, and while they’ve “Professed to being cops” they’ve done so anonymously.

        Why should they be restricted to anonymity? They are just as much a US citizen as anyone else.

        Anyways, if you think I should be sent to the looney bin for saying, “Cops should have the same freedom of speech we do” then maybe it’s time to go live somewhere people get sent off to the gulag for their opinions. Try a nice Russia or North Korea, I hear Fearless Leader loves that kind of stuff.

        • Jack Slade on the Beat.

          The SJPD intelligence division monitors these local newspaper comments and respond with sham mis-directions of fact. Notice when they respond to comments they never speak to the issue raised and explain the SJPD conduct they just tell you to “take your meds”.

          SJPD’s Requirements for Police Officer 1965-1974
          21 years old preferably 25-30 with life’s experiences.
          U.S. Citizen
          Honorable Military Service preferred
          No psychological Gender Identity Neurosis, Hetrosexual
          Two year college degree preferably in Criminal Justice on track for a BA or BS Degree
          Minimum 5’9 1/2, weight proportional to height
          Athletic and in excellent physical condition. Must maintain that condition throughout career.
          Pass Written Exam, Agility Test, Oral Interview Board and Chief’s Oral board
          In Depth Physical Exam
          In Depth Background Examination, Birth to Present
          In depth psychological examinations based on In Depth Background Investigation
          In Depth Credit and Financial Investigation
          Placement on an Eligibility List based on combined scores
          Hiring one Officer from the top three on the list until the list expires in two years. New Background for the two years before hiring
          Completion of The Police Academy
          Six month Field Training Program with a five year veteran Police Officer
          One year probation
          Probation Oral Board after One Year
          Permanent Status
          Yearly Physical Exam Passage

          Current Requirements

          Enny, Meeny, Miney, Moe YOUR HIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          That’s why you now have a criminal and degenerate Police Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          1000 Nut Cases running around threatening and shooting and breaking bones. They all have to be replaced by the aforementioned Police Hiring Practices or you will continue to pay out the $5,000,000 and $900,000 awards. There are 47 more killing and violence Payouts waiting in the shadows being slowly dripped out so you don’t notice.


      • We’d likewise be naive if we thought that Mayor and council staff weren’t trolling this the Merc and social media on City Time shilling for their bosses…

    • He didn’t say “I am a cop” he said he will use his “law appointed right and duty to kill you”. Big difference! He only implied he was a cop when he threatened to kill people expressing their first amendment rights. Good thing you are here to point out this critical difference!

        • He didn’t make an explicit threat. According to California law, a threat must be both unconditional, and immediate. His remarks fail to meet either of those tests.

    • Would your employer allow you to post threats to your employers customers? Doubtful. Lower standards? No way. These imbeciles need to have annual psych tests. Fire those who aren’t fit for duty. This one isn’t.

    • they are not allowed the same freedom of speech because as police they are not human beings they are an entity of the law and therefore not entitled to free speech.

  2. If an ordinary Joe sent any sort of online message like “I will…kill you” or “if anyone feels…their lives matter I’ll be…carrying my gun” these days they could probably expect a SWAT team to descend on their home or to be blacklisted from air travel by the NSA. But this guy belongs to COPS, the City Officers’ Protective Society.

    Also his 2 wonderful daughters must not be attending public universities in California or he’d know that students today are paying an arm and a leg for college, unlike those of us who graduated in the last millennium.

  3. After being left “speechless” by the officer’s comment, Raj Jayadev spews out another hundred or so units of hyperbole, proving once again that his words are like a hound’s baying — meaningless and annoying.

    “Threaten me or my family and …” does not constitute a threat, no more so than does “Don’t Tread on Me,” a popular motto and flag component. If anything the tweet might be interpreted as a blanket warning, along the lines of “No trespassing, violators will be shot.” The second tweet, about being at the movies, can’t be a threat because there is no mention of anything intended, no location specified, no consequences elucidated. Can’t get much more empty than that.

    If Raj found these tweets frightening then I suggest he forget about the police chief and put in a call to his shrink, or his mommy.

    Putting the officer on Admin Leave might qualify as punitive, raising the question: for what is he being punished? Is there a law against sending warnings aimed at no one in particular out into cyberspace? How does that differ from, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore,” a movie line that no one viewed as a threat? I’m of the opinion that the officer would be better off restricting his rantings to yelling at the television, but a criminal investigation? Really?

    • The second tweet is definitely threatening: the implication is that if you’re a protester he might shoot you. Yes, he didn’t say specifically “Mr. X I’ll shoot you at Y”, but it’s still extremely unprofessional and not acceptable. I don’t know whether there should be a criminal inquiry, but there clearly should be action taken on the SJPD side since this is an indication this officer might not be the best individual to uphold the law peacefully.

  4. While I don’t think it was very wise for White to vent his frustrations publicly. There’s not a chance in hell he’s going to be fired. He has rights and he didn’t threaten anyone. While I don’t think his comments were a good idea, I definitely understand his frustration. I’m sure you could examine White’s entire career without finding a single negative action. The recent article about his work with kids and gangs is representative of the service he has provided to the community.

    Yet despite a career of doing the right thing for the right reasons White, like every other police officer, is living through this era where the vilification of police is socially and politically popular, where racism is not merely alleged, but actually assumed seemingly every time an officer is required to use force against a person of color, where an officer who merely defended his life against an assault from a violent criminal is forced to abandon his chosen career. It is extremely frustrating.

    So while I don’t agree with White’s manner of expressing himself, I definitely understand how he feels. I have no doubt that he will continue to do the right thing at work, just like he always has. It’s interesting, although not surprising, that Jayadev wants a police officer fired for exercising his First Ammendment rights. Someone who makes his living off of exercising those same rights somehow believes that a police officer is less deserving of Constitutional protection than he is. What a hypocrite.

    • Ya Pete, I’m fighting this all over too. Some food for thought..

      Here is what I think his ideals are (based on comments I’m seeing from his family/cops) I think he considers himself a servant of the public. I think he considers himself a good, fair cop. I think after years of being attacked financially, he’s fed up. He’s tired of seeing cops constantly painted out to be the bad guys. I think when he gets thrown in by association with bad cops, it eats at his ideals.

      There was a time Italians were called “Dago’s” and “La Costra Nosta” By default, we were associated with scum. It’s not a good feeling as a group to be associated with bad members of your group. So I feel a bit of sympathy for the guy.

      Other groups that have been blankly associated with the more detestable members of their group should feel sympathy as well.

      • I can empathize with what some cops feel as an attack on their profession as a whole and still find it unacceptable for someone that can legally carry a gun virtually anywhere to imply he might shoot people that disagree with recent grand jury decisions. His tweet was threatening and extremely unprofessional. It was also very detrimental to the SJPD when it comes to community relations.

  5. “This is BS. Free education. Don’t forget who is paying for your school … me & other CA tax paying cops” <— LMAO… dude's entire paycheck is paid for by the public. Tax payers like you and me are paying for this guy to take a free vacation now. Talk about BS!

  6. Most posts total crap. This officer should be disciplined without out a doubt. But not fired. But I am tired of Raj Jayadev and his grand standing, and the IPA, she is a total joke. Good but SJPD. you have a does nothing COP and a city council who is brain dead.

  7. Speaking as a private citizen, I want to start out by making it very clear that I find these Tweets inappropriate, inflammatory, offensive, and concerning. If this Officer sent them out, I think he needs to be punished for it.

    Having said that, I have a few questions:

    Do we know for certain that this Twitter account truly belongs to Officer White?

    Is it possible that someone set it up and framed him?

    Is it possible that someone was threatening this Officer and he was responding to those threats?

    Doesn’t it make sense to allow an investigation into this before we form an opinion, or will we rush to judgement without all the facts?

    Secondly, If this Officer really did this, an Officer who has shown such an honest caring for our community, then we must all acknowledge that Officers have feelings about being treated so badly in the media by groups who lump bad Cops in with good ones.

    And finally, I need to say that every time I see Raj making comments like he does, it angers me because he jumps to conclusions without fact checking first. He wants everyone else not to jump to conclusions about him or his clients, but he is the first to do so when it comes to our public servants.

    Given his behavior toward former Council Member Nancy Pyle’s Chief of Staff, I think he is a hypocrite for expecting others to behave professionally when he himself does not.

  8. This kind of belligerent talk is diametrically opposite of what we need to hear from police officers, if respect for the profession is to be restored. If officer White is any kind of typical, then Fnck the police. HARD. Just sayin’…

    • While no one is arguing that officer White’s unfortunate twitter comments were one of the finest displays of poor judgment, it doesn’t take a genius to arrive at the presumption that officer White was likely reacting to the “peaceful (?!?) protesters, in New York, and elsewhere, who were repeatedly chanting “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” all weekend.

      As a result of his community work, as well as his career with the SJPD, officer White’s picture has been in the newspapers and elsewhere and he is relatively recognizable as a police officer, on or off duty. With protests, rioting and violence against the police, erupting and on-going in many major cities, from New York to Oakland, it is not unreasonable that officer White would be concerned about the safety of his family and himself and be frustrated enough to have said the unwise things that he did. This isn’t to excuse the tantrum but to give the probable reasons for it.
      I do not believe, however, that his dimwitted remarks make officer White a bigot anymore than my using God’s name in vain or telling door-to-door religious proselytizers to get the hell off my front porch makes me an atheist. What officer White has done however is given gasoline to the anti-police bigots to throw on the bonfire of their imaginary oppression.

      Whether we like it or not, police officers, in or out of uniform, on or off duty are bound by their departmental Code of Ethics when they are sworn in and therefore have a more limited right of free speech. There are too many court cases that have confirmed this point. There is no “Conduct Unbecoming a Private Citizen” when it comes to free speech, but there is though for cops. If a police officer is, or could just reasonably be, identified as a cop, there are just certain things he or she can’t say.

      I only hope that the City and the SJPD don’t succumb to the political pressure and crack the “disciplinary egg” with a sledge hammer on officer White. Regardless of profession, as human beings we all deserve fairness and it seems wrong to destroy a man’s career and take away his livelihood due to a couple of stupid remarks he posted on twitter.

      • I don’t consider this a free speech issue. He didn’t yell fire in a crowded theater, tho said he would bring a gun to one. People get fired for free speech all the time. That said I don’t think he should be fired yet. What he should be doing is getting out in front of the story, explaining himself and apologizing. Right now I just see radio silence.

    • JSL. sir,

      If there is anything more terrifying than someone who has been drinking and has his hands on a steering wheel, surely it must be someone who has been drinking and has his hands on a keyboard.

  9. Boy I really don’t understand the uproar. He was addressing recent events where police officers responded to perceived threats (whether perceived correctly or incorrectly) by using deadly force. That’s Ferguson, the 12 y.o. boy in Ohio, and the New York “can’t breathe” case. He is saying that in his opinion, officers perceived the threat correctly and responded appropriately. He is saying he would do the same. He is using hyperbole, something people do all the time on social media. He is doing this on his own time and using his own computer. Why is this not protected speech under the 1st Amendment? I must be missing something.

  10. Dept. of Justice figures indicate that cops killed about 5,000 people nationwide from 9/11 to the end of 2013. Since just 2007, 2,236 blacks were killed in Chicago alone, almost all by other blacks, despite the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Yet we don’t hear all that much outrage from the media, or Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, or even Chicagoan Barack Obama. Where’s the rioting, looting, and marches by dilettante white folks? 2007 DOJ stats indicate 7,999 black folks were killed nationwide by all types of killers in 2005 alone, 93% of them by other black folks. In Philadelphia from 2006 to 2009 there were 1,196 black men killed by other black men, according to Police Department statistics. The Tuskegee Institute in Alabama recorded 3,446 lynchings of blacks from 1882 to 1968 — the total of 86 years, a sad and indefensible death toll indeed. The toll of blacks murdered in Chicago alone in only 18 years, from 1991 to 2009: nearly 9,500. Remember the vandalism, riots, and looting that followed OJ’s acquittal of murdering two white folks? No? That’s right, it didn’t happen. The outrage and breast beating needs to go on in black communities throughout the nation. That’s where the majority of homicides are, and they are mostly black on black, not white cop on black man.

    • JohnMichael:

      You are offering a rational explanation in an age of irrationality.

      It is probably politically incorrect to report this, but if you accept the view that humanity is engaged in an ongoing competition between primitive forager tribalism and modern production/trade based civilization, police forces and police officers are institutions and agents of civilization.

      The job of police forces is to protect CAPITAL, and PROPERTY, and TRADE.

      Primitive forager tribalism doesn’t need police forces because they have mobs. And primitive forager tribalism doesn’t gain anything from rationality and rational explanations, because all they need to mobilize and energize mobs is promises of loot and plunder.

      Culturally, police officers are offended by irrationality and mendacity which are corrosive to civilization.

      Whereas, irrationality and mendacity are the sources of energy for the primitive tribalist forager mobocracy.

      It is hard for civilized people in the twenty-first century to get their head around the fact that they are living on the same planet, and often side-by-side, with people who have the morality and ethics of cavemen inside their heads. But that’s reality.

      Here’s are little historical vignette of the mental processes of the people who want to “bring it all down”.

    • Actually, most cop killings aren’t even reported. There are studies (you know SCIENCE), that show that minorities, particularly blacks, are targeted, arrested, charged, convicted, and receive harsher sentences for the same crimes. The south is well-known for having a school to prison pipeline for black youth. That is simply a fact. California did an informal study on race in CA public schools. The study found that blacks were singled out more often, punished more severely than similarly-situated white students who committed the same types of offenses. That’s because white people still believe that they are biologically/genetically/socially superior to blacks. It’s institutional racism. You are engaging in it because you want to believe the raw data. If the roles were reversed, you’d be all up in arms about whites being treated unfairly. You are just another racist, and you have a lot of company.

      Most crime is intra-racial, and it happens at similar rates. Most gun crime doesn’t happen in black communities. It happens in rural, conservative states. Arizona has one of the highest gun violence rates. White people like to shoot each other over property disputes. Stuff like that.

      • and it has been pointed out that in the statistics that you pin heads like to reference regarding black on black crime (murders) the difference beteween the two stats is that those perpetrators of black on black crime are arrested and incarcerated where as cop killers…..not so much

        • Anthony: you probably meant to say killer cops, not cop killers. Take another toke of your “medical” MJ and ponder the difference. There will be a quiz in the morning to ascertain if you can explain the significant difference between those two ways of expressing the concept.

          In any event, the vast majority of those killed by cops are justifiable, whereas few of the black on black homicides in da hood are justifiable. Thus the difference in incarceration rates. On the plus side–every dead pimp or drug dealer, or general neighborhood thug the likes of Michael Brown, is a good thing for society as a whole.

          Anthony, you should hook up with Liz and save the world.

          • i was gonna re-reply that i meant killer cops haha because i know how you pin heads get all worked up over misspellings and sh lol and try ALL killings by cops are ruled justifiable haha wanna kill people and get away with it….become a cop…..pushback will be met with pushback so lets take it to the stage, it kinda sucks that people get upset when a cop kills someone and than wish cops would get killed and then they are killed hmmmm ya kinda feel bad….kinda

      • Liz: I culled data from the US Dept. of Justice published statistics. You blathered on with no data to support your position. You will continue to believe what you want to believe, no matter what the numbers show. I believe the numbers. I do agree with you on one point–most crime is intra-racial. According to the Dept. of Justice numbers, 93% of black people are killed by black people and 85% of white people are killed by white people. Your specious position does not address the fact that the number of black homicides by white cops is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of black homicides by other blacks. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Liz and wake up. The problem with black deaths in America is primarily, indeed almost exclusively, with death by the hands/guns of other blacks, not by white cops. That is the problem that needs to be addressed, but is ignored by the race baiters and headline grabbers like Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and Jackson. Try as you might with your white guilt and name calling (people who cite the numbers are not all racists, Liz. They are just people who examine the evidence) the numbers cannot be refuted, Liz. Hopefully, Liz, some day you will descend from your ivory tower, grow up, open your eyes and your mind, and see the world as it really is, and not some Kumbaya world that you live in now.

      • Selecting Arizona as proof of your central thesis is rather disingenuous, unless you are going to identify the racial makeup of the various categories of firearm violence. It is generally understood that border states such as Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico suffer inflated rates of violent crime due to the fact that a substantial percentage is committed by illegal immigrants, and prison gangs which are heavily involved in the the moving of same and also in the trafficking of illegal drugs across the border. Also. one form of violent crime which goes largely unconsidered is that committed by illegal immigrant unlicensed drivers. But the conclusions of the two studies conducted by the AAA foundation (Unlicensed to Drive 1 and 2) are thoroughly researched, documented and damning.

  11. While I doubt that Officer White’s public talk of killing people constitutes a true threat or any other crime, it is frankly terrifying coming from a law enforcement officer in the context of widespread fear in the African American community over the killing of unarmed black men and boys by other officers.

    I’m sure that these days are extremely stressful to officers throughout the country. All the more reason to exercise professional restraint in public — rather than venting in ways that can only increase the fear and rage and thus the risk of more violence, including directed against officers and perhaps even, as Officer White fears, their families.

    Chief Esquivel appears to me to have taken the right actions to start to calm the tensions. We need to reduce the fear level all around

    • If you’re in fear of a Tweet that was non-specific and franky, you didn’t even know about without media sensationalism, I don’t know what to tell you. Who was the message “sent” to? Nobody. It was a stupid thing to do but for people to claim they fear police in general, or Officer White particularly for a *Tweet* is simply fake outrage and histrionics.

      Are you shaking in your boots because Anonymous tweeted they are trying to hack into nearly every large corporation in America? It’s just as credible a general threat. Are you offended by billboards that you drive by whose message you don’t agree with?

      How do you people not realize that Ferguson, the riots and controversies like this are CREATED by the media with twisted facts and sensationalism?

  12. JMO’C,

    Your post is a great example of what the media and progressives consider the real enemy: reasoned thought — the last line of defense against the egalitarian dreams of collectivists (like that cancer we have in the White House). Your ability to apply logic to current events allows you to factcheck most news reports and opinion pieces, making it likely that you will do so anytime your skepticism is aroused.

    One only need to read the papers and watch the news to witness the sorry state of reasoned thought in America. College-educated young people manipulated into outrage and violence by way of provocation no more sophisticated than would be necessary to rile up a tribe of Zulus, who require only a fabricated “them” and “us” story repeated to the accompaniment of a drumbeat.

    A black “gentle” giant murdered by a racist white cop came the story from Ferguson, only the black man was a thug who’d just committed a serious felony, and the cop had accumulated a lengthy and proud record of service with no evidence of being a racist. The thug had his hands up surrendering, only the physical evidence showed he didn’t and he wasn’t, instead corroborating the officer’s account that he’d shot the much larger assailant in self-defense. Nevertheless, the media continued to beat the drums, continued to mislead the public, continued to fan the flames of race hate and mindless hysteria.

    The coverage of the fat career criminal in New York was more of the same. “I can’t breathe” were his desperate last words but they were music to news reporters. Who cares if he couldn’t breathe because he overstressed his obese body while resisting arrest, spinning the story so as to make those cops into killers is easy when your audience is stupid.

    The black community was so outraged by these incidents that it took them almost a week to get their open palms extended coast to coast. Jesse showed up here to shakedown the high-tech community, while Obama is thankful to once again have a pretense to transfer a bit more wealth from the working stiffs to the people he truly represents. And not to miss out on the opening, San Jose’s Collectivist-in-Residence LaDoris Cordell called for the abolition of grand juries, the goal being to guarantee the moron majority the right to terrorize every decision-maker with political/professional pressure.

    And now we see just how far and how fast the collectivists have advanced our concepts about freedom, with people actually calling for punitive action taken against a man who freely expressed his opinion (you might want to look up the definition) without direction about people identifiable only by their ugly words and terrorizing actions. If that’s a crime, welcome to the new USSR.

    • We are immersed in a Culture of Mendacity, and what is particularly alarming is the perception that the “silent majority” has become desensitized to it and accept it.

      I suspect that the perception of widespread acceptance of societal mendacity contributed to Officer White’s intemperate remarks.

      One particular mendacity meme which I have resolved to slap down at every opportunity is the habitual mindless media repetition that Michael Brown was an “unarmed” black man.

      He may have been a “black” man, but he was NOT “unarmed”. His DNA was detected on the police officers gun.

      If he was touching the gun, he was not unarmed.

      DON’T LIE TO ME, Mercury News.

      DON’T LIE TO ME, CNN, NBC, New York Times.

      DON’T LIE TO ME, “Reverend” Sharpton.


  13. Jack Slade on the Beat

    Ok folks, you might as well understand this. He’s not going anywhere!!! San Jose Police have killed and wounded many minorities. We just paid out $5,000,000.00 for shooting a passed out drunk in a stairwell after everyone told cops he was out cold. Then 4 or 5 cops crowded into the stairwell in the dark and stepped on and broke a orange cowboy gun that was part of his Halloween costume. One cop yelled gun and they shot 22 times. Then they killed a man in bed where a gun dropped by another man that barged into his house and fell on the floor in the living room some how grew legs , ran down a hall turned left then right and jumped into his hand. Then they shot a 17 year old mentally ill girl encircled by numerous cops at 15 feet away who shot her because the Black and Decker Drill in her hand was thought to be a machine gun. Then they shot two different old mentally ill women because they were in fear of their lives and forgot about their Mace, Their Tazers and three foot night sticks that they spend hours training with. Of course don’t forget the buried story of a child being shot at a party for cops. Don’t forget the two cops fired for letting an ex cop DA investigator who’s father was the DA investigator Supervisor and ex SJPD officer, who hit a family while DUI and they saved her from prosecution and threatened the victim who had to hide then the California Attorney General had to go after SJPD while the DUI husband was being charged with $54,000.00 in fraudulent overtime. What’s cool is the two officers won their jobs back because the SJPD Investigators made a legal mistake. Now let’s put the cherry on top. One of the rehired officers, later, was arrested for long term molesting of boys and allowed to resign. Have you heard of him being prosecuted? That’s what happens when the DA’s office retired SJPD investigators get done interrogating the young boys to death. Good defense, the boys were 14 and homosexual!!!!! How about boxing in a guy in a joy ride car, tazering him until he takes his foot off the brakes and rolls into a police car blocking him in and then shooting him.

    I could go on and on believe me, but this guy is the least “5150” then the 1000 other unstable thugs on your SJPD. He’s just below the cop that court records show has broker arms and legs and jaws and you think they will fire him for just saying what he’ll do to you. Three days off and the Civil Service hearing will reverse.

    CIVILIAN REVIEW BOARD Folks! real soon!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Nate, or Slade or (Your pseudonym has a pseudonym?!?).

      What are you talking about??? Were you at one time also known as “Brother Theodore”? I see the similarity in style.

  14. Is Liz the Lunatic new here or is it just that I’ve been lucky enough to have overlooked her in the past?

    It is true today and it has been true for decades that the cities with the highest murder rates are the cities with large black populations. In 2012 the most murderous cities (Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and New Orleans) all had populations at least 60% African-American (the fifth city was Oakland, and I’ve yet to see a news story about a rash of redneck killings there).

    There is a reason why the cheapest big city housing in the nation can be found in black neighborhoods — no one, of any color, wants to live anywhere near their lower-middle and lower classes. They are disproportionately fatherless, ignorant, uncivil, and criminal. They’ve largely abandoned the churches that once gave their communities structure, switching their allegiance to the almighty welfare state. Black race hustlers, immoral politicians, and putrid news reporters harvest their sordid, tragic lives for political leverage and payoffs, voting blocks and grandstanding, and mindless, bloody violence. Their worst enemies pose as their friends and supporters, and they’re just too dumb to realize it.

  15. There are a LOT of people who say embarrassing and/or stupid things on social media. Ideally, none of them should lose their jobs over it, and if they work for the government, they have a Constitutional right to be afforded First Amendment protections in that regard. You should be judged according to your actual job performance, not according to perfectly legal activities in which you may engage, while not at work.

  16. SJI- I just received this. Will you be covering it?

    The “Protect Your People” March

    WHAT: The Coalition for justice and Accountability, Demand the Firing of Officer White and Charges Filed Against Officers Who Killed Antonio Lopez Guzman

    WHEN: Thursday December 18, 2014 // Gathering starts at 4pm

    WHERE: March Starting at Santa Clara County Building (James McEntee Plaza 70 West Hedding Street San Jose, CA) and Ending at the San Jose Police Department (201 West Mission Street San Jose, CA)

    DETAILS: As communities across the nation protest against officer involved shootings and lack of accountability in the criminal justice system, the San Jose community too is standing up to “protect our people” and demand justice from the District Attorney’s Office and the San Jose Police Department. Lead by families who have lost loved ones to police violence, the march will start at the Santa Clara County Building, where the community will be calling on the District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against the San Jose State police officers who killed Antonio Lopez Guzman. Guzman was killed on February 21st, 2014. De-Bug will also show footage of community member Lamar Noble, a 44-year-old African-American resident, getting beat by Santa Clara County Sheriffs. We are calling on the DA’s office to drop “resisting arrest” charges on Noble.

    The community will then march to the San Jose Police Department to demand Officer White be fired. Officer White made national news with a series of threatening and mocking tweets in regards to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner killings. In a span of 2 days, over 13,000 people have signed the online petition calling for his firing. The petition will be delivered to the SJPD at the march.

    Sponsored by the Coalition for Justice and Accountability, Silicon Valley De-Bug, Silicon Valley NAACP, Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet Silicon Valley, Asian Law Alliance, MAIZ, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, R.A.D, and more…

    The African American Community Service Agency – is supporting this march!!!!

    Strength in Unity,


    • Clearly, even one unjustified homicide by a cop is one too many. However, that death toll is the flea on the tail that is wagging the dog of gun deaths in the USA.

      If the African American Community Service Agency really wanted to do some good, it would organize marches in all the black neighborhoods where black men kill other black men by the THOUSANDS annually. This sort of media-covered nonsense diverts attention from the major cause of black homicide deaths in America–other black people. Nothing will change as long as the black community puts up with its terrible death toll perpetrated by black men. But you’ll never see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson decrying this death toll in da hood, nor will you see Eric Holder or Barack Obama or Rahm Emanuel launching an investigation into the 2,236 Blacks killed in Chicago alone, which has strict gun control, from 2007 to 2013. It’s too easy to blame whitey, and the mainstream media follow along like robots.

      March against the major problem, AACSA, not the footnote.

  17. Typical of those stricken with delusions, George stays away from the movies, preferring to stare blankly at nothing while trembling off psychotic energy. But don’t pity him; what could be more entertaining than being convinced you’re a tough old cop, an accomplished actor, a much-feared investigative journalist, and a legendary rocker who ranks right alongside his good buddy, Elvis?

    Tune in, turn on, nut out. Enjoy your weekend trip, Nate Jaeger.

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