SJPD Officers Mock Muslims, BLM Protesters on Facebook

The South Bay’s largest police agency is just a degree removed from a suspected assassination plot against author-activist Shaun King, one of the nation’s most prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Billy Dishman—who retired from the San Jose Police Department in 2006 before going on to lead Tracy PD’s Internal Affairs Unit—was named as one of the ex-cops being investigated by the FBI for making online death threats against King. Though Dishman left SJPD long ago, he’s part of a closed Facebook group of current and retired San Jose cops that’s reportedly very similar to the one that became part of the FBI probe this week.

Under the pseudonym Charlie Paulsen on Medium, the partner of an active San Jose PD officer (whose identity has been independently confirmed by San Jose Inside) cites troubling comments and memes by members of a Facebook group called 10-7ODSJ—a name that refers to police scanner code for “off duty.”

Much of the content cited on Medium disparages Black Lives Matter and—of particular concern for a department being sued for alleged Islamophobia—Muslims.

A post by retired SJPD policeman William Rockmiller links to an article about a woman whose hijab was yanked off by a Los Angeles cop.

The link prompted mocking responses from fellow 10-7ODSJ members, including a quip about repurposing religious head coverings into nooses.

Active SJPD traffic cop Mark Pimentel—one of the officers who policed protests outside City Hall in recent weeks—chimed in with a variation on the joke.

“Hell,” he wrote, “I would have pulled it over her face.”

Another response comes from retired officer Michael Nagel, who shared a meme of a “Sharia Barbie” with a black eye, hijab, Quran, and, it states, “stoning accessories available for additional purchase.”

“It is obvious what these officers think about Muslims and we must question how these cops applied their racist views while in uniform,” the Medium author notes. “For example, how many times has Officer Pimentel pulled over a woman with a hijab for ‘speeding’ or a ‘broken taillight?’”

Meanwhile, Steve Wilson, who retired from SJPD last year, has been popping off about the people protesting George Floyd’s killing, calling them in various posts “animals” and likening them to Antifa and “the same trash” who turn out for Cinco de Mayo.

Some of the social media posts go back several years, but the blogger said they remain relevant because of the positions the involved officers hold to this day.

For example, a 2015 update from Sgt. Chris Sciba “racially profiles and stereotypes all Muslims as being terrorists,” the Medium author wrote.

“The hypocrisy in this is that Sgt. Sciba is currently assigned to the Training Unit, where he teaches about race-bias policing to academy students, officers, sergeants, lieutenants and captains,” the blog goes on to state. “Does SJPD feel that this post is acceptable and does not go against their policies of enforcing a workplace free of hostility and discrimination? Obviously, that they hired Sciba to teach on the very subject of race-bias policing, we have to ask if SJPD shares the same view that Sciba has on Muslims, and allows such racist stereotypes to exist. After all, not even the lieutenants or captains told Sciba that his post is inappropriate. How can we know that Sciba hasn’t infused his anti-Muslim sentiments into the classes he teaches? How do we know that officers who took his class and see his post aren’t saying, ‘Well if Sgt. Sciba is okay with calling all Muslims terrorists, it must be okay with the work policy, right?’”

More recently, in May 2019, Sgt. Fabrice Bellini posted an image of a commemorative coin titled “Stinkin’ Lincoln: To Hell and Back Every Night.” The author says the satirical token refers to “District Lincoln” in San Jose, a beat comprising mostly Vietnamese and Latino residents as well as large concentrations of homeless encampments.

“Stinkin’ Lincoln is a name applied to these people by SJPD, and is accompanied by feelings of disdain when an officer is assigned to work in this district, ‘the trash’ of San Jose,” the author remarks. “The coin was so popular that officers asked for coins for their entire team, a request Bellini enthusiastically said he can fulfill. That officers openly celebrate their disgust about these minority and marginalized groups through a coin, we should question the kind of policing that occurs in this district they call ‘hell.’”

The Medium article argues that the social media posts call into question the sincerity of SJPD and union leaders who say they want to “root out racist cops.”

“Even more disturbing than the posts itself is the lack of reporting among the police officers,” the author writes. “Breaking the ‘Blue Wall of Silence’ for fears of retaliation are legitimate feelings based on a history of whistleblowers at SJPD being ostracized. The SJPD must encourage and allow a work environment where officers can report colleagues who violate policies and laws without facing retaliation. This must especially be the case when officers and lower-ranked employees are reporting higher-ranked colleagues, as SJPD is a system built on seniority. The retaliation that police face is especially pernicious as it manifests as over-aggressive discipline for minor policy offenses, denials of transfer to a special unit or not promoting a qualified officer. Truly establishing protection for whistleblowers would raise ethical standards and hold the entire department to a standard the community expects and deserves.”

When reached shortly after the Medium post went live this evening, SJPD spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia said the agency is looking into the posts.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” he wrote in an email. “We will definitely look into these incidents. San Jose Police Department members are responsible for, and required to adhere to the policies and procedures of the department. This includes conduct, either on or off duty, which would adversely reflect upon the department.”

A couple hours later, in response to San Jose Inside’s reporting, Mayor Sam Liccardo condemned the alleged comments and called for swift action. Chief Eddie Garcia followed up right after to confirm that he already launched an investigation into the matter.

“I will be recommending termination,” he said in a text. “This is unacceptable.”

Later, through a spokesman, Chief Garcia added: “I have previously responded with discipline up to termination after an investigation into off duty online activity that runs counter to our standards of conduct. While I have no control over what former employees post online, I can voice my outrage after hearing about these comments made online. Any current employee involved with bigoted activity online will promptly be investigated and held accountable to the fullest extent in my power. We have no place for this.”

In recent years, researchers and journalists have devoted greater attention to what law enforcement officials post to social media because of concerns about how their personal biases might affect their on-the-job behaviors.

The Plain View Project, founded in 2016 by a group of attorneys to track online posts by police, notes that the goal of monitoring online comments is not to suppress free speech but to hold authorities accountable for it.

“To be clear, our concern is not whether these posts and comments are protected by the First Amendment,” the landing page of Plain View’s website explains. “Rather, we believe that because fairness, equal treatment, and integrity are essential to the legitimacy of policing, these posts and comments should be part of a national dialogue about police.”

Many police departments have responded to reports of hate speech by launching personnel probes that have resulted in disciplinary reassignments of offending officers.

In 2019, a yearlong investigation by Reveal, an affiliate of the Bay Area-based nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, found that Islamophobia, among other extremist ideologies, was rampant among online law enforcement groups.

Reporters who worked on the project contacted 150 police departments about the findings. Some of those agencies launched immediate investigations. One fired an officer. However, the report states, most “were unbothered by their officers’ social media activity. Some police leaders were angry that we even asked them about it.”

A few years ago, San Jose PD had to publicly grapple with social media remarks made by one of its veteran patrolmen. In 2016, Officer Phillip White prompted fierce public backlash over a Twitter rant that began by criticizing Black Lives Matter and devolved into thinly cloaked threats of violence.

Chief Garcia roundly denounced the statements and placed White on desk duty. But attorneys from the local police union made sure the top brass couldn’t fire the officer, however much they wanted to. White ultimately won his job back through arbitration.

Mayor Liccardo said he hopes to avoid that outcome this time around, and that these kinds of situations are exactly why he hopes the city will adopt the nine-point accountability plan he unveiled earlier this week.

“Our chief fired an officer for tweeting a similar statement in 2016, but an unaccountable arbitrator—immune from public or court review—reversed the termination, and forced the department to reinstate the officer,” he said. “For that reason, as I articulated in my police reform proposal this week, I will push for changes to a disciplinary process that allows unaccountable arbitrators to reverse termination decisions of the chief, and I will further push for independent investigation of all racially discriminatory conduct. This is precisely why these reforms are so important.”

This article has been updated to include comments from the mayor and police chief.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Dear Chief Garcia,

    As you are finding out now, you can’t bend the knee to these people. They will dig and dox and the mob must be feed. You can kneel, you can wash, you can even throw an old, bit crazy, lady to the wolves. But the mob will still come, until you too are on the stick. You seem like a good guy, from our east side neighborhood, but they won’t care. Even if you let them beat down pretty blonde Trump supporters, they will come and get you.

    Sorry and all the Best,

    • Fire everyone who’s an active officer.

        • This is one of the worst comment sections I’ve ever seen, but yours doesn’t even try that hard. If the cops are going to pay you to post your fascist racist drivel from Australia you could put some effort in pal

          • ha! that one was not as good as the boot leather one. guess what, ill write what I want, and the cops, well they gonna need that money for pensions, just like the teachers, cause what ya’ll are doing is going to make Detroit look like Paris

    • Are you serious? Racism in the SJPD is exposed and you decide to act like SJPD is the victim? Moronic. Each racist cop needs to be exposed and FIRED! They should never be allowed to work in Law Enforcement AGAIN

        • Precisely what we’re all saying. America is our country and we want it diverse and inclusive. Therefore, racist morons like you are not welcome (partly why your ugly kind are on the Australian continent) and should go back to where you came from. Problem is, nobody wants you back and if we exile you somewhere, at some point you’ll return. Perhaps Mars is a better option.

          • Probably you need to think harder how you will pay your rent. And you my friend are the bigot, you should probably read your post.

    • Chief, look into silicon valley faces while u r at it and hold its board and director responsible for discrimination and corruption.

    • Mistake? It never was something for everyone. Your words reflect on white supremacist ideology that fears diversity and those superior to you. Diversity is what kept this nation alive and thriving. Just because you live off the backs of others doesn’t mean you’re superior. Let POC/immigrants leave and this nation is nothing but a small population of inferior, always unsatisfied bigots who will likely implode by eating each other.

      • But why are people of color always trying to get in then?
        There seems to be a disconnect with what I am seeing, and what you are saying.

  2. I would like to talk to the person that wrote this article, because you have no concept of the United States Constitution and more importantly the First Amendment that deals with several right, but specifically the right to free speech. I know the racial liberals think that they can say anything they want, but if anyone else said or writes anything against them these people are classified as racist. You should remember that the First Amendment allows you to write the garbage you do. If you want to talk about racist group maybe we should look at groups like Black Lives Matter, who advocate the killing of white people and another races that are not black and the killing of police officers.

    • There’s a difference between the First Amendment and advocating for the death of Muslims lives. If you could and actually read the article, especially the medium one, you will find the FB post where a cop posts that black lives do not matter. This is very racist along with all of the posts and if you think otherwise, you have a problem. If you could, list the so-called “racist” BLM advocacies where they solely focus on the killing of white people. I doubt you would find anything.

    • BLM has never advocated that. I can give you NUMEROUS and VALID sources proving this
      Where’s your source? Oh that’s right, you don’t have one.
      You’re just MAKING THINGS UP or parroting what you read on some right-wingnut fb group because it falls in line with your cognitive and racial biases.
      Maybe you should stop reading fake news stormfront, breitbart, fox news, and infowars for a change.
      Do you even know how to evaluate whether something is real or not?

      You’ve chosen your side.
      You’re okay with the murder of black americans by police.
      You’re okay with them talking about hanging muslim women by their hijabs?
      You think that people who we have entrusted with a weapon to protect and serve should have opinions like this?

      You’re not a true american. You’re a hypocrite.

      • Funny because you immediately attacked me instead of addressing my points. All I asked was for you to list some sources. You respond saying that you have many sources but fail to list one. Suuuuuuuurreeeee budddy. I further stress that there was a cop who said black lives don’t matter and deserves disciplinary action. You then call my a hypocrite and not a true American just to cover up the fact that you are clueless and are a part of the blind following.

        • Don’t now play the victim. You spouted your mouth off demanding sources for what you claim exist. BLM does not advocate for the destruction of white Americans. Nor is BLM a terrorist movement. Yet those you serve label it as such and advocate for its dismantling. Civil Rights have not been afforded all Americans and the radical right (The Reds) seem desperate to keep that sick system going. I am a Conservative who does not share your racist, xenophobic, sexist views, nor this worship of guns and ignorance/rejection of science. MAGA was before Aryanism hit the American continent – so I support Aryanism go back to where it came from. I do not support, as a Conservative, this disgusting rhetoric and gamesmanship you Reds play, pointing the finger at other Americans and blaming them for what you do; calling them childish names like “Libtards” and “Dimocrats”. I hate everything about how sad and pathetic your lives have become and truly resent you aligning with Conservative and Republican. You are neither – you’re way beyond pleasant, inclusive, patriotic, civil or Christian. Just awful people looking to hurt others with vitriol and herd mentality. This nation will change – even if it means through radicalization of good people against very bad actors – like Trump, KKK, Alt-Right, Tea Party and ‘very fine people’. Either grow up and show allegiance to this American movement to save BIPOC lives or leave.

          • Hi “Sick of Bigots”. I love your response but the comment you responded to was my comment mistakingly confusing “True American is a Hypocrite” with “True Arerican” and responded thinking that. If you read my comment below yours, you could see my apology to “True American is a Hypocrite.” Have a nice weekend man.

          • BLM founders claim to be a MARXIST movement, and the KKK was founded by Democrats.

      • HI “True American is a hypocrite.” I mistakenly confused you for being “True American” and responded in regard. Please ignore everything that I’ve said in response. Thank you and have a good day!

        • @Jay – Haha yeah, I figured you meant to reply to True American. No worries. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Freedom of speech doesnt give you freedom from consequence. These men should not be officers. Last thing we need in SJ is racist cops.

    • Stupid officers forget they are our servants in Lincoln Hell. They should question their sadistic and racist views.

  3. > Much of the content cited on Medium disparages Muslims and Black Lives Matter.

    Well, it as been asserted and documented by videos many, many times on social media, that Black Lives Matter was founded by “trained Marxist community organizers”, and has a stated goal to “remove President Trump from office before the election.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like “radical neo Marxists” or institutions founded by “trained Marxist community organizers”.

    I myself have disparaged Black Lives Matter many, many times.

    Do I need to turn myself in to the San Jose Inside disciplinary department?

    What is the prescribed punishment for San Jose Inside “insiders” who disparage Black Lives Matter?

    Also, if you are trying to make the case that Police Officers who disparage Black Lives Matter are “bad cops” and are deserving of the wrath of the San Jose Inside disciplinary department, what does San Jose Inside think of high ranking FBI officials who collaborate in a silent coup against the Constitutionally elected president of the United States. Would you likewise consider them to be “bad cops”?

    I don’t recall San Jose Inside officials or staffers EVER taking note of any “bad cops” at ANY level — state, local, or federal — for disparaging the President of the United States, let alone expressing any dismay at the conduct of such “bad cops” or calling for disciplinary measures.

    Isn’t a coup against the President of the United States WORSE for black Americans who enjoy the protections of the American Constitutional system than a little disparagement of a nihilist radical neo-Marxist activist group?

    • Interesting you had NOTHING to say about officers who are supposed to protect and serve talking about hanging a woman by her hijab like a noose.

      • > Interesting you had NOTHING to say about officers who are supposed to protect and serve talking about hanging a woman by her hijab like a noose.

        Did anyone actually get hanged “by her hijab like a noose”?


        Did anyone actually try to stage a silent coup against the President of the American Constitutional Republic which prohibits slavery and guarantees equal protection of the law and due process UNDER THE LAW to minorities AND people who have “black lives”?


        Let’s try to stick to reality,

        • >>>Did anyone actually get hanged “by her hijab like a noose”?
          You want someone who holds those views to be a cop?
          Someone who is supposed to protect and serve?

          >>>Did anyone actually try to stage a silent coup against the President of the American >>>Constitutional Republic

          No. They didn’t.

          >>>which prohibits slavery and guarantees equal protection of the law and due process UNDER >>>THE LAW to minorities AND people who have “black lives”?

          Where was due process for the extrajudicial murders of black americans by police?
          There was none. They weren’t even taken in to the station to be booked. They were just killed.
          Just cops playing judge, jury, and executioner.

          >>>Let’s try to stick to reality,

          It’s hilarious to me you’re talking about “reality” when you have NO GRASP ON IT.
          Stop following OAN, Fox, stormfront, breitbart, and infowars for all your news LMAO.
          Maybe you should leave your basement and go outside to get a job and find out about “reality”.

        • If what you say had any relevance we wouldn’t be witnessing the FBI investigating law enforcement officers using same language against activist Shaun King. The day you stop playing games with yourself and learn to adapt (healthily) to change – much needed change – the better you’ll feel and, likely, less hateful. Till then, perhaps watch videos by Tim Wise – he’ll spell it out for ya’ll quite eloquently, truthfully and without excuses.

          • > Till then, perhaps watch videos by Tim Wise – he’ll spell it out for ya’ll quite eloquently, truthfully and without excuses.

            A member of a primitive tribe wants me to watch videos by his shaman.

            I have my own shaman and my own videos.

            My tribe good. Your tribe bad.

          • The FBI investigated a “pull handle” from a garage door to see if there was merit to the claim; of course they should investigate something like this to see if there is merit. But just like the pull handle case, this one might not be as alleged either. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

      • > What you wrote is literally a piece of nonsense and fails to address anything in that matter.

        Thanks for pointing that out.

        Sorry you thought it was nonsense. I must have been speaking in a foreign language.

          • > You’re welcome! Fun Tip: Next time try to address the article . . .

            Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. That would be letting you control the agenda.

            It’s much more valuable for civilization to deconstruct your agenda and explain why your point is . . . um . . . pointless.

        • Sooooo you are just going to continue spewing some random points instead of taking your time and actually responding with a comment that is in regard about the article? Go ahead! Continue talking about some unrelated subject. Be my guest.

    • You choose to condone police talking about committing racially motivated violence and complain about what a victim Trump is. Your brain is just totally possessed by ideology, like you’re incapable of questioning your presuppositions of the world and have these bizarre responses as you try to mangle the truth to fit your vision of the world.

      • > Your brain is just totally possessed by ideology, like you’re incapable of questioning your presuppositions of the world and have these bizarre responses as you try to mangle the truth to fit your vision of the world.

        It’s not me. It’s you.

  4. No surprises here, we all know there is a group of criminal police and racists within the law enforcement culture. Let’s not forget thought that Shaun King and his extremists Muslims friends are the ones who always incite violence against Jews and Christians. He is also the one who was inciting people to torn down all the statues of Jesus diminishing Christians of all ethics backgrounds and cultures of their right to make representations of Jesus that are representative of who they are. JESUS CAN BE ANY COLOR. But do not forget our Christianity teaches us that he was a Jew not an African American, White European, Mexican Charro, and not a Palestinian! Thus, keep you hands out of Jesus SHAUN KING. No one not even my own parents or children are above my lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t, I will be glad to send a big reward to these criminals for serving us A LA JOHN THE BAPTIST! Most of those Latinos that support you now will turn against you once you start trashing Jesus, the Jews, and Israel. That was the fate of Castro and Chavez. JESUS IS THE ONLY KING OF THE CHRISTIANS!

    • You had one sentence to say about the actual content of the article.

      Then you wrote a PARAGRAPH about one sentence that mentioned how Shaun King had gotten death threat, not addressing it at all, and instead accusing him of inciting violence against Jews and Christians, which is completely false. Then, you rambled right off the deep end.

      I say this out of concern– Look into therapy, for your own sake.

      • I have seen videos of him. No one told me. Sorry separation of church and state, but a video speaks more than a thousand words. No Cesar is above Jesus. We the Christians are willing and very ready to die and to kill to defend our Lord. There is no State or law above Jesus. SOLDADOS DE CRISTO, PARA MORIR NACIMOS! This is our call. NO FEAR!

      • I am not defending racism. If you have read my post through the years, I am one of the few who has always talked about this injustice. It is also very evident extremist Muslims always use social causes they try to make their own to end up trashing Jews, Christians, Jesus, and any one not agreeing with them. Black Muslims are a minority in the US, but they always speak as if they represent all Blacks in US. We all know their intentions. They are the followers and supporters of Louis Farrakhan! The Sunni Muslims kill the Shia for simply being from a different branch of their Muslim beliefs. There are thousands of Christians denominations. Instead of killing one another we embrace the fact of more people following our lord Jesus Christ. So tell me corazón who are the ones with black and white thinking and willing to kill those not embracing their views? It should be clear, I am talking about the extremist Muslims, those wanting to impose their beliefs on others. They could just preach and let people choose! These extremist Muslims also play the victim card when convenient. We know some of them are just a group of @ssholes. Guess what papa? Some Christians can play at own terms! F…K Shaun Clown! VIVA JESUS! FOREVER

      • Jesus ushered in the end of racism, humans left to their own devices go tribal in 5 minutes.

        Deny Jesus, the first thing you’ll get is racism.

        That was one of the messages he came to tell the Jews.

        We are all God’s children and we can all gain access to salvation.

        • No one is being forced to accept Jesus. He is at the door and he calls. No body has access to salvation and the father through other means than Jesus. Any one is free to their own beliefs and faith, this include the Christians. Give to others what you are asking for yourself. LEAVE MY LORD JESUS CHRIST ALONE!

          • He is not only your Jesus, we all can seek Him.

            You are not the gatekeeper, those that think they are deluding themselves.

          • I am not saying Jesus is only mine you idiot. I am the only one defending him were the extremist Muslims try to erase his identity as we all Christians now him. They have right to their beliefs, and I have a right to mine own too.

  5. To all my Black amigos, you need a leader most of us can admire and relate too. Someone more like Martin Luther King, one of my heroes, and not someone like Shaun Clown. This alienates with his extreme views.

    • > To all my Black amigos, you need a leader most of us can admire and relate too.

      Too many malignant people look at blacks simply as ignorant zombies to march in parades hyping their self serving political hobby horse.

      Do blacks want to march in the “radical neo-Marxist” parade? Whose idea was that?

      It wasn’t a black idea. It was a radical neo-Marxist idea. And ol’ Marxie wasn’t very damn black.

      Do blacks want to march in Sean King’s parade? Whose idea was that? Shaun King isn’t black; he’s whiter than Elizabeth Warren.

      Do blacks want to march in Joe Biden’s parade? You’re not a black unless you’re marching in Joe Biden’s parade? Here, Joe. Hold this leash, We won’t be needing it any more.

      The tragedy of black America is that there are too many NON-BLACK con-artists who want to lead the black parade, usually off a cliff to create a train wreck or a disaster and claim the insurance money for a bunch of dead black people.

      Harry Potter says: “The wand will find the wizard”

      Blacks will find their leaders.

  6. No Bubble, you should not be canceled. I appreciate diversity of opinion and thought even when those thoughts and opinions are out there!

  7. I’m a bit confused. In the San Jose Mercury article it said “San Jose Police Officers Association President Paul Kelly said the union will take steps to remove from its ranks retired or current officers who were part of the 10-7ODSJ group.” How can you remove a retired officer from the ranks? If they aren’t employed by the City of San Jose (SJPD), the City has no control over their comments on social media. They can’t reprimand them. They can’t fire them. Could someone please explain that that statement by Officer Kelly meant? Thank you.

    • MiniMouse, of course we do he is white! Now do you know how many political groups of young democrats Ash Kalra has formed in Santa Clara County, Bay Area, and California? This is a well organized political scam to place extremist “democrats” in power. Their goal was Ro Khanna becoming the vice-president if Bernie would win. Is it a coincidence that the heads of all these scams are Muslim politicians? Mmmmmm…?

      • If you want to see real change in your community, moving doesn’t solve anything. In fact, you are just avoiding the problem.

        • Well, San Jose didn’t need change. It had a reasonable crime rate, some gangs but outside a small Alum Rock gang war 5 or so years back manage to police themselves, was a sanctuary city of 1/3 asian, 1/3 white, 1/3 latino. In general was a happy place for a few decades. Frankly was as good as one can expect given human nature, diversity lowers social capital, see Puttnam. But now we are here and the change you are trying to affect is not for the better. These (perhaps you) are radicals, following a play book, and being funded. Your revolution has already been appropriated.

          There is a reason you are seeing racial division being whipped up. They just did a TARP, but with a bigger payout for the rich.They are angling for another, and even if you get some dollars, they are already somebody else’s money, it will just go through your bank account for a bit. The foreclosures are next after the public no longer has the will to TARP. You are getting played, like a violin, to distract everyone to think this is about race.

          Regarding moving. If you want to hold on to your rent controlled apartment, paying the equivalent of the mortgage on a $400,000 home and competing with either the highest educated workforce humanity has ever known or a massive glut of legally second class citizens for whatever scraps your overlord lets drop off the table, keep fighting the good fight. You are making people like me rich, thank you. But when you go after a latino chief and a very small, mostly benign police force in this petty way and call it the “real change” you are fighting for, you may want to step back and think again. People are not this angry or racially motivated in real life, you are locked into a cult. And your cult leader is enjoying your self-immolation, both financially and otherwise.

          • If you read this article and don’t think that San Jose never needed change in terms of the racist culture in the police force, all I can say is that you’ve got a problem. About moving, people really are angry and racially motivated. Have you read/watched the news? There are riots and protesting throughout the country demanding reform and defunding of the police.

          • XYS, it seems you and your cohorts are playing the role of “useful idiots” in this made for tv drama. Someday you’ll wake up to be being used and abused, for your sake i hope it’s sooner than later. Until then intelligent people who think for themselves (not told to what to think by the latest fad marxist group) will continue to feel sorry for you every time you speak.

    • Simón ese! A teaspoon of saliva infects a whole pool! SJPD and Santa Clara County need lots of Clorox and not because of Corona.

    • > At this point…all trust for SJPD is lost as far as im concerned


      Do you still have trust in Mexican police?

      What difference does it make to people in Mexico City whether the SJPD is trustworthy?

      • FYI Bubble, Mexicans and Latinos generally speaking have never trusted the police or politicians. This is why Latinos are so skilled at detecting corruption. It is a cultural cancer they were born to, no option. Only one thing most Latinos detest than police and politicians, Communists! I have lived most of my life in the US but spent some good years in Latin American. You won’t find a single Mexican National that will defend police.

        • > Only one thing most Latinos detest than police and politicians, Communists!

          Well, I would like to believe this, but Latin America and South America seem to have more than their fair share of communist regimes. And South America is the cradle of “liberation theology”.

          And the current Pope seems to be pretty much of a commie.

          How do you explain this?

  8. The hijab statement is in bad taste but this is likely related to a specific person they were having trouble with, not some sort of hatred against Muslims. We’d have to see the incident.

    We need to see the full post in context. Many point out the hipocrasy of BLM with regard to Black Lives Mattering. They don’t really matter to BLM. That is not a racist critique.

  9. > Though Dishman left SJPD long ago, he’s part of a closed Facebook group of current and retired San Jose cops that’s reportedly very similar to the one that became part of the FBI probe this week.

    There you go again!

    What J-school in America teaches that “reportedly” is a news source?

    Find that school and yank their accreditation.

  10. To all the hurt and hysterical, including the mayor and police chief, I present a few offerings from the dictionary:

    hyperbole — exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally
    burlesque — humor based on comic imitation and exaggeration
    vent — to give free play or expression to energy, thought, emotion…
    jocularity — given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting
    facetious — not meant to be taken seriously or literally

    I realize that for many of the outraged left, those who’ve never known good mental health or physical robustness, these words represent unknown concepts, but trust me, Donald Trump did not invent any of them. There is no grand conspiracy against you — your unhappiness and confusion is self-inflicted.

    For those in public office, free speech is still the law of the land (Mr. DA), conviviality is healthy (Mr. Mayor), and nothing posted within a closed group is anywhere near as frightening (or as contrary to the rule of law) as a police chief who believes himself qualified and authorized to decide matters (“I will be recommending termination,”) in advance of investigative conclusions (Mr. Chief).

    And to the person so obviously filled with raw hatred for his or her partner, and disrespect of the trusts shared, could there be any punishment more severe than the curse of just being you?

  11. So important to name these police officers!! Now the cop’s wives, spouses and partners are coming forward to expose the cop culture of racism, sexism and corruption. This is Silicon Valley people, yet it feels as if we are talking about the deep south 60 years ago!

    This article was published one week after the Washington Post revealed our illustrious district attorney filed a whistleblower complaint against a Muslim public defender. Arguably the complaint revealed Mr. Rosen’s bias and racist mindset.

    On Monday, a small group of protestors carried signs at the family courthouse that read ” Rosen is Racist”. This Santa Clara County DA has also been dubbed America’s first #DAKaren, a PR nightmare former reporter turned Public Information Officer, Sean Webby is likely unqualified to handle.

    Here is a link to the DA Karen article in a popular online legal publication:

    Don’t forget taxpayers pay Mr. Rosen $153K a year for this kind of performance. That is not outrageous, it is criminal. Not only does Mr. Rosen tolerate this cop culture, he fails countless victims and steals their money from state and federal grants. Mr. Rosen does not deserve stenographic reporting of his fake outrage, he deserves to be indicted along with all the complicit Supervisors who allowed Mr. Rosen to hijack justice in this county for over 10 years. Susan Ellenberg, Dave Cortese, Cindy Chavez, Mike Wasserman and gold old Joe Simitian.

    • Just as the surest way for a cop to win widespread popularity in the community is to get murdered in the line of duty, the only way for a cop to win credibility with cop-haters is to tell them exactly what they want to hear, which is almost certain to be collection of unverifiable anecdotes and vindictive gossip. In the case of Econoclast’s hero, we are introduced to a former cop who, during his ten years in Dante’s Inferno, never used his authority to correct a single horror — something he attributes to his having been a bastard himself. It seems that by giving testimony, renouncing his past, and embracing the approved dogma, this one time bastard has effectively been cleansed, made whole again, and accepted into the flock as a born-again subversive.

      Gee, there’s something naggingly familiar about his journey but I just can’t place it.

      • Your posts remind me of ‘frustrated finfan’ from a few years ago. A little more smoothed out, his lines were like bloody razors, but both are great stuff.

  12. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a CIty Council member introduced a resolution simply affirming the legal principle of “Due Process”.

    When that fails — as it surely will — the renegade council member might offer a resolution affirming the principle of “due process for peaceful arsonists, or for peaceful looters, or for violent nihilistic radical neo-Marxist organizations.”

    It will be enlightening to see if there is any bottom to the pit of lunatic political social pathology.

  13. > Under the pseudonym Charlie Paulsen on Medium, the partner of an active San Jose PD officer (whose identity has been independently confirmed by San Jose Inside) cites troubling comments and memes by members of a Facebook group called 10-7ODSJ—a name that refers to police scanner code for “off duty.”


    You should know better.

    The sourcing for this piece is just crap.

    An unidentified partner of an of an unidentified active San Jose PD officer “(whose identity has been independently confirmed by San Jose Inside)”.

    Who is the independent confirming authority at San Jose Inside?

    Jennifer Wadsworth? Dan Pulcrano? Kyle Martin? Aren’t all of you people in the same cubicle?

    That’s your idea of independence?

    San Jose Inside will probably win a Pulitzer Prize for this. That’s not much of a validation outside ot the “news business” bubble.

    • In my opinion, Jennifer’s work is very poor and purposefully antagonistic. It has given me the impression she is part of an activist group with an agenda. With that in mind I do not think she should represent San Jose Inside any longer due to her hateful rhetoric and purposefully misleading stories.

  14. Question to anyone who knows: I have noticed San José Spotlight has become the PR of extreme progressives in Santa Clara County. I have also noticed the name of two familiar names and supporters of these extremists on the donors’ list: Ro Khanna and Robert Handa. QUESTION: Does anyone knows who owns this “non-profit” progressive PR better known as SAN JOSE SPOTLIGHT?

    • > QUESTION: Does anyone knows who owns this “non-profit” progressive PR better known as SAN JOSE SPOTLIGHT?

      The San Jose Spotlight “proudly” lists all their donors on their website.

      Big bucks from the Knight Foundation (“Knight-Ridder Mercury News”), and big labor. Spotlight creator is a former Merc “journalist”, or whatever they call their narrative composers.

      As @marklisheron reported on @opportunitysv, the “independence” of the local news narrative in Silicon Valley is problematic.

      Ironically, it’s a huge business opportunity for Dan Pulcrano, but I suspect he’s firmly stuck in the “Alt-Media Weekly” past. (“Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”)

      I’m hopeful/cautiously optimistic that in the next few years we will see the emergence of a new business model for local media and independent journalism: @AndyNgo, @SaraCarter, @JohnSolomon, etc. etc.

  15. > There are riots and protesting throughout the country demanding reform and defunding of the police.

    The police are not going to be defunded. Get over it.

    If they were “defunded” the politicians would all get private security. And the neighborhoods would get private militias or vigilantes or gangs, or crime bosses.

    So, what do you want, Mr. Unicorn Snowflake?

    A. Police
    B. Militias
    C, Vigilantes
    D. Gangs
    E. Crime bosses.

    • > All races, all colors, all languages, all cultures, one regno of Deus!

      Not so fast, FEXXY.

      A commentator reported that he was talking with his neighbor who demanded agreement that “Black Lives Matter”.

      In the interest of world peace, the commentator offered: “Yes, I think all black lives matter”.


      Clarence Thomas’s life doesn’t matter!

      Candace Owens’ life doesn’t matter!

      Uncle Toms lives don’t matter!

      Black police officers lives don’t matter|

      The lives of blacks killed by other blacks don’t matter!

      Only the lives of blacks killed by white cops matter, or the lives of radical neo-Marxist blacks, dead or alive, matter.

      So, it is not necessarily a free ticket out of racism jail to declare that “black lives matter”; it may be necessary to be specific about WHICH black lives you think are the ones that matter.

      You have been warned.

  16. I was a police officer for most of my adult life. When I started out, I cared about people. I wanted to help. I wanted to make a difference. I was a human being. Gradually, over the years, I started to care less and less about people. I protected and served because it was my job and I did it because it needed to be done. I was suited to it because I could always be fair, no matter what biases I acquired along the way. As I watched years of mankind’s savagery, evil and inhumanity, I became cynical, bigoted and I developed a deep abiding disgust for every ethnic group, including my own. People sickened me. I slept less, drank more, had fewer friends, fewer outside interests, two divorces, until all I had left was the single-minded devotion of a rage-filled gargoyle protecting a territory.

    I used force when I needed to, and I didn’t care what ethnic group the person was, I hated them all. If they had it coming, they got it. I used every type of force there was. I injured people and I was injured myself. I didn’t like anyone, and they didn’t like me. Yet, I never acted out of anger. Force became almost sacred and I applied it judiciously and fairly; Regardless of ethnicity; Because that’s what cops do. People sleep safe in their beds at night because some cop is out there ready to do violence on their behalf, willing to walk through that dark underground garage at night checking out the call of a scream and a gunshot near the bloodstain on the sidewalk.

    Yet even through all that hate and rage and violence and all the crooks and scum and perverts and drug addicts and thieves who got beat down, I never got a single solitary citizen complaint. Never. Not even from people I used sometimes ungodly amounts of force on, regardless of their race, color or creed.

    My question is this: If a cop hates everyone, if he makes mocking remarks about people he encounters behind their back, yet he treats everyone fair and treats everyone the same, who cares what he thinks or says in his off-duty time? I wasn’t always polite but that doesn’t mean I was ever rude. I treated everyone the same and I followed the rules, so who cares what I was thinking when I did it. Who cares if I hated one group more than another? If I treated everyone fair, and I did, I never got a complaint or was even accused even once of prejudice, who cares what was in my heart when I did it. You hire cops to enforce the law fairly, and just because you don’t like someone doesn’t prevent you from being fair. You want love on the job, go hire a flower child on LSD or a pot-addled hippie to choke some meth head into submission so he can be dragged off to jail, if that’s what it takes. I hated everybody, but it never stopped me from doing my job properly and well. Grow up idiots.

    • J..S., thank you for your honesty. What you described through your posting is no other than the burnout of police officers, the drinking, divorce rate, changes in thinking and behavior… Some service men develop PTSD and some police officers this burnout you are describing. Yet, the fallacy is that police men grow tougher and wisely with years in the job. Some become emotionally fragile and so the need for alcohol and other stimulating substances and activities. There is this ongoing intermittent depression they try hard to cover up. Police men are not men with super powers. Their line of work is a significant factor for this burnout and conditions. Some of them really want to serve and protect but others are just attracted to the intrinsic power of this profession. We do not hire police to enforce the law. They are hired to serve and protect all individuals. DAs, lawyers, and others are responsible for applying and making sure laws are enforced. No one really cares about your thoughts since people do not have access to them unless you share. However, if you are the only one that can really access and assess yours thoughts and behavior, that is a problem. No one can really tell that you did not do anything illicit just because no one reported you. Find yourself some mental health support. There is regret, disappointment, and depressive content in your post. Find yourself and learn to be happy again!

      • Fexxnist, you sound like a nice person and well-intentioned but you talk like a sociologist and you are quite simply, wrong. Everyone in a free society enforces the law. The person who picks up the phone and calls 911 is enforcing the law. They see a violation and want something done because the law must be respected, enforced. Everyone in the court system enforces the law, prosecutors defense attorneys, judges, even court clerks and stenographers. They are all contributing. The only people who don’t enforce the law are anarchists and criminals. The only thing a cop does that others don’t is use force as a necessary means to that end. Sometimes it has to be done. It’s ugly, it’s shocking but there’s no way around it when people don’t follow the law in the extreme.

        If force is required and a cop has to pound on someone to get that someone in handcuffs, who cares if the cop is thinking “that word” while he is doing it, or later writes an off-duty post using “that word” (whatever that word might be, pick your favorite victim group) as long as that person was treated properly at the time of the encounter. Cops are dangerous. If you don’t want to have trouble with the police, don’t break the law and if you do, then don’t do anything that will prompt the cops to use force on you. Give up. Follow directions.

        Some cops do bad things. Some doctors remove the wrong organ from a patient during surgery. Some attorneys bilk or steal from their clients. Some reporters knowingly print false information. Yet, I’m betting that for every bad cop you can find, I can find you five doctors who have committed malpractice, ten crooked attorneys, and twenty reporters who have printed disinformation as fact.

        Certain groups can openly chant that they want to kill cops and people cheer, call it a protest and righteous indignation. Some off-duty or retired cop, blogs that he wants to pull a hijab down over some woman’s head and people scream, foam at the mouth, call it bigotry and want to make them a social pariah. I wasn’t on this “war crime” Facebook page, I don’t have that many friends, but even if I had been and found it funny, who cares? If it doesn’t affect the way I treat people why should it matter what I think?

        Don’t confuse burnout with having overdosed on the realities of life. I’m just sick and tired of self-righteous hypocrites who faint at the sight of blood but who got outraged at me when I had to spill some to prevent granny ‘s skull from being caved in by some dope fiend looking to steal her purse, or to stop some pervert who had a knife to little Mary’s throat after he tore her clothes trying to drag her off into the bushes.

        As for mental health, I’ll tell you what. Go to the funerals of five of your friends who were murdered because they were doing their job. Come back and I will take you to the psychologist’s office. I’ll drop you off and then go to the park, feed popcorn to the pigeons, think horrible, bigoted thoughts about all the winos, weirdos and other people I see, and drink. Call me when you’re done, and I’ll get you a cab. I guess I can’t post or vent anything on Facebook anymore.

        • Mr. Robillard:

          You sound like you might have some meaningful, real-world experience to offer an informed opinion on the following question:

          What happens in Minneapolis after the Police Department vaporizes?

          • SJO Bubble, you know exactly what happens when you disband the police. I have so many sarcastically true replies but none are likely to be printed here. Perhaps you should just read the history of the Hatfields and McCoys. That’s about as tame as I can put it, or maybe you can watch the movie, “The Outlaw Josie Wales”. That is what it will come down to ultimately.

  17. J.S., your are good at your job; I am good at mine. O.K…, I meet you where you are. I have attended many funerals, not only of my love ones, but of children who were raped and then killed; of women…I am the expert of patience and keeping secrets. I know the lives and details of those who have raped hundred of children, those that were raped by even theirs parents and clergy… I have seen and learned of more sh!it than what I care to tell you. But I also meet good people all the time, people that inspire me and enjoy seeing a flower, a bee, and the stars at night. If you are happy stay where you are. If you are not, what if? Your operational definition of enforcing the law and mine are different. That is a dead end. Hey, if not mental health, try Jesus! In case you ever need.

    • Your background sounds interesting and I’m glad there are people who can do what you do. I doubt I could. Now, let me ask you this, If you wrote a Facebook post and mentioned how much you would like to throw one of those pedophile rapists you mentioned out a 7th floor window sometime, should you be fired? Or, if I knew for a fact that the person you threw out the 7th floor window was indeed a child murderer, and I saw you throw him out the window, but I didn’t report it, does that mean I am in “The Blue Code of Silence” club? Maybe you can help me with your last point. If someone, with the power to stop it, allows their only begotten son to be tortured to death in an obscenely gruesome manner by the Romans, how much less would that person care about people who aren’t immediate family or are just stepchildren? I think that if I was “J.C.”, I would be a little pissed off at my Dad.

  18. What you said in the last part was what apostle Peter told Jesus at one point. Jesus replied: “Go away from me Satan.” When the Jews committed any sin they had to kill a precious and innocent animal, so God would forgive their sins. Some became corrupted and did not care about the animals’ sacrifice. For this, it was not meant for God to stop the killing of Jesus or his suffering. It was meant to be. This way the sins of the gentiles will be forgiven and the fearful will never forget his sacrifice. God showed his love for us by sacrificing his most precious treasure. How can we pay this? We serve him for life. If you would see me killing a pedophile, you will have to arrest me not pretend you did not see or cover up for me. Treating pedophiles is the best way to counter act child sexual abuse. You cannot fight what you don’t see. Have I ever felt like killing someone? Yes! Have I ever intended to kill someone? No. I really want to go to heaven…really hope! If I will see someone raping a child, would I kill that person? Most likely yes! I don’t have Facebook. If I did, I would not use it to share my feelings and biases which I have. I work on my biases so I can fulfill my duty with God and the people I serve. Integrity means to do what is right when people see you and when you are alone. God’s eyes watch all the time. He knows our thoughts and hearts.

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