San Jose Carjacking Ends in Crash, Arrests of Suspects in Previous Armed Robberies

Four San Jose teens arrested in March for multiple armed robberies and carjackings returned to old habits this week, carjacking a car at gunpoint near San Jose State University early Sunday morning.

After crashing the stolen vehicle as they were pursued by police vehicles and a helicopter, the four were arrested without incident. Three of the youths were on “active searchable probation” and one was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor at the time of the arrests, police said in a statement released this morning.

The suspects, who were not identified, are 14, 15 and 17 years old.

The victim was not injured.

Officers reported that at approximately 1am June 26, they responded to an armed carjacking incident that occurred near the intersection of South 7th and East Reed streets, two blocks south of San Jose State.

The victim was sitting inside his parked vehicle when “four male suspects wearing masks on their faces approached him and demanded his vehicle and personal property at gunpoint,” according to a police department press release. The victim complied and the suspects fled in the victim’s vehicle, police said.

Approximately one hour later, patrol officers located the stolen vehicle occupied by the suspects, who fled at a high rate of speed.

Officers said they began a pursuit but discontinued it “due to the suspect’s reckless driving.”

The police department helicopter, Air 3, located the vehicle and observed as the suspect driver continued driving recklessly and ultimately lost control of the vehicle and collided with a center median near the area of Coleman Avenue and Highway 87, according to police..

The suspect driver fled the scene on foot but was apprehended a short time later. The three additional suspects were taken into custody at the scene by patrol and Special Operations Officers. A loaded privately made firearm was recovered at the scene.

All four suspects were identified as juveniles and booked into Juvenile Hall.

Robbery detectives recognized three of the four suspects from prior armed robberies and carjackings that had taken place in San José. The suspects had previously been arrested and booked for those robberies and carjackings in March, police said.

Anyone with information on this case or similar incidents is asked to contact Detective Marte #4621 of the San José Police Robbery Unit via email: [email protected] or at 408-277-4166.

Submit crime tips and remain anonymous by using the P3TIPS mobile app, calling the tip line at (408) 947-STOP, or on If the information you submit leads to an arrest, you are eligible for a cash reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Program.


  1. Brought to you by the Soft-on-Crime Advocates, DAs, Prosecutors and Leftist Judges.
    Luckily we avoided a “Sajid Khan” disaster, but DA Rosen is also soft-on-crime.
    This is,
    Restorative Justice at work – returning criminals to the streets – to reoffend.

    $0 bails and Revolving Door Jails –

    Taxpaying residents need to reject these “restorative justice” practices.
    – 2022 Polls shows only 30% support for Prop 47 which has resulted in soaring crime rates and increased release of criminals back to the streets.
    – Polls show 64% of CA voters see Violence & Street Crime as a major problem –
    and 51% of voters say Newsom (and AG Bonta) is doing a Poor Job addressing crime.
    – Homicides in CA soared by 30% between 2019 and 2020.

    Looking to November, the Soft-on-Crime CA Attorney General, Rob Bonta also needs to get gone from office.

    CA AG Bonta is another one of those Pro-Prop 47 DAs that supports Soft-On-Crime policies
    like ending cash bail, revolving door jails, felon releases and limiting jail and prison terms.

  2. Not directly related, but a warning about registering firearms and
    a specific warning to any San Jose resident that thinks complying with the
    unconstitutional Firearms Fee & Insurance scheme passed recently is a good idea.

    Think twice before you provide any data to CA local or state officials.

    June 29th, 2022
    “Gun rights group fires back at CA AG Bonta’s reported leak of firearm owners data:
    ‘He should resign’ ”

    “The office of CA’s Attorney General Rob Bonta released the Personal Information of Thousands of CA gun owners and concealed carry permit holders to the public this week,
    and Second Amendment activists see it as a major breach of privacy.

    “… the release of information was either negligent or potentially criminal.”

    “We believe that AG Rob Bonta is either massively incompetent, incredibly negligent, or willing to criminally leak information that he does not have the authority to leak,”

    “This is so egregious that he should resign. He has placed tens of thousands of abiding citizens in California in harms way.
    That is not excusable with an ‘I’m sorry.'”

    “The information, taken from the state’s database of concealed carry permit holders, included the thousands of gun owners
    FULL NAME, date of birth, HOME ADDRESS, race, when their concealed carry permit was issued, and what type of permit it was. ”
    “…the LA County database (was found to include) around 420 reserve officers and 244 judges were also among those who had their information leaked Monday.”

    The private information has since been taken down but raises major concern as the midterm elections approach.

  3. They should all be prosecuted as adults. Way too much criminality and violent intent to be coddled like children. These are very dangerous people (thugs).

    We are fortunate that we don’t have to deal with Mr. Kahn as DA. However, the next election cycle Rosen needs to go and be replaced with a law and order DA.

  4. The guns I had were unfortunately and tragically lost in a boating accident while deep sea fishing. I pray the local or federal police will protect me from bad people.

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