San Jose State

Rare ‘Corpse Flower’ to Bloom at SJ State, Unleashing Its Putrid Fragrance

A Titan Arum, commonly known as a corpse flower, is expected to bloom in the next few days for the first time in San Jose State University's Biology Department tropical greenhouse, university officials said Friday. The 9-foot-tall plant, named Terry Titan, is expected to bloom sometime between Sunday

and Tuesday, staying open for only 24 to 36 hours. The flower, when bloomed, will smell like rotting flesh, harkening back to its name as the corpse flower.

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Cal State Chancellor’s Office Raises Issue with Cal Grant Expansion

The Cal State system says current plans to expand Cal Grants would leave out more middle class students at San Jose State and other CSUs in the future, even though there would be a net gain of eligible students overall. Supporters of the expansion say Cal State officials are telling the whole story.

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