Triple-murder Suspect Arraigned in San Jose After Bloody June 1 Rampage

A 31-year-old San Jose man has been charged with three murders and multiple counts of attempted murder after he went on a kitchen-knife and stolen-car rampage across the South Bay.

Within three hours in the afternoon of June 1, Kevin Parkourana carjacked two people, stabbed four, and struck seven with carjacked vehicles, including an elderly couple standing outside their home, according to prosecutors. The San Jose couple and a 26-year-old Milpitas stabbing victim died from the stab wounds..

The seemingly random attack against strangers left three people dead and seven wounded before police found a bloody Kevin Parkourana hiding in a delivery van outside of a Milpitas Smart & Final a few hours later.

Suspect arraigned June 6

He was arraigned this afternoon and faces life in prison, if convicted.

“We are heartbroken and baffled after this tragic rampage of violence,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “As we sort through this person’s wreckage, I want to thank the law enforcement officers from the San Jose and Milpitas police departments who quickly stopped him before he could hurt anyone else. My Office will continue that effort.”

The DA renewed his call for creating a locked mental health facility within the county’s planned new jail.

“Perhaps there is no way to predict tragedies such as these,” Rosen said. “We can all agree that there should be safer options for judges to choose.”

Rosen said the crime spree began at a San Jose intersection on Friday afternoon around 3pm, when the suspect stabbed a victim and carjacked his minivan. Roughly 20 minutes later, the suspect left the minivan and stabbed another driver in a Target parking lot in San Jose. Carjacking a Honda Pilot SUV, the suspect then struck a bystander who was trying to help, said prosecutors in a press release. The victims were hospitalized and stabilized.

The prosecutors’ account continued:

Around 4pm, the suspect then crashed the stolen SUV into a man on a motorcycle, injuring him, and was seen striking a woman’s shopping cart, barely missing her, in a parking lot of the Pruneyard in Campbell. He then rear-ended another vehicle and stabbed the occupant. The victim sustained injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

Soon afterward, the suspect accelerated the car through a parking lot in San Jose, intentionally striking three people, backing up and running over one of them again. Two of the three victims died. A short time later, the suspect struck a person on a motorized scooter in San Jose. The rider and the third pedestrian struck had non-life-threatening injuries.

At 4:32pm., Parkourana fatally stabbed a man in a Smart & Final store parking lot in Milpitas. The stolen SUV – and soon - the suspect was found nearby, police said. Confronted by police as he tried to flee, Parkourana threw away a knife and surrendered.


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  1. Is anyone going to call for the outlawing of cars or knives? They seem like they were awfully easy for the suspect to get.
    Plus, does CA still have a death penalty? If found guilty i think this guy has earned it.

  2. After all this, using just cars and knives, just three fatalities (sadly). If this guy had an AR, there would have been dozens. Common sense gun laws, people, it’s not that hard.

  3. I take it the answer is no.

    He uses knives and cars, and the intellectuals around here still blame guns…..

    Good grief, we’re doomed :(

  4. A chilling reminder of the horrific mistakes voters have made in recent years in approving soft-on-crime propositions and electing a governor who has taken actions to empty our prisons as well as prosecutors, judges, and local leaders who have stopped holding people responsible for their crimes. How we vote matters and the impacts of the wrong votes can be life-altering.

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