Police Gather at San Jose Home Linked to VTA Shooting

Multiple San Jose Police units and members of the media converged on a South San Jose home associated with Samuel Cassidy this morning, and the block was cordoned off in the aftermath of Wednesday’s VTA rail yard shooting, which law enforcement officials confirmed resulted in multiple fatalities and the death of the shooter.

One Facebook post identified Cassidy as the deceased shooter, but no official confirmation is available at this time, and an active investigation is underway.

According to Transparent California, Cassidy worked as a Substation Maintainer for Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) making $182,901.70, including benefits, as of 2015.

“He didn’t talk about his job or politics. I just found out he was dead and his house on fire and all that a minute ago,” Samuel Cassidy’s father, James Edward Cassidy, told The Daily Beast. “It’s really.... I really, really don’t want to... I guess I have to just kind of absorb it all myself.”

Sgt Russell Davis said the shooter, whom he did not identify, set his house on fire on Angmar Court before heading to the transit facility. Law enforcement officials believe explosive devices may have been planted in the home and at VTA offices. Officials suspended transit services at noon Wednesday.

Eight persons plus the shooter are confirmed dead, and the incident is being monitored by the Governor’s Office in Sacramento and the White House.

This is a developing story that will be updated throughout the day.


Police and members of the press gather near a home in South San Jose, near Hellyer Park, in the aftermath of the VTA shooting. Photo by Greg Ramar



  1. All prayer for San Jose. What a disaster for family and co-workers. South Carolina had a tragedy in Charleston so we understand your pain and regret.
    Be strong as you console each other.

  2. Oh… I now see the link between Charleston and this tragedy… had to put on my lefty glasses to see the relation first.

  3. @ BOB BURGER I would think that the relationship is senseless violence followed by the death of innocent people. Glasses won’t help if you refuse to open your eyes.

  4. Thanks for sending positive energy Rebecca! Those other 2 need to have some empathy and compassion. Definitely don’t want them as my neighbor.

  5. Why did the article cherry pick his 2015 salary? Why is his salary of relevance to the tragedy? Looks like his actual salary is closer to 105K we know how SJI and other “outlets” love to make workers look over compensated by padding in their medical benefit costs as their salary. There are no real journalists anymore. Hopefully SJI can now focus on what is really behind these mass killings by deranged scum. Maybe if we had gun control all the guns would disappear overnight and there would be no more shootings. 3-2-1…………………………………….

  6. Callig the shooter deranged scum is not helpful. He was obviously a man who had been harassed by coworkers. Look at the cement factory shooting that happened in Cupertino. When management/union reps/supervisors do not stop or they ignore teasing, demeaning, or hurtful comments by co-workers these shooting can be the result of the frustration by the targets of harassment. All workers in a group need to consider how they treat their co-workers. there are more guns that people in the USA so gun control is not an answer. We need to look at mental health indicators that lead up to incidents like this.

  7. No more guns no more shootings? Then they can beat us to death with sticks and rocks! shall we ban hammers and knives as well?

  8. The mayor is reportedly after his slimy gun control quest again, and you can find articles that include participants like those fake “Mothers” groups.

    Lowly subversion by the suitably inclined never stops, as it should.

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