vta shooting

Feds Learned of Gunman’s Anger Toward VTA Five Years Ago

“Based on recent developments in the investigation we can say that the suspect has been a highly disgruntled VTA employee for many years, which may have contributed to why he targeted VTA employees.” -- Sgt. Russell Davis of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

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Police Gather at San Jose Home Linked to VTA Shooting

Multiple San Jose Police units and members of the media converged on a South San Jose home associated with Samuel Cassidy this morning, and the block was cordoned off in the aftermath of Wednesday’s VTA rail yard shooting, which law enforcement officials confirmed resulted in multiple fatalities and the death of the shooter. One Facebook post identified Cassidy as the deceased shooter, but no official confirmation is available at this time, and an active investigation is underway. According to Transparent California, Cassidy worked as a Substation Maintainer for Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) making $182,901.70, including benefits, as of 2015.