One Dead in Shooting Near SJSU

A man who was shot Saturday near off-campus student housing in San Jose has died from his injuries, police said.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting around 11:40am  inside the The Grad San Jose apartment complex at 88 East San Carlos St.

The Grad is marketed as luxury off-campus housing for San Jose State University students.

Police do not have a suspect or motive in the shooting and did not identify the victim.

This marks the city's 14th homicide of the year.


  1. Wow that’s terrible. Do you think the PD shot him? Do you think defunding the Police will make the murder rate go down? Would you call the Police if someone shot at you? Did social workers interview the victim, or investigate? Sure is fun living in a blue City!

  2. For real PD didn’t shoot anyone. I’m black and shod has always been a blessing when it comes to safety. It’s the grad.. I live there the security and owners of that building are garbage money hungry individuals

  3. Your stupid… do you know what defund the police means? And where to defund them at? Go cry to your mama and not the public

  4. yes you are quite stupid if you don’t understand what lib cities are doing and what the result has been so far. First amendment so go cry about comments somewhere else. Thats part of the constitution, that pesky document written by our racist forefathers….

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