Man Shot and Killed at San Jose Shopping Center Before It Opened

A man was shot and killed around dawn Friday at a San Jose shopping center, police said.

San Jose police responded to a report of a shooting at 6am at the Plant Shopping Center in the area of Monterey Road and Curtner Avenue, and a male victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police released no further information about the victim, a possible suspect or possible motive for the shooting.

Most of the businesses at the shopping center were closed at the time, according to police.



  1. Prop 47 – Gave us $0 Bails and Revolving Door Jails, and more criminals released back to the streets.

    Police can only do so much when their hands are tied and they have no backup
    by City Officials (like Cindy Chavez and Susan Ellenburg),
    DAs allow plea downs for Felonies and do not prosecute criminals, and
    Soft-on-Crime Judges let criminals off with light sentences or ankle bracelets.

  2. Why no coverage on the homeless camp bunker? It made national news (even international news) and is a very local issue in which taxpaying residents are ignored while elected officials bow to advocates and special interests.

    The story has enough visibility across several interest categories,
    highlights the increased crime and danger by letting vagrancy fester in the Bay Area,
    and provides a more accurate portrayal of the transient/ vagrancy problem.

    Most that have to live with it daily are tired of the usual gaslighting –
    that the only solution is a need for more housing or subsidized housing for all the so-called “homeless”.

    The terribly biased SJSpotlight continues to push a Never Ending Sob Story narrative in support of the Homeless Industrial Complex and actively limits comments that are counter to their persistent “Gaslighting” of the public.

    (NBC 15 July) “Residents Push for Change After Underground Bunker Found in San Jose”
    “The discovery of an underground bunker filled with guns and stolen goods at San Jose’s Coyote Creek has left residents and businesses in the area up in arms.”

    (KRON4, 12 July) “Underground bunker full of stolen goods found at San Jose homeless camp: photos”

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