Dog-Kicking Centerplate CEO Forced to Resign

Levi’s Stadium concessionaire Desmond Hague became the object of universal scorn after a video surfaced of him kicking his dog in an elevator.

On Tuesday, he was ousted as CEO of Centerplate, the catering giant that sells food at scores of venues across North America, including the 49ers’ new digs in Santa Clara.

Hague had promised to get help for his anger problem after video footage, recorded by an elevator security camera in a downtown Vancouver high-rise, showed him repeatedly booting his 1-year-old Doberman pinscher, Sade, and hoisting her off the ground by a leash to choke her. An appalled employee of the luxury hotel released the video last week to animal control and the media.

Centerplate ordered the admitted puppy-kicker to put in 1,000 hours of community service and donate $100,000 to charity, but, apparently, that wasn’t enough to satisfy outraged viewers of the video.

Thousands of football fans were among the 190,000 people who signed a petition urging Centerplate, which does business with several other NFL teams, to fire Hague immediately or risk losing their patronage.

“Animal abuse has no place in our society,” the petition stated, “and I hope this helps deter future acts of cruelty, because there are many terrible acts which are not caught on camera.”

Hague said he was “deeply ashamed,” and the SPCA in British Columbia took custody of Sade and put her up for adoption. An animal expert said that the dog’s previously experienced abuse, based on her behavior.

Canadian authorities have also launched a criminal probe into the incident.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. He is an absolutely despicable human being, and his excuse that his actions were “out of character” is ridiculous. These actions reveal deeply rooted psychological abnormalities bordering on sociopathy.

  2. In my book dog kickers come in even lower than immigration activists- and that’s pretty darned low.
    Deport the creep and permanently deny him reentry.

  3. Most serial killers, and child rapists have abused animals. While this disgusting excuse for a human being may not have raped or killed anyone, who knows for sure, he has shown us just exactly who he really is.

    That poor dog will need a lot of love and caring before it trusts another human being. Praying for the dog, and the idiot who abused it.

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