Lease is Up for Dome Theaters

52 years

More than half a century after the three Century Theater domes—21, 22 and 23—opened on Winchester Boulevard, their lease is up and the future is uncertain. While an eyesore for some, the grey-capped structures inspire nostalgia for others. Preservationists who appreciate the buildings for their unique, retro-futuristic architecture have fought to garner a historical designation for at least one dome. Signatures are being collected through, and the petition goes before the city in April. But by the end of the month, the theaters will close.


  1. Wave “good-bye and shed what-ever tears you might have for these archaic theaters.” Prepare yourselves for more “high density residential and retail structures.” More people, more congestion and yes, no water.

    • David, I simply cannot wait to read your poorly-structured, typo-laden requests for information to the Mayor’s office for all of the documentation you think you deserve on this issue! : ) All that bold and italic typeface really shows them who’s boss. Grrrrr. I love it!

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