Council to Hear Annual Report on Finances

On Tuesday, the City Council will hear City Manager Debra Figone’s annual report of the finances of the city. Numbers have been finalized following the end of the fiscal year on June 30. As a result, updates and adjustments are now in the process of being submitted for the current year.

In addition to accepting the annual report, the council is expected to negotiate and execute a grant agreement to accept the COPS Grant in the amount of $1,703,664. The money will go toward adding three police officer positions, which is less than the 10 positions the city had hoped to receive in its application.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda, the council will conduct Planning Commission interviews.

Other items include approval of an agreement with Club One and the San Jose Fire Department, as well as consideration of a federal grant to combat human trafficking.

Click Here to Read the City Council Agenda for Tuesday, October 18, 2011.


    • have you gone through the budget and reviewed all the nonsense and excessive spending on frivolous projects?  have you wondered what happened to the RDA money/asses and why the city is obligated to its tens of million in debt which is included in the deficit numbers put out by the city? have you wondered why the RDA land for the stadium was transferred to another entity and is not subject to pay RDA debt before the general fund is? have you wondered why the city of San Diego with almost half a million more people has just 8 council members and its budget along with the mayor’s totals 17.6M while the san jose has 10 members (obviously too many) and with only two more has a budget of 33M—almost double. 
      really is it all due to the alleged bloat of employee benefits—I don’t think so.

  1. Maybe she can write the answers for the other Chief while she is at it!  Can’t wait to hear this inflated numbers and how our poor city is broke while still trying to build a ball park.  Guess we need to lay off some more cops.

  2. Same old blame game.

    But let’s bailout the San Jose Repertory theater, great more opera’s and useless plays.

    Let’s sell land for cheap to the A’s owner. Here’s an idea, this land is valuable! Sell it for more then it’s worth, he needs this land to build a stadium. For once, don’t screw the tax payer, make a profit for the city.

    But the profits will be going into the pockets mayor Reed and dirty council people in forms of kick backs. Count on it.

  3. San Jose budget’s is Lies, More Lies and Hide Spending

    Once you tell a lie, you need ten more lies to cover that lie, then thousands more to cover those lies

    San Jose has a City Hall culture hides spending from taxpayers, city employees and some Council and lies about where taxes are spent

  4. When will San Jose City Council wake up and realize what their cuts to employee numbers has caused. Read the attached article. Council member Chu abused his position when he called the Chief of Police and asked for help with a car accident. He should have waited like everyone else and not abused his position. Waiting a half hour for PD right now isn’t very long. If his wife was really in pain, he should have called the Fire Chief since they provide EMS, not PD. Oh wait, he should have called 911 again like the rest of us. Just because he is a Council person doesn’t give him a right to call the police chief on his cell phone. Even if he didn’t ask for a special favor and really did only ask advice, he received a special favor. Was he using a City cell phone?

    • In truth, Officers were still following up on calls leftover across the city since that same Saturday was the double homicide. That also wiped out two districts to the south of the councilman’s “accident’
      What actually occurred was Chief Moore calling the district Sgt himself bypassing the chain of command and directing the Sgt to go immediately.
      If that is not the text book of a “special favor” I don’t know what is.
      Now, Councilman Chu, generally is very supportive of police and has in the past tried his best to vote for tempered reform, not the knee jerk the mayor wants. Politics demand for his support, we give him a little extra special service. However, using a baseline of common sense and his support aside, how can you justify or explain that his little incident is more important that anyone else’s?
      Sorry Councilman Chu, but I say you gotta wait in line like everyone else.

  5. From $75 Million >$100 Mil > $110 Mil > $125 Mil. The closer we get to the end of the fiscal year, the higher they will say the debt is. ALL libraries will close. All community centers will close. All whatever will close. Just watch. The closer we get to the end of the fiscal year OR before they put the reform on the ballot, the more dire they will make things sound. It is the game they play. Thing is…we are all on to it. Well, at least the employees are. They are still making fools out of most of the citizens, though some are catching on.

    • Not only does the city preach doom and gloom just prior to contract negotiations, and now the ballot measures, but they also have another tactic up their sleeve.  They know some of the unions, and the smarter citizens, will demand to see the books.  So what the city council and city manager do is start dedicating money by the tens and hundreds of thousands to projects.  Then when an audit is done, they can show that they don’t have any liquid capital.  They will point to the balance sheets and claim that all available funds are locked up on critical items.

      Once the contract negotiations are over, or in this case the voters are manipulated and have voted, all of a sudden all those projects get shelved and the money is put back into the pot to be spent on other things or saved for later.  The city has played this game for years.

      • You’re right. The city HAS played this game for years. That’s exactly how so much of the budget came to be locked up in employee compensation.
        I don’t recall hearing the employees objecting when those same tactics benefitted them!

  6. Taxpayers and City Employees will get their open government Incubator Audit Now or after next election

    Voters and taxpayers will remember at next election who voted to kill Incubator Audit and hide accountability and who was responsible for city wasted $32 million dollars

    4 Council votes against open transparent government, accountability and to kill audit – Reed and , who are termed out and Oliverio and Herrera up for reelection defeat

  7. Liccardo #3 and Constant #1 who are running for Mayor both were out of town for Incubator Vote and their Terms expire 12/31/14 when Reed’s Term expires

    Nguyen was 4th NO vote with Herrera voted No for Constant

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