Chamber Endorses Carrasco for District 5

The San Jose Silicon Valley ChamberPAC has just announced they are endorsing Magdalena Carrasco for the District 5 city council seat. 

“In this time of economic uncertainty, San Jose needs independent, common sense leaders like Magdalena Carrasco at City Hall,” said incoming ChamberPAC chairperson Joshua Howard in a just released statement. “Her commitment to neighborhood business and job creation will be a welcome addition to the council.”

A relative outsider to the local political scene, Carrasco beat out other East Side candidates Xavier Campos, Aaron Resendez and J. Manuel Herrera for the chamber’s backing.

Carrasco grew up on the East Side and has worked as a community advocate for First 5 Santa Clara County since 2008.

“Her approach to analyzing the critical issues of providing quality core city services will provide the kind of leadership that San Jose needs during these fiscally challenging times,” says ChamberPAC spokesperson Pat Sausedo in the announcement.

Carrasco joins former Los Gatos mayor and District 1 County Supervisor candidate Mike Wasserman, along with San Jose incumbents Chuck Reed, Pete Constant and Sam Liccardo in ChamberPAC endorsements this election season.


  1. “Her commitment to neighborhood business and job creation will be a welcome addition to the council.”

    What has she done to demonstrate that commitment? Anything? She worked for First 5. How does that demonstrate any commitment to neighborhood business or job creation.

    Just curious.

    • Her commitment to the next incoming wave of interest money is her experience.  Carrasco leads us to believe her experience as a wife to real estate agent gives her enough experience to know how to deal with the budget.

      She has no business experience and can not give concrete evidence from her previous experiences how she can lead the district and the city.  This endorsement was purely on her last campaign statement that she was able to raise $20,000.  Most of this money was given by outside interests if you were paying attention to Scott Herold’s article as well as the campaign finance list of endorsers.  The chamber endorsed her because it she wasn’t the Campos camp.  POOR CHOICE!!!  Shame on you Chamber!

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