Carrasco Ahead in District 5 Fundraising

In a surprising turn of events, newbie San Jose District 5 candidate Magdalena Carrasco has proven herself a contender by pulling impressive fundraising numbers since February.

Carrasco reported yesterday that she’s raised $20,647 thus far in the race, $3,925 more this quarter than her closest competitor for Nora Campos’ soon-to-be vacant seat on city council.

“This campaign is about every family in District 5. My name may be on the ballot, but each and every contribution my campaign has received is an investment in our entire community,” Carrasco said in a statement released this morning. “We are thrilled to have such an outpouring of support. It is humbling and inspiring – and it reinforces my belief that we can fight as a community to bring our voices to City Hall.”

Xavier Campos, the incumbent’s brother and the longtime favorite for the East Side seat, reportedly raised $16,722 for the period of Feb. 1 to March 17, which includes a $1,000 loan from himself.

East Side school board trustee J. Manuel Herrera clocked in at $16,320, including an $8,000 loan, and neighborhood activist Aaron Resendez has $5,215.00, with a loan of $2,350.

The race has a $103,459 expenditure limit for all candidates. Most of Carrasco’s contributions were small $20-$250 contributions from community members, as well as several big donations from names like San Jose councilmember Judy Chirco and state assembly member Kevin De Leon, Carrasco’s ex-husband.

Carrasco’s campaign manager Lisa Jensen is listed as contributing $559.17 to her run, $309.17 of which she was reimbursed for incidental office supplies and expenses. 

Although by last December’s filing period Campos had racked up $32,722, this quarter more is going out than coming in. He’s shelled out $17,597.29 since February – a large chunk of it to his campaign manager Lupe Nunez.

Carrasco, who entered the race in January after that first reporting quarter, has a total of $17,610.97 raised so far, putting her behind Campos in total contributions.

The official campaign disclosure statements were posted to the San Jose City Clerk’s website yesterday evening, whose public access portal for the documents appeared to subsequently crashed this morning. Perhaps deluged by overenthusiastic bean counters?


  1. How can you call Carrasco’s contributions of $250 small when that’s the maximum contribution allowed under the law? And why the misleading headline that says that she is ahead in fundraising when it looks like she’s actually 3rd of 4 candidates in fundraising? And, why is there no mention that most of her money is coming from Southern California?

    Just curious.

    • I am curious too! what interest does Southern California have in getting this person elected to the district 5 seat in East San Jose. Is this simply a politcal move on Ms. Carrasco? It seems that way. How long will she stick around to represent the people in that district? Sounds like she is out for herself! Very fishy!!! I wouldn’t bite.

      • The article must be 100% correct.  Ms Carrasco has proven herself a contender.  These other two posts soud suspiciously defensive.  Maybe the previous front runners now realize there’s an actual campaign going on. 

        Nothing like a ‘novice’ to shake up the establishment.

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