San Jose Mayor Stands by Bloomberg Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren bodied Mike Bloomberg in the first few minutes of last week’s Dem debate, single-handedly undermining his claims of electability by describing him on live TV as a Trumpian “arrogant billionaire” who derides women as “horse-faced lesbians” and muzzles them with secrecy pacts.

The takedown came a day after the former New York mayor downplayed stop-and-frisk as a well-intentioned effort that merely “got out of control” and right before he minimized the role of banks in the 2008 economic collapse.

There’s nothing revelatory about the harassment claims against Bloomberg, his defense of a profiling policy that disproportionately targeted black and Latino people or his oft-repeated claims that Congress did more than Wall Street to hasten the Great Recession.

All that had been rigorously reported by the time San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo in December joined the ranks of municipal leaders endorsing a Bloomberg presidency.

But Bloomberg’s performance on the debate stage ahead of the Nevada caucuses was so cringeworthy that Fly just had to ask whether Liccardo was having second thoughts. Especially since the San Jose mayor recently withdrew his endorsement of D8 council candidate Jim Zito after the local cop union unearthed divorce records in which the guy’s ex-wife accused him of bizarre, controlling and emotionally abusive behavior.

However, Liccardo’s taking more of a wait-and-see approach with Bloomberg, who, incidentally, gave San Jose $2.5 million as part of his American Cities Climate Challenge.

When Fly caught up with Liccardo a few days ago, he noted how Bloomberg had just announced that he’d release his female accusers from whatever NDAs they signed.

“And I think it’s important for all those facts to come out,” Liccardo explained in a brief phone call with Fly. “Based on what we know, the overwhelming majority of those complaints had to do with things that were happening in an organization with thousands of employees, which had nothing to do with Mike directly. I think there were three cases, I think, that had something to do with Mike.”

Because Bloomberg is saying “let them talk,” Liccardo continued, he’s holding out hope that the public will get “a fair view of the facts.”

So, yeah. Negative press notwithstanding, Liccardo still stans his buddy Bloomy.

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  1. The fact that Mike says that Congress did more to create the Great Recession than wall street suggests that he means Congress repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. This was a push by the repub controlled Congress under Gingrich, and Clinton foolishly went along with it. So really, this is the Congress *undoing* something, rather than *doing* something, that caused the recession. Unbeknownst to Mike due to his billion-dollar blinders, the fault is squarely on the banksters. (Looking at you too, wells fargo criminal enterprise.)

    Regarding Bloomberg, the guy doesn’t know where he stands. He was independent, he was a repub, and now he’s a Democrat. Waffles, anyone?

    Given that he’s a billionaire and a business man, he inherently lives in a bubble. Even if his NYPD did equal amounts of stop-and-frisk of white people, he would never even find himself in a situation where a cop would stop him to conduct a frisk. That’s because of his bubble.

    And him being a businessman… Haven’t we had enough “businessmen” trying to run things? How did it work out when the failed businessman George Bush Junior took the reins? Not too good since it led directly to the Great Recession. And endless war. And political division so deep that it’s causing racial hatred to reemerge.

    Finally, Bloomberg is a New Yorker. How is it going with the current NY-based “business man” in the White House? Not too good, I’d say. We’re losing our stature in the world and the USA is losing its way. Mike Bloomberg will keep business as usual, not as bad as what Donald’s doing to us, but it definitely won’t be better for the majority of Americans.

    Bernie or Elizabeth, the two choices that make the most sense, though Bernie, in my “stan” opinion (haha, nice one, fly!), is in the best position to beat the silver spoon sucking orange dimwit.

    • > Bernie or Elizabeth, the two choices that make the most sense,


      What do you expect to happen at the Democratic Convention?

      Political wise guys seem to be of the opinion that the most likely scenario is a “brokered” convention.

      Bernie will have the largest number of delegates but not the majority needed for the nomination on the first ballot.

      After the first ballot, the “super delegates” will be allowed to vote, and the wise guys seem to believe that they will vote for “the establishment” candidate. And the leading “establishment candidate” is believed by many to be . . . Hillary Clinton.

      When Hillary enters the convention hall in advance of the second round of voting, what will the Bernie Bro’s do?

      Will there be polite respectful applause for The Former First Lady and Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election Popular Vote, or will there be jeers, shouts of outrage, raised fists, tumult, chaos, and Democrat on Democrat violence?

      I’ve heard reports that many in the deplorable community will be stockpiling massive arsenals of butter and popcorn and Coors beer in anticipation of a dramatic and historic 2020 Democratic Convention.

      What is your expectation? What would you do if you were a delegate?

      I would like to suggest to San Jose Inside that they appoint you to be a Special Correspondent to the convention, give you a generous expense account and an internet body cam, and record “history in the making” for the San Jose Inside community.

      Are you up for it?

  2. Thank you SJI for pushing on the 2x standard Liccardo is embodying regarding his endorsements and allegations of sexual harassment and mistreatment regarding his endorsees. You guys stands heads and shoulders above San Jose Spotlight who utterly whiffed on this issue when they interviewed Liccardo recently. And btw: Liccardo’s responses are wimpy. He dumped Zito, who gives him no money, based upon unvalidated divorce proceedings allegations. When allegations against Bloomberg ($) arise, he says, “let’s wait and see ’til the fact dome out.” I bet Zito would’ve appreciated the same accommodation. Thank you for acting like journalists.

  3. > San Jose Mayor Stands by Bloomberg Endorsement

    No word yet from the Bloomberg camp on any offers for my endorsement.

    Just to clarify some possible misinformation that may be floating about. I have never said that I couldn’t be bought for ANY price.

  4. Bloomberg is the only Democrat candidate with a brain (and Money).

    Good Job Mayor Sam!

    Trump 2020

    David S. Wall

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