SJ Mayor Sam Liccardo Endorses Michael Bloomberg for President

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo offered up his support today to Democratic presidential candidate and ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Liccardo, an early supporter of US Sen. Kamala Harris’ now-ended presidential run, will also serve as the California co-chair of Bloomberg’s campaign, according to a news release. In that role, Liccardo says he will advise Bloomberg on both strategy and policy.

“Mayors don’t have the luxury of hyper-partisan tongue-wagging,” Liccardo noted in the Monday announcement. “They have to solve problems and get things done.”

The announcement prompted mixed reactions on Twitter with folks from both sides of the political aisle panning Liccardo for pivoting from Harris to an East Coast billionaire.

Liccardo says he decided to back Bloomberg because of his ability “to reduce poverty, expand jobs, cut gun violence, improve public health and build affordable housing” during his tenure as New York City’s top elected.

“As president, Mike Bloomberg will bring his courageous, innovative, and pragmatic leadership to our nation’s great challenges, to do what’s right and make tough decisions regardless of what he might hear from the powerful, the pundits, or the polls,” he added.

The pair of politicos are far from strangers.

Last year, the billionaire presidential candidate’s charitable arm—Bloomberg Philanthropies—accepted San Jose into a two-year program that helps address climate change at a local level. According to The Mercury News, the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge spent $70 million to help 20 cities meet their sustainability goals.

Liccardo’s leadership in climate advocacy, which includes a recent initiative to ban natural gas in new construction in San Jose, makes the mayor a key endorsement for Bloomberg’s sustainability-focused campaign.

“Mayor Liccardo has been a leader on a number of critical issues, especially climate, which Mike has made one of his top priorities for this campaign,” Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey told reporters in a written statement. “We’re playing to win and California will be an important part of our success. We’re thrilled to have Mayor Liccardo as part of the team.”

According to POLITICO, Bloomberg will touch down in California later this week for his first campaign visit to the Golden State.

The California primary election takes place on March 3, 2020. For more information about local races, campaign fundraising, how to register to vote and more, visit the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters website at


  1. I have lost all respect for Sam Liccardo. I am glad I no longer work for the City of San Jose nor live in the United States!

  2. > “Mayor Liccardo has been a leader on a number of critical issues, especially climate, which Mike has made one of his top priorities for this campaign,” . . .

    Climate quacks lose another big lawsuit:

    “Exxon Wins New York Climate Change Fraud Case”

    We need to find a way to stop the climate quacks from using taxpayer money to fund their stupid and dishonest lawsuits.

    Liccardo and Bloomberg are part of the bandit gang that are scaring the children with their bogus “end of the world” fear campaign.

  3. Sam really knows how to pick ’em:

    Despite Blowing Millions, Latest Poll Finds Billionaire Bloomberg “Wildly Unpopular”

    “A Monmouth University poll found about twice as many registered voters rated Bloomberg negatively as positively — 54% unfavorable, 26% favorable. That margin was significantly worse than for five other Democratic candidates, as well as for President Trump, and as reports, that same measure hampered Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.”

    • What, you don’t think a Mayor’s duties should include things like making Big Gulps illegal?

      He only did it for NYC because he knows best. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

    • What, you don’t think a Mayor’s duties should include things like making Big Gulps illegal?

      He only did it for NYC because he knows best. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

  4. Sorry Saratoga Sam, no one cares. But maybe your rich parents can hold a fund raiser for him at their house like the did for the corrupt Clintons, right after your next stand down order to SJPD when PRESIDENT Trump is in town. LOL!

    Oh, BTW, been meaning to ask Sammy boy… How’s your Bellarmine buddy liking that SJ taxpayer funded job you set him up with at Cristo Rey school? That sure was nice of you to make all those arrangements to help him out like that and even nicer of all us SJ taxpayers to go along with the scheme.

  5. Bloomberg didn’t do any of that. The city taxes (yes New Yorkers pay Federal State and City taxes) pay for that. He also changed the zoning to allow massive high rises which encouraged gentrification.He cut city services during his term and added a third term like a mini dictator. And he is friends with all the obnoxious rich people in NYC and there are quite alot of them who don’t live in the real world. A strange choice for the mayor of San Jose.

    • Micheal, I would agree, Mayor Bloomberg is an odd choice to endorse, so earlier as well. He cant win, ever, so Sam most assume none of these Dem clowns can beat Trump, so why not help out the bottomless rich guy and call in the favor later.

  6. I am ashamed to say I voted for Sam. I to have lost all respect for him. San Jose has gotten noticeably worse since he was elected Mayor.

  7. I am sickened by what this guy has done to our city. The trash everywhere, the over crowding, the homeless everywhere, the rise in crime, the police choppers flying over my house every night. I’m sick of it all. I’m tired of being punished for being a hard working, tax paying, productive citizen. It’s time to rid of the scum.
    It’s time to rid of Sam Liccardo.

    • Saratoga sent their village idiot to San Jose, maybe we could pawn him off on Salinas.

      • > Saratoga sent their village idiot to San Jose, . . .

        A clear act of war by Saratoga.

        I suggest a retaliatory assault by the San Jose 82nd Airborne Homeless Division.

  8. This “endorsement” and becoming co-chair is about networking and building a fundraising base for the next move. Obviously, Liccardo knows there will be no Bloomberg administration in 2021.

    Is the long rumored run against Lofgren in the cards? He has to go somewhere after his mayoral term is up and state legislature seems to small for a person of his ambition.

  9. The good mayor is banning gas in a state that regularly turns off the electricity that leaves millions in the dark. So, now we get to sit in the dark without the ability(for those who are lucky enough not to rely solely on electricity) to cook our food or heat or cool ourselves.
    It’s almost like he was wants the people completely dependent on his benevolence.

    I cannot wait to get out of this festering sewer.