Mercury News Continues to Spin Darcie Green’s False Narrative

Darcie Green’s state Assembly campaign sent an email blast to supporters last week noting it is in a “fight,” which is an interesting choice of words considering her husband’s violent past. But not everyone, among them the San Jose Mercury News, seems keen on acknowledging this and other ugly truths. In a recent post to its political blog, the newspaper completely ignored Rick Alexander Green’s domestic violence convictions and instead focused on a rumor that state Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) tried to get Darcie fired from her government affairs job with Kaiser Permanente. She’s currently taking an unpaid leave of absence to campaign full time. Reporter Ramona Giwargis writes in her post that the rumor is just that, and it’s only coming from Darcie’s people. Beall flatly denied the accusations. The timing of the story appears an obvious attempt by Camp Darcie to change the conversation—they’ve been floating the story for months—and cast her as a victim. But it also suggests the Merc has swallowed the hook and the sinker and has no intention of giving its readers the raw truth. Last August, the Greens got engaged in a “surprise” proposal on the main stage of San Jose Summer Jazz Fest, which happened to be sponsored by Kaiser. But in San Jose Inside’s recent reporting on Darcie’s husband, it came to light that the couple actually got married a month prior in Nevada. The publicity stunt worked like a charm, as the Merc’s Sal Pizarro led off a column recounting how it “slowly dawned on Green what was happening.” Rather than admit it was hoodwinked by the Greens, like most everyone else, the daily paper remains suspended in denial. Rick, however, appears to be addressing some of his past mistakes. On Monday, he spoke at a Martin Luther King Jr. Stop the Violence rally, before singing love songs in Spanish.

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  1. The Mercury-News refusing to print the truth when it gets in the way of their political agenda? I’m shocked.

    • Kind of like SJI does, so I have no idea why they expected something different here. The irony here is thick. I mean hey, right now, they’re ignoring a major story about the sheriff failing to follow through on a sexual assault of a minor case a few years back that resulted in allowing another minor to be sexually assaulted to print this week old tripe. #Who’sLivesMatterAgain?

  2. Out of all the problems that the big ol city of San Jose has to deal with, tell me why is it that you continue to worry about the lives of these two people? Move on already..

  3. > Darcie Green’s state Assembly campaign sent an email blast to supporters last week . . .

    Wait! Isn’t “Darcie Green’s state Assembly campaign” one and the same as . . . Rich Robinson?

    And didn’t a blog posting here on SJI recently out the Fly as . . . Rich Robinson?

    What’s going on here?

    Is this some scheming narrative ghost written by R.R. to rehabilitate knuckles Monzon and morph him into a singer of Spanish love songs?

    • Perfect example. Like I said less then 24 hours ago ” Beware of the Government Media Complex”. Ignoring a story about problems with a political figure is just like lying for them.

      Anyone want to check out Jerry Browns connection to the gas leak down south?

    • As I believe I clarified in a later post (perhaps I didn’t, I don’t remember, I had planned on it, so let me now) he is one of the names behind the column according to 4th floor sources at the SO. Another name was outed to me by yet another politically semi-affiliated person who was trying to shut me up during the election and let me know I should be “worried” about this particular individual, but he’s not relevant to this conversation so I’ll keep his name under my hat for now. Several people now have explained the moniker is used by an unknown (to me) number of people, I’ve been told two, maybe more, maybe none, but I have no reason to disbelieve the people who talked to me.

      Robinson is also appears to have been the last name left behind a now defunct blog of sheer ugliness that we’re all better to see gone as a community. To be honest my source to that info is less reliable, but the timing works and the ugly character behind the curtain fits.

  4. I think we can all agree that San Jose is a pretty big city and the east side is a decent part of the city right? So where is the news on the candidates from the other districts from the city, because you have dug far enough into this one. Let’s hear more about what’s going on else where and let the Green campaign continue its fight for the east side!

  5. “David” and “John?” Come on, Rich Robinson, can’t you come up with more creative names for your dummy accounts?

  6. The San Jose Mercury News does support various narratives. There are several at play in that newspaper at any one time, and the lazy reporters & editors cherry-pick facts or rumors that reinforce the narrative in question. When I ran against Reid in District Four in 2004, they combed my financial reports and criticized a loan from me to my campaign, although there was not even a smoking gun involved, and completely ignored Reid’s late financial reports and questionable sources of financing. Reid’s relationship with a long-term executive editor (his brother-in-law) over-rode every other moral or ethical or journalistic imperative. That paper has done the same with many other people, time after time.

      • In an odd twist of fate, attorneys with any state bar membership (and otherwise qualified) may practice a wide variety of federal administrative and judicial cases. In my case, I’m a member of the Michigan bar (having been graduated by The University of Michigan Law School) as well as a member of, or entitled to practice before, the following federal courts: Northern District of California, Ninth Circuit, and US Supreme Court. So I couldn’t help anyone seeking to file suit in the local state courts, but the entire field of federal law is open to me. If you think it is strange, you will be correct.

  7. Darcie Green can be summarized by:

    TOXIC: Darcie Green has downplayed the seriousness of domestic violence. She has failed every woman across the globe who has been the victim of an angry man’s fist or belt or cane. This is unforgivable and Darcie Green should shrivel up and disappear from the public’s eye forever.

    DISHONEST: Hiding behind “feminism” and “reproductive choice”while attacking journalists is cowardly, highly deceptive and dishonest.

    OPPORTUNIST: Green jumps from position to position. School board here for a week, jump to the next school board position, then the next one, then try for Assembly, and so on.

    UNDERACHIEVER: She has not accomplished anything at either of her stints as School Board Member and would be disastrous as an Assemblyperson.

    FICKLE: She doesn’t finish what she starts, including college. At best, she’s just average in every way (again, at best).

  8. I would really like to know how many of the candidate’s actually live in the east side who really know the struggle we go through with rising rents.low or no benefits because of companies taking advantage of our people.

    • Mexicano,

      Assembly district 27 encompasses more than the east side. It includes south San Jose, downtown San Jose, Japantown and the Alum Rock foothills, to name a few of the neighborhoods within this district. All of the candidates are required to live within the district boundaries in order to run for the seat. It is interesting to note that Ms. Green did not live within the district when she was appointed to her current seat on the county board of education. However, that is a rather minor transgression, compared with her current problems.

      The entire district, not just the east side, is facing problems that require intelligent, strong, capable leadership. The income gap continues to widen, roads and infrastructure are falling apart, commercial buildings in many neighborhoods remain vacant for years, housing is unaffordable, homelessness is a growing, climate change is affecting the most productive agricultural regions in our state, our schools are not graduating enough students who are prepared to successfully compete in the global economy or to solve the problems of the future.

      As voters, we should NOT be asking ourself which neighborhood the candidate is from. Rather, we should be asking ourself whether the candidate has the skills, intelligence, experience, judgement, education and courage to find and implement solutions for these and other problems.


      There IS a safe zone that protects Mexicano’s, shields them from rising rents, and prevents companies from taking advantage of your people.

      It’s called Mexico.

      And the good news is it’s within walking distance.

      • You sjoutsidethebubble are a great example of what this planet does not need .why don’t you crawl back under your rock and keep your racial comments to yourself. Better yet come down to this side of town and make you comments out a man and really speak out.

          • >will there be any listeners there?

            Keep up your old saw — ‘Why don’t you all go back to Mexico instead of exercising your right to free speech like every other American?’

            And then yeah, you bet you’ll attract listeners on the East Side. Believe it or not, some of them might have more articulate and well-reasoned arguments than anything you can come up with.

  9. So is her husband running for office, because that would be the only reason why his character would matter to me. I am not going to vote for or against Hillary Clinton because Bill Clinton is a womanizer. I’m pretty sure if it was a man running for office you wouldn’t bring up his wife’s indiscretions.

    • You are comparing a womanizer with a dangerous, predatory wife beater? Hmmmm, are you running for office too?

    • Bill was NOT a womanizer when Hillary married him. Rick Alexander Monzon was a repeat offernder wife beater when Darcie Green married him. That tells me she has the judgement of poodle.

  10. The Mercury News (actually it should be called the Mercury Democrat) is not, and never has been, a fair and balanced media source. To get news you really have to search and read many sources, not rely on this rag of a newspaper.

  11. Every time I read this thread I have to go wash my hands. Is there nothing you guys won’t spin up an excuse for?

  12. > Believe it or not, some of them might have more articulate and well-reasoned arguments than anything you can come up with.

    Great, Mexicano2!

    You could actually post some of those articulate and well-reasoned arguments here and save us a trip to … “this side of town” wherever that is.

    • > save us a trip to … “this side of town” wherever that is

      I’d rather not save you a trip. It’s easy to hide behind the Internet. It’s easy to disguise anger and racism with sarcasm and the pretense of greater wisdom. Why don’t you make your arguments in public? First, I haven’t really heard any “arguments” from you yet, just trash talk. Second, you know where the public is. “This side of town, wherever that is” is the E-A-S-T S-I-D-E of San Jose, as mexicano spelled out pretty clearly above. That’s “wherever that is.” When you pretend to miss that part of the dialogue, it’s fairly easy to see you are hiding. If you are that superior, come show us all.

  13. @Bubbles

    Okidoke, go back to the internet then, or Europe, or Ireland, or the deep South, or wherever it is you are most comfortable with your surroundings. Wherever it is, let peace be with you.

      • Sjoutsidethebubble,This will be the last time I waste my time on someone who is clearly a racist coward with no intelligence or back bone.someone who only can function through the internet. Someone who clearly has no knowledge of the honest hard working intelligent people of the east side.have a good life p.s. don’t worry about getting beat up we don’t waste our time with trash.

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